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Comment 06 Aug 2019
This was my thought as well. Blowout loss to Purdue kept us out, that's a fact.
Comment 06 Aug 2019
Dont know if it might help, but reach out to any local groomers. My wife has helped with our facebook page several times when pups have been lost in Delaware. Hopefully she returns safe and sound.
Comment 02 Aug 2019
Sorry man, but you cant hurt my feelings with your words. Cant an opinion be posted without insulting people. You cant help yourself but try and talk smack. And as far as explaining why anybody played over someone else is impossible. I am not there for practice and meetings. For all anyone of us knows maybe White struggled in the film room. To pretend that you know the facts is short sighted at best. I'm interested to know how many meetings and practices you attended.
Comment 02 Aug 2019
Its really irritating reading how many people are trashing Tuf. A bunch of people that think they know better than the coaches. Most of the people doing it could never play for any power 5 team. Let alone play a season after the injury he sustained. How bout we let the season start before complaining so much. We've had plenty of players make major turnarounds late in their career.