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Comment 06 Aug 2020

A 2016 "The Game" play call still stands out for me. UM'ers want to blame the OT spot for losing but that call for Speight to throw from deep in the end zone in the 2Q was an absolutely horrendous call. UM only up 3-0 at the time but they did seem to have the upper hand. Having Speight throw the pick-6 to Hooker turned the momentum around. To this day, I still don't know what the hell he was thinking in that situation.

Comment 05 Aug 2020

I was told by a very reliable OSU Admin source that there was great concern that OSU was not going to be able to get Parsons admitted due to grades. The Game Day issue was used as a way to back out gracefully. So I was not surprised to read about Parsons missing classes as a freshman. Nor am I surprised he's opting out now.

Comment 29 Jun 2020

Great.... I get to hear from Mike Adams, known rule breaker and embarrassment to Ohio State. You broke the rules, Mike. You knew it then, you know it now. A Dublin Ohio resident who needed to sell his memorabilia to survive??? Get lost Mike.

Oh, and Bobby DiGeronimo is still a worthless POS. Another embarrassment to Ohio State.

Comment 25 Jun 2020

I think its very likely this game will not be played. The rising Covid numbers in Oregon are will rule this out. Frankly, the rising Covid numbers in OHIO aren't a confidence builder either.

I expect a 10-game conference schedule and MAYBE the BG game going forward since they could bus in and out the same day.

Comment 11 Jun 2020

Has anyone been to Urban's restaurant? I was there with friends last December and found it very disappointing (service great, food not so much). They have coasters on the tables asking for input to their website. So I sent my input. Didn't hear back from anybody. I'd be curious to hear from folks who go if it has improved.

Comment 25 May 2020

We all like to bash Michigan but their 2021 class is starting to look pretty good. Based on the 247 Comp class calculator, if UM can land players like Edwards, Spindler and about half a dozen others that they lead for, they will finish with a point total in the 280 range. That would be Harbaugh's best class at UM and a likely top ten class.

Fortunately, OSU has an excellent chance to finish with its best class. Ever.

Comment 18 May 2020

Werner gets so much respect in the Big 10, he didn't make 1st, 2nd or 3rd team all league. He got HMention. Which means he was nominated by the OSU coaching staff. Not sure how that makes him one of the "top 2 or 3 defenders" on any other team.

Go back and watch him in the 2019 Michigan game. Harrison was the stud LB. Werner, not so much.