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Comment 03 Dec 2019

Meanwhile, 300 miles east of Columbus, I showed up at work on time for the first time in months because the lack of a Skull Session. Every one of my mornings starts with a Skullie, all year round. And I'm not complaining because you got it up there late. I'm just saying that you impact morning routines in odd places. Really, no apology is needed. But I probably should do the 12th Warrior thing anyway.

Comment 04 Jun 2019

He didn't walk down my Pennsylvania street or I would have stepped out behind the big red flag and told him to go to Ohio State. I got a new favorite Buckeye. Any fellow Pennsylvania kid who wants more than PSU offers is a favorite of mine, from Terrelle Pryor to Eddie George, Noah Spence, Marcus Hooker, Dorian Bell, Fred Pagac, I could go on...

Comment 31 May 2019
From one Pennsylvania kid who chose to upgrade to Ohio State to another, welcome to the Big Ten's best, Julian! I have known both State College and Columbus well for 40 years, and there is no doubt that the latter is a better place to live.
Comment 26 Sep 2018

Just stay in Altoona. It's 40 minutes away from Beaver Stadium, there are several brand new hotels, its quiet, and everybody goes to bed at 9 PM. Plus, there are several of us Buckeyes here. I don't know why any visiting team would stay as close to campus as the Ramada, which is older than dirt.

Comment 17 Sep 2018

I agree. I think we faced white outs in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2014, and 2016, which would make our record 4-2 in white outs at State College. Now, some of those may not have been prime time games. But either way, we have a winning record in Beaver Stadium white outs. So I don't see why the locals think that white outs are so invincible. Whatever. Beating them is always great for us Pennsylvanian Buckeyes.

Comment 17 Mar 2018
I'm both a Pitt (undergrad) and Ohio State (grad) grad (uh... yeah) and fan. I'd love to see Thad in Oakland. Pitt basketball has great facilities and community support in a city without an NBA team. But the ACC is tough and the cupboard is empty. The coaching instability and conference change have severed Pitt's recruiting pipeline to NYC that served the Panthers so well under Jaime Dixon. Plus, Matta would be expensive and deservedly so. I hope this happens for the sake of Thad, Pitt, and Ohio State's checkbook. But I'm cynical. Pitt's athletic department doesn't have OSU cash. Well, go Bucks & hail to Pitt no matter what.
Comment 29 Jul 2017
Again I am just an out-of-stater who was fortunate enough to attend the finest land grant university in America and then went back home. I thought that the most unique food I had during my time in Ohio was Skyline. The last time I was in Columbus, I took my kids to a Skyline in some god awful plaza northwest of campus, since the High Street location was gone. They loved it. I'll take Cincinnati style chili over our overrated cheesesteaks and Primantis any day.
Comment 22 Jul 2017
Very cool write up. As an out of stater fortunate enough to graduate from America's finest land grant university, I like these little portraits of communities in Ohio, a state I barely know outside of the University District & Short North. I've never been anywhere near Dayton, but now I want to go. The Air Force museum alone would seem to make the 7 hour roadie worthwhile, let alone the rest of this. I assume they have Skylines, though? Laugh all you want, I miss the Skylines in Columbus (I've never been to Cincinnati either, but I love their chili).