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Comment 14 Nov 2019

The real questions is who will have scored more points, Buckeyes basketball last night or Buckeyes football Saturday? I will take the football team to score at least 77, no way Rutgers scores more than 7 and will probably get shut out.

Comment 13 Nov 2019

Dont be surprised if Minny is knocking on the door of the top 4 if they beat Iowa. The committee wanted to see them win a big game, they beat Penn St. at home. If they go on the road and beat a top 20 Iowa, they will have proved they can win big games at home and away. At that point they are undefeated, with 2 wins that are way better than anyone outside the top 4. Depending on what happens with Oklahoma/Baylor this week, I could see the committee moving Minny to 5 and the winner of Baylor/Oklahoma to 6. They start fresh every week supposedly, so it is possible.

I feel like Alabama is a dead man walking. I think they are gonna be sitting in a position where they really can't improve their resume all that much, especially if Georgia beats Auburn. As other teams get impressive wins, I just see them falling back, possible each week and especially on Chickenshit Saturday. At the end of the season, Alabama's best win would be a 4 loss Auburn, if they win that game.

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Talent wise they may be top 4 but they sure don't look like it on the football field. Alabama's defense is terrible, they can't stop anyone besides Arkansas, weak group of 5 teams, and FCS teams. That game Saturday afternoon looked like I was watching a Big 12 game, neither of those defenses are very good. 

Nobody thought Minny was any good until they smacked Penn St. Minny has a better resume than Alabama, PSU has a better resume than Alabama, Georgia has a better resume than Alabama and whoever wins the Baylor/OU game will have a better resume. We all kill Clemson for their schedule, but when its all said and done, Alabama will not have a win over a team that does not have at least 4 losses...that is a garbage schedule.

Comment 11 Nov 2019

I think they make a fairly sizable jump to around 7 or 8. They are undefeated and have a signature win that people have been looking for. If they beat Wisky and Iowa they will continue to climb closer to the top 4. Penn St. probably drops to 8-10 right behind Minny depending where they rank them.

Comment 06 Nov 2019

I have come to the conclusion, this fan base is never happy about anything, EVER. Back when we had the run of Nebraska, Northwestern, and MSU night games, tons of people were complaining about all the night games, blah, blah, blah. Now we have a run of nooners and people are complaining about that...its hilarious.

I love noon games personally. Hit the beers early, watch the game, take an afternoon nap, and still have the evening to do whatever. The times of the games never bothers me really. I dont know why people get so fired up about it.

Comment 04 Nov 2019

Lay the 44 and roll with the Bucks. We will dismantle them in this home nooner. We should be covering by halftime and most of starters will be resting. That doesn't mean that Teague, Chugs, and the young WRs dont drop another 21 on them easily in the 2nd half. I would be more surprised if Maryland scores more than once than the Bucks not covering.

Comment 27 Oct 2019

Minny is a nice story, you can pretty much give Fleck B1G CoY because it won't go to Day. Lets be honest though, their games so far have not been a murders row by any stretch. I have a feeling reality is going to set in during the last month of the season. I would like to see them win the West so it would be nice if they beat Wisky and Iowa. Guess we will wait and see.

Comment 27 Oct 2019

I am sorry but a decent second half against PSU when PSU was milking the clock and beating another over rated ND team in a monsoon does not concern me. They will have their chest all puffed out after that win, but they are still just a decent football team. Should they be taken seriously, sure, all teams should. 

We are a match up nightmare for them. We will shut down the run game like we did with Wisconsin and Patterson is a mediocre QB at best that likes to turn the ball over. They didn't shut down our offense last year with much better players on their D. What makes you think they hold us under 50 this year?

Comment 27 Oct 2019

I don't know if they exposed a flaw in pass pro, a number of time they just brought more guys then we had blockers. Once we hit them with a couple quick passes in the face of the blitz, they backed off of it some.

There were some miscommunications on the offensive line though, guys missing blocks or 2 guys blocking the same man and letting a guy go free or nobody moving on the snap. I figure that will get cleaned up in the bye week.

I think its good for this team to have some issues from time to time and for teams to throw things at us that we haven't dealt with before. It lets the coaches show them they aren't perfect and there is still a lot to work on to get there. We are getting a good amount of pub for how good we are doing. Its nice to have something to bring this team back down to reality some.

Comment 27 Oct 2019

I felt the transfer to Miami was a mistake. I felt there was going to be way more competition down there and he would only have a small amount of time to learn the offense, it was a recipe for disaster. From a pure football standpoint, it was a bad move, but if he was going down there because some of his H.S. team mates were there, the Miami scene, or even the quality of co-eds, then he got what he wanted. Obviously though, with his leave of absence, the other intangibles aren't enough possibly.

He would have been better served to go to a Group of 5 school and light it up. Although, most would not have the glitz and glitter of Miami. Hard to say whats going on in that kids head and where his priorities are. You just hope he figures it out and gets something from his college days, a degree at the minimum. 

Comment 27 Oct 2019

I think the whole rant about McCall was just to show how deep the Buckeyes talent is. We have a 4 star, top rated RB recruit, who has been on the team for 4 years and he is basically a return specialist and is probably 5th in the RB rotation. Their returner is a converted QB who went 3-7 in H.S. 

The academic argument is dumb, they sound like scUM fans and thats not a good look. The only Big Ten team that should be allowed to tout their academics over sports is NW. Between the rest of the teams, the difference is marginal at best. There are easier classes and harder classes at all colleges, along with majors. Any big time college athlete is going to have time issues with certain majors, especially any that have lab requirements. A friend of mine was a communications major, he went to a couple classes a day and he was done. I was a biology major and had probably 8-10 more hours a week in class because of labs, even though we had the same amount of credit hours. Add in all the stuff thats required of a college football player, most do not have an extra 8-10 hours a week to spend in labs.

