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Comment 12 Feb 2014

I'm definitely starting to warm up to Ash, more than I was at first for sure. But is anyone else concerned with the amount of overlap there seems to be? Ash coaching the back half, calling plays but Fick gets veto power? Ash coaches the safeties and corners, but Coombs also coaches the corners? I mean, I get obviously that some things need to change, and I'm especially glad Coombs isn't the sole guy with DBs, but anytime you have a situation where multiple guys have the same role, it is inevitable that toes are going to get stepped on.

I guess I'm just hoping the overlap actually turns out to be the positive teamworking experience the coaches are playing it up to be.

Comment 05 Feb 2014

Glad we can add another stud to our list today, but definitely interested in finding out more details about this recruitment. The whole thing just seems odd.

Regardless, welcome Darius! 

Comment 31 Dec 2013

In Case McCoy's defense, I'm not sure any of his receivers had actually ever seen a football before last night's game, let alone catch one.

Comment 20 Nov 2013

Don't forget we started the season ranked #2. If we were in the SEC or PAC-12 this year, I doubt with our record we would have relinquished that spot, because of the media driven perception.

Again, this is less about Baylor and more about the system as a whole.

Comment 20 Nov 2013

It's less about Baylor and more about the overall narrative. I would bet that had Stanford beat USC this weekend, they would have jumped us in the BCS because of that narrative, as a one loss team to Utah. Do you think if we had one loss to Penn State or Iowa (which may be generous comparisons), we'd still be anywhere near the top 5? It's all because of this conference perception narrative that ESPN is driving, and it all boils down to money in the end. it's the same narrative that keeps one loss MSU with a top five defense out of the top ten, and the same thing with Wisconsin. It's hurting the entire conference.

Baylor is a really, scary good football team. I'm not convinced that we would beat them in a head to head match up. But we absolutely would be competitive. Baylor, IMO, deserves hype. But so does OSU. Instead the media driven narrative focuses on 'Who is next to jump OSU', instead of "These are two really good teams'. Doesn't matter who we're being compared to, but it's the same thing week in and week out.

Comment 20 Nov 2013

It's funny how the media drives us to believe, and I'm certainly guilty of it, that an undefeated season and potential Rose Bowl berth are marks of an unsuccessful football team.

Definitely need to remember in a positive light what this team and what these seniors have been able to accomplish. It's certainly NOT the NCG or bust. Great article! 

Comment 20 Nov 2013

The bias exists with ESPN. ESPN drives the media market when it comes to college football, and their reporting influences not only other media sources, but voters who are not watching OSU play football week in and week out.

Comment 15 Oct 2013

For those that don't know, there is an OSU connection in the controversy with Tennessee's band. One of their directors (Mike Stewart) is an OSU School of Music grad, all the way through his doctorate. He is a former graduate assistant of TBDBITL, and is held with an extremely high regard within that program. He and the Pride of the Southland band definitely deserve our support.

Comment 26 Jun 2013

This probably elevates me to creeper status, but Mike Mitchell graduated from PCA with my cousin. I got a chance to see this kid recently and my family filled me in on some of his athletic accomplishments, much of which you highlighted here. That was more than enough to make me super excited that he is a Buckeye. PCA has produced some ridiculous athletes and has one of the state's top HS basketball programs. The fact that basketball is what sparked his recruitment at PCA makes it even more interesting. This kid is going to be a special player. Can't wait to see what he does! Welcome Mike!