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Comment 06 Dec 2017

Ding ding ding.

Tate would probably make the offense have Braxton Miller like explosiveness (not as great in the run, but a much better thrower); however, there's no way he'd finish a full season, just like Braxton. Not only that, but I think Tate transfers if Haskins gets the nod next year, so that point is moot.

Additionally, they need to get away from the QB run as a crutch and use it as a supplementary play in the offense. Burrow and Haskins are both capable of running in that capacity, but the arm strength is going to be something we haven't seen in the past 10 years (besides the few Cardale games).

Comment 06 Dec 2017

The man was playing hurt. So he missed a few passes.

That's exactly the problem - I love JT and appreciate him putting his body on the line; however, JT has made those terrible passes when he was healthy (sans PSU) and with those bad passes, JT and the coaching staff's play calls were the reason the game was at risk.

Haskins would have had to play miserably, and I mean REALLY bad, to even play on the same level JT did, let alone not put the team in better shape to win. If Haskins plays and just does "alright" OSU smokes Wisky and they may have a shot at the Playoffs.

I've said it several times and I'll say it again - I love JT Barrett and everything he's done for the Buckeyes; however, I can't wait for something new next year. I don't think it's even his fault (the coaches turned him into this), but it feels like we went backwards 10 years into the Tressel era. Hell, 11 years ago Tressel actually had a more aggressive offense with Troy Smith and co.

JT is an excellent human and leader, so I definitely think he'll be on an NFL roster in some capacity next year. However, I think he gets involved in coaching at a relatively young age and does extremely well at it.

Comment 06 Dec 2017

I bet my buddy $20 that Tate never starts a game at OSU and I stick behind it.

The way I see it, Haskins is going to get the starting nod after Spring camp and then Burrow will (smartly) transfer, as he deserves to start somewhere.

In 2018, Tate backs up Haskins for a year with (hopefully) Emory Jones on board. Haskins will have 1-3 more years of eligibility next year and depending on how well he plays, he could decide to stay for those 3 years. There's no way Tate wastes his eligibility backing him up, ESPECIALLY if Emory and him become neck and neck for the backup spot at some point. 

I think Tate and Joe B. have plenty of talent and would love to see them both play, but it's the unfortunate side of only having 1 spot to play these guys.

Comment 04 Dec 2017

100% overcoached. The writers on this site have gone into this at extreme lengths, but basically, I don't think it's "technically" JT's fault. I think he's an outstanding leader and player; however, the coaching staff have become enamored with the QB run due to being able to rely on JT when it's needed. The problem with this is he's not Braxton Miller.

JT needs to be the 3rd or 4th person on OSU's offense the D needs to worry about, not the 1st. When he becomes priority #1, the D can tee off on him and that's where you see the stagnant drives. He simply isn't the type of athlete that can say, "come stop me, I dare you", and still destroy a defense. However, if you establish a running game with elite backs and convert on easy passes when the D starts to cheat up, he will pick you apart and look amazing (because he is absolutely a great player). Whenever the staff has gotten away from this game plan though, he's looked average.

I love JT and appreciate all the wins and moments he's given to us fans; however, I can't wait for a new start next year.

Go Bucks, Beat USC

Comment 04 Dec 2017

Welp, we were wrong about the winning part, but my god they tried so hard to prove our point.

I'm extremely grateful that they got the B1G championship and have a chance at winning a big time bowl game, but jeez, I can't wait for some newness next season.

Comment 01 Dec 2017

Dwayne is a mix of Cardale and JT in size and skills, which is why I think that coach is full of shit. Cardale was more than capable of running the football in Urban's offense and so is Dwayne. I also have watched our coaches crap themselves repeatedly with JT in the game, but somehow go bonkers with Cardale during the playoff run and Dwayne last week.

Regardless if JT is more well "prepared" for this big game, our coaches rely WAY too much on him while he's in the game (as we've seen in every loss OSU has had over the last 3 years).

