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Comment 09 Dec 2019

The key to winning is the same with any OSU game ever: run the ball. OSU needs enough prepared counters for a loaded box in the first quarter to back them off as I expect Team Dabo is going to make stopping Dobbins their #1 priority with an extra defender.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

I expect Chase to be moving around a lot much like the 1st Wisconsin game. If they slide protection or use 2-3 like Wisconsin did, why not drop him into coverage and bring pressure from the other side?

Comment 06 Dec 2019

I'll take the 4 we have in this class over any group other than Alabama's current starting 4.

Comment 03 Dec 2019

OSU will have as many top 15 wins as LSU, by larger margins... they also have 4 top 20 wins currently and if Cincy can pull off an upset they will have 5.

More top 20 wins by more points. Eye test. Metrics. Whatever - OSU is better.

Comment 01 Dec 2019

The young corners replacing Shaun Wade really struggled and tbh Arnette struggled in that position as well. Wade is a first round talent and absolutely vital to this defense.

Wade plays a VERY unique position as OSU plays 3 linebackers, 3 CBs, and 1 safety in their base D. Wade plays a hybrid corner/safety due to his ridiculous talent, and we didn't adjust to a two safety look until later in the game.

That being said, Riep settled down in the 2nd half and made nice plays and played solid coverage. However, he needs a safety behind him. Once we ran more 4-2-5 we were fine. At least, that was my observation.

The 4-4-3 needs to go unless we are playing Wisconsin. :)

Comment 01 Dec 2019

I'm not concerned for OU if Baron Browning gets healthy during the break.

Comment 01 Dec 2019

It has taken two decades of total dominance to make it clear what has been true for 100 years - OSU is the superior program. 100 years of history backs it up.

Let them have their pre-world war 1 glory days, that's all they got. #regionalProgram

The Mike Valenti show should be GOLD on monday.

Comment 01 Dec 2019

What I really liked was how quickly you could see #10/12/26 out there in the secondary grow up during the game. They were thrown into the fire against a good receiving group with Patterson really throwing it accurately. They seemed to get their legs under them in the second half, and that could pay MAJOR dividends down the road. A guy like Cam Brown just needs reps.

Comment 27 Nov 2019

"Ohio State isn't more talented 1 through 22, just 22-85"... ahh there is the delusion.

No, they literally are more talented 1-22.I struggle to find a talent advantage for *ichigan other than at WR.

and guess what, in the final game of the regular season is when 22-33 matters the most!

Comment 27 Nov 2019

It's no fun if they don't think they're going to win.

That being said, he has some valid points that have me concerned as well... the health of Justin Fields and OSU having expectations beyond this game. HOWEVER, if you are breaking down OSU/Michigan in a potential snow/weather game and you do not mention the FACT that Michigan sucks at running the ball basically against anyone, while OSU is very good at running the ball even against good run defenses, you haven't done a good job.

Michigan doesn't beat OSU, ever, when OSU has a higher YPC for the game. It's that simple. If they can come out and run the ball on OSU they can win - but to act like Joe Montana is on their team and they're going to go air raid in the rain is just foolish.