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Comment 02 Jul 2020
Yeah I'll never get why their junior film has any effect on who wins mvp. They all play different competition and the teams they play on are not on par talent wise. Wouldn't what you saw in person be what you grade on? I wouldn't say the best car I had was the one that looked best in pictures and had great online reviews but performed marginally.
Comment 29 May 2020
I wonder how that defense would play in today's spread environment. No doubt they would still be elite. I imagine it is harder to have an elite defense now a days. I really wonder how they would fair playing against our offense from last year.
Comment 05 May 2020
For some reason what popped in my head wasnt even a play in the game. I just had a flashback of Anthony Schlegel tackling a fan on the field.
Comment 01 May 2020
I wonder ho many people that have the opinion that shelter in place should continue have been forced to close their small business. Everyone seems to want to pick one side without looking at the other. My wife and I had to close our small business of 8 years. We havent received stimulus money or unemployment. No income since march. Basically life as we knew it has been ruined. I cant imagine going through this if my depression were much worse. For those that arent married, suffer depression and cant work, this may be a death sentence for them. There is no way to weigh one person's life over another. (Other than murderers etc.) I'm so thankful to have the support system I do, but many others dont and their lives are ruined forever.
Comment 27 Apr 2020
I never said a word about an insult. However the best receiver in the league going in round 2 was a big miss for lots of teams. You wouldn't have considered it an insult if Chase Young went second round??