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Comment 23 Aug 2018

I signed up last night but was unable to comment due to the increase in HS needed. I'm in and just to let you know... Im taking TJ Barnett with the number one draft pick. Never heard of him but I hear he is a new student at OSU and supposed to be a stud.

Comment 21 Aug 2018

I read it and unfortunately that's how I feel before every game! lol But I think that's why I love watching the games. Come to think of it something may be wrong with me

Comment 21 Aug 2018

I guess I am just tired of the preseason negative talk on OSU. This has been a bad offseason...ready for September 1 already!

Comment 16 Aug 2018

I lived in Lebanon until the 4th grade, when we moved down south. Its still a fun town to drive through and visit, esp the village ice cream parlor(my mom worked there while we were there). Fortunately I was too young to notice that stuff back then(left 1999). Its a shame what is going on up there. I still have family in the area.

Comment 14 Aug 2018

Just getting around to this thread...and after all that came to light this weekend, going to Houston would be a power move for them. ha

Comment 02 Aug 2018

This video is a bit of comic relief in an otherwise very serious situation. Is this guy being serious right now? Has he ever watched a football game? Heck I push myself harder than any of these guys describe being "abused". And I might run a 6.0 40 yard dash... Just the other day I got a beer thrown at me just for the fun in it.

Comment 20 Jul 2018

My parents moved down to south of Charlotte when I was 10. 18 years later I have never even thought about moving back. I go visit family in the winter sometimes, but otherwise don't go near there during the winter. Way better down this way...

Comment 30 May 2018

I am a huge golfer, but don't live in the DC area. I'm currently a scratch handicap. The best advice I could give for those girls is keep it fun. As long as they are having fun that's all that matters. US Kids golf stuff is awesome, definitely sign them up for the Drive, Chip and Putt qualifiers.

I absolutely agree golf is on the upswing. Lots of talent coming through the amateur circuits as well. It is about to get even more competitive, and if Tiger can get winning again(which I think he will) then the game is going to be very popular again.

Comment 21 May 2018

Graduating from High school and living in Rock Hill, SC (Football City USA), I go to many HS football games. I have seen many incredible athletes and future college/NFL stars. Just in the last few years I have seen Stephon Gilmore, Cordarrelle Patterson, Jadeveon Clowney, Mason Rudolph, Jaleel Scott, and could name many more in college now that have a chance to be pros. Its also home to Benjamin Watson, Jonathon Joseph, Derek Ross and Jeff Burris. The talent is incredible and the atmosphere of these games is incredible. I have been to a couple of games that had 10,000 people there.