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Comment 24 Sep 2017
I think the qb draw is gone because it never worked, and good riddance. The only qb run we should have is an occasional option or broken pass play.
Comment 12 Sep 2016

Reddit.com/r/cfb has some fantastic posts about things to do in game cities from a local. Not sure if this week Oklahoma is up yet, but hopefully it is soon. I'll try to link it, but you can periodically check too.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

Fair point, lol. I don't like revealing too much information, but my username is outdated. I am currently in medical school.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

I'm not sure about his character since I don't know him, but it seems that he's handled the entire situation with a lot of maturity...your second comment honestly doesn't seem that relevant. Alcohol is way more dangerous and addictive, but no one cares only because it's legal (before you ask my credentials I am a rising medical professional and we have discussed this in lecture). I think pointing to addictive potential is a mute point in this instance at least.

Comment 02 Jan 2016

See, a lot of people are saying the D line looked good yesterday, but I thought they were pretty mediocre compared to this year. Once Bosa was out the only way to bring pressure was blitzing a linebacker or running 3-4 with Lee coming in as the extra rusher. Also, the D-line run support was gone as soon as Bosa left. Maybe I'm just being a pessimist, but I was left wanting for more from our young guys yesterday.

Comment 07 Dec 2015

You know, I don't deny there is personal responsibility. I also see your point about calling him a d-bag for suing, but imagine if you were terminated from a job instead of being given a chance to go to rehab and overcome the issue; it makes it difficult for addicts with problems to seek treatment if they risk unemployment (Yes, I do understand football coaching is different and perhaps not as applicable here). You don't have to be sarcastic and condescending about my "books." I'm only making a statement that I believe to be true, and hope that anyone suffering from addiction can overcome as you did. I am also happy that you had the family and friends to support you; it seems that Sarkisian is lacking that, an often important piece to overcoming the issue.

Comment 07 Dec 2015

Yeah, let's chill out on the demonization of people suffering from addiction. As a current medical student I can just say that addiction is difficult, complex, and really tough to overcome. Statements like yours can make it really tough for people with addiction to overcome it.