Some athletes will enter these programs (Craig Krenzel), most do not because you can always take the basic classes to move you major forward, get drafted, and then finish your degree in whatever once you are in the pros or retired. Which you see many athletes doing now, especially with more online classes being offered by colleges.

Comment 25 Oct 2019

The Buckeyes are #3 in the country in rush yards per game, #1 for non-option teams. Dobbins, Teague, and Fields (along with the O-Line) have been kiling it but then we are also throwing for 200+ yards a game. The offense is balanced and pretty much doing whatever they want. That is not a luxury that Wisconsin has. Once you get up on Wisconsin they are done, and thats what I expect to happen tomorrow. Wisconsin has a good team, and may win the west, but they arent in the same class as the Buckeyes. Wisconsin will never be anything but what they are now until they get a quality QB recruit. I expect this to start getting outta hand in the 2nd quarter and get ugly in the 3rd. Another 4th quarter of experience for the backups.

Comment 24 Oct 2019

A certain percentage of members on this forum believe that the Buckeyes pitfall is always just around the corner. They love to pull a Chicken Little and here are just some examples from the last few weeks:

Against MSU, it was Dantoni has our number

Against NW, it was a Friday night trap game and long grass

Now for Wisky, its rain and wind

Its rather sad that their confidence is so fragile in the Buckeyes that only perfect conditions "might" lead us to a win.

Comment 23 Oct 2019

There have been a lot of scUM fans calling for him to be fired off and on this year. As a team (and fan), the question you have to ask is if this guy is gone, who are we going to get who is better? They are a 9-3 or 10-2 regular season team, add in a bowl loss most years. That is pretty much their potential and thats about what they achieve. Some of their fan base is rooted in reality, but most are delusional in their expectations. They believe they should beat the Bucks every 3rd year, win a B1G championship every 5 years, and compete for the CFP. Sadly, the last 20 years has shown all that to be a pipe dream of epic proportions. 

If he was to bolt to the NFL, I could see scUM botching the hire and sending them even deeper down the rabbit hole. Switching coaches every 5 years or less is not a good look and does not instill confidence in the next hire that they will have any longevity in that position. Look no further than Tennessee to see what scUMs future may be after Harbaugh.

Comment 22 Oct 2019

This is exactly what I was think too. Power 5 so many points, Group of 5 less points, and FCS way less points. Then you get secondary points for every win the teams you beat racked up. Therefore, you would want as many teams as possible to go 11-1 or 10-2.

This would eliminate Chickenshit Saturday and would force teams to schedule more power 5 teams that are traditionally decent in the OOC. Its all based about wins and how good the teams are that you beat, no more "eye test", committee, or playing up to the media.

Comment 22 Oct 2019

When you ask your wife "What do you want to do tonight?" and she replies with "I don't know, whatever you want to do." She doesn't really want to do what you want to do. She wants you to figure out what she wants to do and then do that.

The same holds true with restaurants, She doesnt want you to pick a restaurant you like, she wants you to read her mind and figure out where she wants to eat.

They do this so that they get their way, but make it look like you made the decision. Wives are very crafty!

Comment 17 Oct 2019

The "bad loss" PTSD is strong on this forum, its kinda sad really. This game is gonna be a beat down. Their offense is terrible and our defense is amazing. Their defense is decent and our offense is explosive. We will have more fans there than them and their stadium has a lame atmosphere anyways. There is nothing that worries me about this game.

Don't over think it, this game is over at halftime. 42-0 at halftime, final is 56-7 Bucks.

Comment 17 Oct 2019

I am pretty sure they already engraved Fleck's name on the CoY trophy. A buckeye coach will never win this award, The Senator didn't win it after a Natty, Urbs didn't win it going 12-0 in his 1st year or when he won a Natty. The award goes to coaches who takes a traditionally mediocre team and gets them to slightly above mediocre (9 or 10 wins). Chryst won't win because they are supposed to win at least 10 games a year, same with Franklin, this really only comes down to Fleck and Allen as overachievers compared to their standard year.

With all the shit talked on the Buckeyes in the offseason about the drop off with Day, Fields not being ready, new O-line and this being Michigans "year". You would think Day would have a solid chance but we all know better than that.

Comment 16 Oct 2019

The Buckeyes should never let this happen again...Fox wanted the Buckeyes on Friday night on FS1 because their shows have been doing pretty good and they want more eyes on the channel. Now the game is on BTN, where it could have been Saturday afternoon anyways. Who the hell cares about ALCS baseball or WWE Smackdown? A professional league that is losing relevance and a scripted sport (you figure out which is which). I would like to see the ratings numbers and see if the Buckeyes out draw the MLB and WWE

Comment 10 Oct 2019

Colin is a big PAC-12 guy. I used to listen to him all the time and he would ride the nuts of whatever PAC-12 team was hot that year (USC, Stanford, Oregon). He would maybe be tuned into the top 10 teams outside of that. Now that the PAC-12 is irrelevant, he hardly talks any college football on his own, he just brings other analysts on to talk college. I actually find him much more annoying now with Fox than I did when he was with ESPN Radio. Its almost like he tries to be annoying now.

Comment 02 Oct 2019

This is what I was trying to say. Probably did a poor job of it. I don't need 50 minutes of OSU and 10 minutes of everyone else, but don't feed me a bunch of garbage either. As far as COY, how long before the talking heads as calling for P.J Fleck as B1G COY? They could possibly be 8-0 going into the Penn St. game, probably finish 9-3 and have another mediocre COY.