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Comment 01 Jan 2017

I was wondering the same thing and I don't recall seeing him at all. He came in with so much hype but he never stayed healthy enough to be a consistent player for the Buckeyes. I personally think he has a shot at making a squad as a slot receiver/punt returner, he does have some ability.

Comment 16 Jul 2015

I see JT as the starting QB this season(and 2016), Cardale as the back QB this season and Braxton in the mix at WR/QB/Special Teams. I can see Burrow or Gibson as the starting QB in 2017...not sure 2018 and beyond...

Comment 06 Jan 2013

I'm not sure I agree about the lack of experience on this team...it has been said that most players make the most improvement between year 1 & 2, they become stronger, know the system better, what's expected of them, and more confidence. I look at the other top ranked programs (Kentucky, Kansas, Fichigan, Michigan State, etc), and their 1st & 2nd year players are making major contributions, and I look at our 1st & 2nd year players and they aren't the impact players I would expect them to be. Whatever the reason is, the players are not developing skill wise and that falls on the player, but also the coaches. Relying on Lenzelle Smith as a starting 2guard is not good enough in my opinion!

Comment 06 Jan 2013

I didn't watch all of the game, but to me, there's not an obvious leader of this team, and to me the team is full of complimentary players, there is really no other player that stands out or the opponent has to shut down other than DT. I'm beginning to question the coaching staffs ability to develop players...Thompson, McDonald, Williams, and Ross should be the core of this team and none of them contribute any meaningful minutes consistently!

Comment 23 Dec 2012

I have to agreem, honestly, I thought Amir Williams would be a beast this season based off of how he played in the B1G tournament and the NCAA's. It seems like he's playing very timid right now and that has to change. No offense to Ravenal, but he's better off the bench but with Williams up & down play, Ravenal has to start.

Comment 23 Dec 2012

The Buckeyes obviously have several issues right now and they can be corrected, but to me the biggest issue is the lack of skilled offensive players on the roster. I'll start with Craft, he's a good ball handler(not great), obviously great defensively, but is a poor shooter and can't create his own shot. Smith, he's a streaky shooter, average ball handler, and he too can't create his own shot. Scott, is a very good ball handler, he's become a force on defense, and can get to the basket whenever he wants, but can't finish, and has no confidence in his jumper. Thompson, he's a great athlete, very good defensively, but doesn't handle the ball well so therefore he can't create his own shot, has no feel offensively(doesn't have a consistent jumper, mid range game or a go to move). Ross is very skilled offensively, and he can create his own shot, he just needs to earn more minutes by playing more consistently on defense. Ravenal/Williams offer nothing on offense, but are decent on defense. And lastly, Thomas, good but streaky shooter, average ball handler who struggles with athletic defenders. In the NCAA you win with strong guard play and right now the Buckeyes guard play is below average as witnessed by their play against Duke & Kansas. The Buckeyes will do ok in conference play but come tournament time, we'll see the same as we did yesterday unless the guards, Craft, Smith, Scott and Thompson improve offensively.