Comment 01 Dec 2017

Maurice was absolutely amazing, but keep in mind the majority of his regular season games were against horrible competition.

However, he's still probably the best college RB I've ever seen.

Comment 01 Dec 2017

I love JT, but I don't see anything from the coaching staff that proves to me OSU can win with him in the game while he's injured. Maybe I'm wrong and that injury will force them to run the RBs & throw more, but I think the only way OSU wins this game (let alone by a big margin needed to have the chance to get in the playoffs) is if JT unfortunately can't go and Dwayne plays the majority of the game.

While Dwayne playing doesn't guarantee a victory, as he could definitely choke in his first full-ish game, I don't think the playcalling is going to be up to par unless he's in the game.

Comment 30 Nov 2017

100% - and I don't think it's really fair to even compare Nick to Joey (but everyone automatically does), as that's a ridiculous hill to climb in terms of expectations; however, Joey was so good that he single-handedly made the whole d-line of OSU seem dominant.

I also think that if Nick had better linebackers behind him, his stats would go up. The QBs OSU faced this year have gotten bailed out last minute by someone coming open across the middle or in the flat A LOT. Either way, I'm glad he decided to join the Buckeyes and I hope he breaks through with his biggest career game this weekend.

Comment 29 Nov 2017

However, to be fair, at point in his career Nick is not nearly as good as Joey was as a Soph. Don't get me wrong, he's still great, but Joey was insane.

For some reason, I feel like Nick is so close to making several great plays, but frequently loses contain or misses his assignment trying to make these special plays. Perhaps this will be a legacy game for Nick, the defense could sure use it.

Some stats for ya - 


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Comment 30 Oct 2017

While I understand the excitement of "what-if" scenarios/threads, the probability that OSU wins out has to be much lower than the possibility of them NOT making IF they win out, that it seems kinda like a moot point to discuss this, IMO.

Comment 27 Oct 2017

lol don't get me started on Herbie. I think he does a fine job, but he is no stranger having an agenda as well. He was as petty as they come back in 2011.

Let us not forget that he DROPPED OSU in the polls after they beat Arkansas in the BCS Sugar Bowl after I believe he picked Arkansas to win, claiming they were a legit team.

This petty ass move was done just 3 months before he moved his family to Tennessee due to the douchy criticism of some of the OSU fan base. Seems awfully strange for someone so "objective."

I don't care what these guys say - they all are biased in their own ways whether we like it or not. Most media/news is not nearly as professional as it used to be anymore

Comment 26 Oct 2017

Yeah, do you have the face value for these tickets for reference? It's hard to prevent a low ball without knowing the approx value.

Comment 24 Oct 2017

Think of it this way - has OSU really ever lost a game because of a good RB under Urban Meyer?

I believe the answer is no.

  1. '13 vs. MSU - lack of consistency from the o-line (& playcalling)
  2. '13 vs. Clemson - secondary got torched through the air
  3. '14 vs. VT - lack of consistency on offense, but specifically the o-line
  4. '15 vs. MSU - lack of consistency on offense, but specifically the o-line
  5. '16 vs. PSU - lack of consistency from the o-line (Isiah Prince debacle)
  6. '16 vs. Clemson - offense could not do anything due to the poor o-line play (& playcalling)
  7. '17 vs. Oklahoma - secondary (and LB got torched through the air)

With that in mind, while I believe Barkley is a stud, that's just not how you beat an OSU team.

The two keys are the Secondary and O-Line. If they are able to shut down Gesicki and the passing game, and are able to have the o-line come out mauling dudes, the Bucks got this in the bag. If not, this could be another long night on the big stage.

Comment 24 Oct 2017

Said it elsewhere, but just change the black piping and numbers to scarlet and these are amazing. I don't understand the mass grayscale uni when you are going to have all scarlet shoes and leaves. It just seems like it's a mistake that was never caught (I know that's not the case).

Oh well, just go whoop Penn State's ass.