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Proud dad of a 2021 tOSU to be grad.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Finishing a marathon
  • NFL TEAM: Jets( sad i know)
  • NHL TEAM: Devils
  • NBA TEAM: Pass
  • MLB TEAM: Mets/Red Sox
  • SOCCER TEAM: US National team, Leicester City

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Comment 17 Oct 2020

I love Firefly( tho this scene is from Serenity) . That show had so much potential. Two by two hands of blue

Comment 14 Oct 2020

I'm not going thru all the links I've posted  but if i remember correctly the Flu virus is 10,000x smaller than a grain of sand the Covid is 25,000x smaller. So when in aerosol form it can move thru face coverings, that said there are only 5 outcomes for a virus

  • its causes minor symptoms and no one cares much
  • It burns itself out  
  • we reach a level of heard immunity and it peters out or becomes less prevalent 
  • We find a vaccine or therapeutics that limits or control the virus
  • It kills enough of a population where it no longer can find hosts

Nothing we do  wearing face masks, distancing, shutdowns will eliminate the virus.It has a fairly high R0 and the incubation period is made for spread.  It will in all likelihood never go away like the flu. All we are doing now is sprinkling the virus out of a water can instead of dumping the bucket. My Kid who's a germ a phobe wore a mask everywhere except home. She got it. Doing what we do may slow the spread but it will not stop it. NS could have done everything right and still contract it.

Comment 14 Oct 2020

I've agreed with much of what you have posted. a voice of reason but I have seen my Senior in high school regress significantly in her academics by not being in school.( no Chem lab at home). Risk must be balanced with the damage that will come out the other side. 

Comment 14 Oct 2020

You got down voted for something the CDC just reported.


I think we will look back and conclude that no one knew anything no matter how strongly we claim otherwise.

Comment 14 Oct 2020

I don't think you can compare teams sports to golf/horse racing and tennis. I didn't even know they ran the Preakness and I've been there. I'm a big NHL fan and didn't watch much but they were down less than the NBA. Lots of people had little interest in a 60g baseball season and i'm not sure the Rays( who's entire roster makes less than G. Cole) bring alot of eyes to the set plus the set up was odd. That said I think the extreme social messaging gets tiresome and people tune out. No matter what your political leanings we have been hit over the head with Covid, protests, riots, and all the politics that derive from such for six months. People tire of it and just want to watch the game without all the messaging, if they agree with it or not. If  I turn on C Span I dont want to see them playing a pick up hoops game.

Comment 10 Oct 2020

My Kid masked. social distanced, one of her room mates got it, she got it. Loss of smell and taste for a few weeks other wise no symptoms. 70,000 positive tests on campuses 3 hospitalizations no deaths. Play the frickin games.


Comment 08 Oct 2020

Only one team has a realistic shot at 0-16, thats the Jets. Everyone else will win a game. As for Haskins , I think the perfect spot for him is Pittsburgh. Sit a year behind Ben, they play similar styles and learn. If Ben misses a few games they have a competent QB to step in.Not like the Steelers have anything up and coming behind Ben.

Comment 07 Oct 2020

The James has been advertising all summer, I believe over multiple platforms.

Comment 29 Sep 2020

Netflix- Black Mirror, Criminal Minds

HBO-The Leftovers, Silicon Valley,Game of Thrones of course. Veep is great and three old school ones if they are still offered. The Garry Shandling Show, Arli$$ and Dream On.

Comment 27 Sep 2020

The two teams that have the least talent on offence are Washington and the Jets. Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields will be the QB for the Jets next year. The one thing about Darnold is not only does he have absolutely no talent around him, he also has the worst coach in the NFL in Adam Gase. He truly has no chance.  

Comment 25 Sep 2020

Five P5 Conf Champs,  2 wild cards. and I'd love to see a Non P 5 2 or 4 team playoff for the final spot. UCF V Bosie  Cinn v AppSt. Yes the 8 seed would get killed 95% of the time but the NON P 5 Playoff would be fun. I'd watch.