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Comment 10 Mar 2020
Health care is drastically different between the US and China. Not everyone that has contracted either disease has gone to the hospital. I've had the flu a couple times in my life and never went to the hospital for it. It's been passed around households without everyone going to the doctor.
Comment 10 Mar 2020
Not trying to be an ass, but can you really compare rates from 2 drastically different countries?? There is a whole lot of arguing going on and no one has the true facts. We dont know how many people are affected by either and never see a hospital. I think it is good to have precautions but hope we arent going overboard. At the same time, I hope we are doing enough.
Comment 10 Mar 2020
I just wanna see ttun and penn state lose their first game, and of course a Buckeye run.
Comment 29 Feb 2020
Chase by far for all pro. Burrow would be my top Qb pick based off what I've seen from both him and Tua. Joe seems to do better keeping his eyes downfield when the pocket breaks down and has better arm strength imho.
Comment 28 Feb 2020
So I'm a troll for calling out the hypocrite. I'm not the one issuing all the Dv's but go ahead and generalize an entire fan base because someone said something you dont like. The Bengals used to have several low character players on it so I should generalize all Bengals fans that way??? I've not said 1 negative thing about the bengals on this website.
Comment 28 Feb 2020
This is an exact copy of part of one of your comments. " I guess that could open up a whole other discussion about why an NFL franchise is allowing a 23 yr old hot-headed, hot-shot, frat bro to have any kind of influence over the front office and the big-boy decisions they make, but...Brownies, amirite?" If I'd have replied to this thread and asked honest questions and finished like you did you'd call me a troll. But Bungles fans, am I rite.