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Comment 26 Dec 2014

Wasn't going to read the article but you convinced me. Can confirm. Click that link.

Comment 29 Nov 2014

I think there is something seriously wrong with the system when the sportscasters can't go ten second during The Game without talking about "the committee" or "style points" and I'm supposed to be worried about letting our biggest rival score in garbage time and only winning by 14. That said, all the best to JT. 

Comment 16 Nov 2014

I can't say that we will jump Mississippi State, but I wouldn't be surprised if we do. Their Top10 wins this year are against the following: a now four loss LSU team (with Texas A&M coming up) who literally just lost to Arkansas to give them their first SEC conference win in Bert's tenure, a four loss Texas A&M team whom I believe to be a victim of a damn tough schedule (losses to Mississippi State, Ole Miss, 59-0 loss to Bama, and a fresh loss to Mizzou, with LSU coming up), and a three loss Auburn team (who plays Bama in two weeks after going toe to toe with the mighty Samford, lol) who just got thoroughly handled by a good Georgia team. Even with an early loss to VT, a one loss B1G champ with wins over MSU at night, Minnesota, and a surging Wisconsin will look a heck of a lot better than a one loss non-champion whose loss was very recent with a single win over a ranked opponent in Ole Miss, assuming they come out of the Egg Bowl, or whatever its called, unscathed in two weeks. Whether the Buckeyes jump Mississippi State this week or not, I believe that the pups will be sitting at about 5th place, in prime position to benefit from a Bama loss to Auburn or to be jumped by the Buckeyes assuming they win out and beat a Wisconsin team that's playing really, really well.

Comment 04 Oct 2014

That was definitely a catch. LOL

Comment 20 Sep 2014

Well, you know what they say about Clemson....

Comment 01 Jun 2014
I pay a visit to MgoBlog every now and then but find the site absolutely unnavigable. I second the notion that landgrantholyland is worth visiting.
Comment 11 May 2014

You named "iodine oxide" as if it were an ionic compound, but both of those atoms form anions (O^2- and I^-), and therefore an ionic compound could not be made. Haha #juniorchem #yesiamanerd

Comment 08 May 2014

Well I don't know what to think of this. What should I think of this?


Comment 23 Apr 2014
In case anyone else is wondering, the song is A Light That Never Comes by Linkin Park. I haven't given the new LP stuff much of a serious listen, but I enjoyed that one so perhaps I ought to. Epic video by the way.
Comment 29 Mar 2014

Thanks, man. This is obviously not the right place but I guess now that you all know I'm 17 I just want to try and offer some pointless insight. I enjoy tradition just as much as you guys do, but please keep in mind my most distant football memory is losing to Florida in the championship. Heck, I was too young to even care, really. I remember how angry my Dad was, and I remember the score. Anyways, I digress. Tradition is great and all, but those all black uniforms from a month or so back were so epic, I could see why they would be considered, even if only as a recruiting tool. Also, I don't know how you guys felt about the helmets with the fat stripe and the almost holographic leaves, but I thought they looked sexy as hell.

Comment 29 Mar 2014

That is correct I did choose. But I am certainly less than happy with the result. I applied to multiple places (Pet Supplies Plus, Meijer, Piada, Kroger obviously, Music Go Round) without a single response. I guess they see that I'm a 16 year old and automatically think "oh, well this kid is clearly a thug" haha. But that's not true. I do my homework, get good grades, and I play games on PC whenever I'm not working. Anyways I don't really know where I'm going with this response, but if unions were to become the norm in college athletics, and I'm not really sure that they would, the athletes wouldn't be able to choose. They would join the union and I'm sure some would like it. Some, however, would get caught up in it all, and would find their sentiment just as scorned as I find mine. In my opinion the union just takes your money until you can benefit their ultimate cause which is to stick it to the man that's got us all down! haha anyways I'm done I guess.

Comment 29 Mar 2014

Hello guys, my name is OSUPhilosopherAndHomer and I am a 17 year old junior in high school. I don't post much but am on this website just about all day. I live in Columbus, Ohio and work at a local Kroger. I applied just a few days after my 16th birthday, and was excited to put some money in my pocket, even if the hours were garbage and the people were even worse (trust me they were and still are haha).

Now when Kroger accepted my application and gave me a job, I was told that I had to join the union. I'm not exactly familiar with my employee rights or whatever, but I was fairly sure that I could not be forced to join a union. I was told that I wouldn't be given a job unless I joined, so I did. It all sounded fine and dandy anyways: my voice was going to be better heard and represented, it would bring the workplace together, and as a whole the employees of Kroger could better fight for what we believed in. I bought in.

I was well aware that the union took a piece of my paycheck, but was astonished at the size of the amount. Not only this, but the union is stupid! There I said it. I have no idea how the employees of Kroger and thus I am represented, and I still feel that my opinion is worthless. I believe that I'm essentially forced into an opinion which I may or may not hold myself, because I'm placed into the category of "the majority of the union believes 'X'." The union doesn't care about me, they just want my money. I guess my point is that I joined the union so that my voice would be heard, but in the end my voice is still not heard and the union goes to the liberty of taking a sizeable amount of my paycheck in exchange for the "services" they provide, the fruits of which are either not noticed by me or not extended to me. Okay end rant, final point: unions may not be as great as they seem.

I don't know how I feel about athletes being paid, but I consider myself to be a smart kid who will doubtlessly be applying to The Ohio State University in just a few months. There are not many things I wouldn't give to get my hands on a four year education without any debt, and to think that these athletes don't even care about their education or are put in pathetic classes and given an A- for a shitty paragraph written about Rosa Parks that the student probably had his tutor write up for him appalls me. So I ask why even bother calling them student athletes? That scholarship could be better used on literally anyone else. Yeah I just went there, and I hope that some of you who have had kids in college agree. Sorry, but I firmly believe in what has been said. We've all seen athletes in high school who play football yet can hardly read or write.

Comment 15 Mar 2014

The game wasn't called against us, if you ask me (not that anyone did or ever should). If the game wasn't called right, it was at the very least called consistently wrong.

Comment 12 Feb 2014

Competition is about being smarter, faster, and stronger than one's opponent. If they can't keep up, leave them in the dust! When they've got their hands on their hips and your team is just getting started, that's when all the ridiculous training pays off.

Comment 11 Feb 2014

I just discovered today that the default icon is the football player #0 with a buckeye for a head. I kept thinking to myself "How in the hell does this guy keep making all these comments?" haha. I mean he was making like 5+ posts per story, sometimes within minutes of each other!

Comment 22 Dec 2013
I wish I could teach the 7th graders that I coach to run a full court press like that. You could see ND's heads collectively exploding when the press came on. Imagine what it could do to 13-14 year olds!
Comment 18 Nov 2013

I'll be honest, I'm not all that psyched about these unis as I LOVE the traditional OSU road uniforms. However, I dig the wide stripe on the helmet so much that I'm okay with it overall. We'll still look sexy, we'll still be The Ohio State University, and, finally, we will still kick their collective *sses! Go Bucks!