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Comment 12 Dec 2015

Obviously this is a rebuilding seasong but I'm disappointed in the play of Loving and of Diop to a lesser extent. With this being Loving's 3rd year in the program I thought he would've become the unquestioned leader of this team but I'm not seeing it - he still comes off as soft, lackadaisical, uninspired, emotionless, etc...he has much better skills than he is displaying. The only player that takes the ball to the basket regualarly is Tate, and we're in a world of trouble if he's the go to player(not hating on Tate, one of my favorite players on the team, show's the most intensity and heart). Diop is probably the most skilled player on the team but he's not showing much consistency. I'm convinced Thad will get this team going in the right direction, hopefully soon.

Comment 14 May 2013

Wow, I'm embarrassed for the kid and I don't even know him. If I was his parent, I'd be pissed for giving up a free college education for some bs rap career. Hopefully he'll come to his senses and stop listening to his entourage!