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Comment 18 Oct 2020

Without looking anyone up, I'd take Fields, Morgan, dude @ PSU, Milton (has actual physical talent), Penix, and Martinez. That's 6, and I'd have to see more around the league before making any other opinions.

Auburn is absolute trash this year so getting excited about that was a mistake by UGA fans. Bo Nix sucks.

Comment 18 Oct 2020

He is no where near the top 10 and won't crack a practice squad in the NFL. JT Daniels will be the starter after next week imo.

Comment 08 Oct 2020

Him being moved to 3rd makes this appear like more of a motivational move which Rivera has done in the past. Maybe DH isn't putting in the work or demonstrating what he wants out of a captain.

Kyle Allen is bad, and could honestly be seen as throwing in the towel rather than trying to win. That's one of the guys DH has actually beaten head to head.

Comment 08 Oct 2020

Looking at film review by QB gurus, Fields needs to get to reads #2 and #3 more quickly because OSU does such a great job of scheming up the #1 to be open a lot. He got better over the season, but TL has a full year of games (in which he won a natty) on Justin. There is no substitute for experience and reps.

I'm interested to see what JF can do now that OSU has brought in receivers in the "Clemson" mold in guys like Fleming, Scott Jr etc. The vertical passing game should improve with Olave taking off the top and the rest being 50/50 ball winners.

Comment 08 Oct 2020

College Football Nerds discussed in their Clemson/Miami preview that TL hasn't really succeeded as a passer against good defenses recently. They believe his passing will struggle without the 6'5" monsters in the vertical passing game they've had in Higgins and Ross. It might not matter, as stopping the running game is difficult with a guy like Etienne, but if someone can shut down their run game, Amani Rogers isn't going to beat you over 60 minutes.

Comment 02 Oct 2020

The absolute best scenario for JF would be for him to somehow land in ATL if they continue to lose. Sit behind Matt Ryan one year, ATL would be able to move him prior to the last year of his deal, JF starts in 2022 with weapons like Gurley, Julio, and Ridley.

Hometown hero on a loaded offense. It won't happen, but for him I hope it does.

Comment 21 Sep 2020

This is a 9 game season with no bye week. Depth is going to be needed.

If OSU achieves its goals, the only break comes the week of Christmas with the CFP on 10 days rest. That's going to be tough!

Comment 18 Sep 2020

From my own experience and 100% imho, I hold a master's in data management so I have a semi-decent grasp on this stuff - data literacy across the board in the U.S. is low. Few people understand how to verify, interpret, and validate anything, and that spans educational levels with ease. I've presented in a room with very smart people that can't understand a decision tree.

Data literacy needs to be taught in secondary education along with computer science, or the U.S. is going to fall farther behind the rest of the first world.

Comment 17 Sep 2020

If you need more proof that this vote in August was ultimately about the future of amateurism in the B1G, she laid it out clearly.

The B1G decided they *can* treat their athletes a bit differently than the rest of the student population to meet their safety demands, and that's OK. Northwestern isn't going to like that though.