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Comment 5 hours ago
I agree. I'm completely pissed and as pessimistic as one could be. That said it's only half time. We arent deserving of the #1 seed but this could be our worst performance of the year and we can still win. Let's see how the nextera quarter goes before we throw in the towel
Comment 5 hours ago
The officiating has sucked but that has little to do with us vrapping the bed. They arent calling anything on anybody so we need to step up our game. How about play action on first down or a screen instead of running it almost every 1st down. So much for a 1 seed. We dont deserve it playing like this. Now let's just whoop some a$$in the second half and not play like this in the playoffs.
Comment 7 hours ago
I'm less scared of LSU after watching this first game I've seen of theirs. Georgia couldnt catch a cold. Im of the opinion that they haven't actually faced a great defense. Not positive we have either to be honest. I do have a feeling that unless we pull another beatdown shutout we will be overtaken for the 1 seed. Georgia looked completely overrated today. Let's just go kick some a$$ and let the chips settle.
Comment 03 Dec 2019
He already has 3 losses this year and I wont be surprised if there is a 4th.
Comment 30 Nov 2019
The more confident everyone else seems to be, the more nervous I get. This game cant get here soon enough. Hopefully we can get a big lead early, not turn the ball over and no nausea for me. Let's go Buckeyes, whoop that a$$!!!
Comment 29 Nov 2019
I did see the reply of hit him when he has the ball and hit him when he dont. I wont be surprised when they play the game dirty as we've all seen that before.
Comment 29 Nov 2019
I think it's funny that I've seen it posted there several times that Fields shouldn't be eligible. Doubt they were saying the same thing about shea butter.