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Comment 29 Jan 2020

An 11W writer mentioned that Teague got most of his yards in blowout games. So? He still played against the other team's 1st team defense most of the time. And he played when the opponent knew OSU would primarily run the ball. Coach Alford also stated in an interview that Teague was the fastest OSU running back. Certainly he doesn't have Dobbins lateral quickness. But his speed and strength will work just fine. Looking forward to seeing him get the ball.

Comment 08 Jan 2020

Reading all of the comments here blaming the officiating reminds me of reading the Michigan boards after they lose (and sometimes after they win). Thats what losers typically do.

I'm as disappointed as any that OSU lost. But an offense that has 3 1st half red zone chances and gets 0 TD's and a defense that allows 1) a 6'6 230 lb QB to run 60+ yards for a TD virtually untouched and 2) a 4 play 94 yard drive in crunch time shouldn't blame the officiating for not taking care of its business. That's the absolute truth which some people apparently can't handle.

Hope OSU gets another chance at Clemson next season. Thats what the 247 site is projecting.

Comment 06 Jan 2020

Michigan football is not "mediocre". They win 9-10 games a year (if 9 wins is mediocre than Earle Bruce was a blatantly mediocre coach....). However, 9 wins is also not great which is what UM Nation expected when Harbaugh arrived. And what UM Admin expected when they opted to pay him what they are paying him. Based on that, he has been a disappointment.

The team is at 88 scholarships which I outlined the other day in another thread. That number does not include Martinez, Siebert or Saunders.

Comment 04 Jan 2020

I count 88 without Saunders, Martinez and Siebert. As follows:

Senior:McCall,Harris,Munford,Cupp,Farrell,Hausmann,Hoak,Haubeil,Cooper,Garrett,Jackson,Borland,Browning,Werner,Hilliard,Wint,Riep,Williamson,Chrisman (19)

Junior:Olave,Gardiner,Myers,Davis,Ruckert,Fields,Friday,Smith,Togiai,Cage,Mitchell,Pope,Gant,Brown,Banks,Wade,Proctor (17)

Soph:Gill,Wilson,Williams,Babb,DJones,MJones,Miller,NPF,Wray,Teague,Crowley,Harrison,Baptiste,Williams,Vincent,Young,Johnson, Hooker (18)

RFr:Vimahi,Jacoby,Hailton,CHambers,Stover,Potter,McKenzie,Eichenbrg,Shaw,Hickman,RMcCullough (11)

Fr:Cooper,Fleming,Scott,JSN,Johnson,Toutant,James,Wypler,Fryar,Leroux,Royer,Miller,Stroud,Williams,Cowan,HAmilton,Henry,Simon,Melton,Williams,Cavazos,Watts,Ransom (23)

Comment 02 Jan 2020

Yeah, our backup CBs got playing time this year. However, it doesn't say anything positive that Banks and Brown got a total of 1 snap COMBINED in the Clemson game. And thats also with Wade out for more than half the game.

I fully expect at least one grad transfer CB to join the team this spring.

Comment 16 Dec 2019

All these comments and not one about CJ Walker. After almost 50 years of watching this program, I'm struggling to recall a worse defender than Walker. He is ABSOLUTELY PITIFUL! How is it someone with his quickness can't move his feet on defense? He seems incapable of anticipating any movement from his opponent. So he gets beat on a dribble drive TIME AFTER TIME AFTER TIME. Awful. But CH has no choice but to play him since Carton is not yet a true point guard and tends to play out of control on the offensive end.

Other than that, forget last night and move on. Team hadn't played in 8 days after the PSU blowout, then finals week and they were tired and flat on the road. Shite happens.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

JF with 40/1 TD to Int is incredible. Total of 2,965 passing yards. Great year.

As great as that was, compare to Burrow: 48/6 with 4,715 yards passing. Just shows what an incredible year Joe had. He even gained almost 300 yards rushing (JF 471).

Hope JF goes to NYC this year. And next year.