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Comment 06 Dec 2019

No doubt Painterlad. I try not to complain to much about things like this, but after re watching the game last night, the holding was pretty much on every play and very obvious. Pretty bad officiating. Good thing it didn't matter to the scoreboard. 

Comment 22 Aug 2019

Phi, your last point is spot on. Last year, for some odd reason, they had the secondary calling the plays in and setting up the defense. This year it will once again be the responsibility of the MLB to "QB" the defense. I think Tuf will shine here and this will be critical for their success. I also believe that Browning has never picked up this aspect of the game up and has kept him from being everything everyone thinks he could be. 

Comment 02 Aug 2019

I trust the guys who actually evaluate talent and watch games and tape. I listen to the 247 Cover 3 podcast for real takes. Those guys know these players and have evaluated them since high school and all the camps. 3 of the 4 guys on their picks for the playoffs, have the Buckeyes in. Also, only one of them (the one that didn't pick OSU) is buying Michigan being better than a 2 to 3 loss team this year. 

Comment 31 Jul 2019

I work Labor Compliance for a large GC here in Southern California and look at payrolls all day long. The trades make great money and benefits plus have the backing of a union. While there are triple digit temperature days when I don't envy those guys, I wish I had been shown that as a career path in my formative years. Plus you get to point at amazing builds like multi million/billion sports arenas and say "I helped build that!"

Comment 14 May 2019

Hopefully Day avoids Meyer's other costly mistakes like not getting young talent on the field over "favorites". I also firmly believe we would not be getting high caliber QB's to come if Meyer stays. If any QB recruit paid attention to how Haskin's Heisman caliber year was handled by Meyer, I believe they would look elsewhere. He had the most prolific OSU and BIG QB of all time and he didn't stump for him hardly at all. I don't care if he thought he was using his 'tricks" to keep Dwayne motivated, he should have used every opportunity he had to say " look at my Heisman QB", instead he kept bringing up Tate every chance he got. I will forever be vexed by that.