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Comment 4 hours ago

If hes wanting to play football again , he needs to drop down a division , or two. Hes got plenty of talent , just not for major college football .

Maybe he could sign on with Mount Union , theyre looking for a QB , he would run all over that division.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Stop the little quick passes and the occasional long ball from TL. I dont think we will have a problem with their running game . We need to be able to run the ball and eat up the clock , keep their offense off the field . I believe JK will have a pretty good night. 

Comment 08 Dec 2019

Im thinking its hurt more than whats let on . This break before the playoffs will help him heal but im expecting that big brace to stay on .

Comment 08 Dec 2019

JK probably should have already gone over 2000 this season , if he had played some more in the second halves . He seems to be doing a very good Zeke impersonation this time of year .

Comment 08 Dec 2019

Listening to Fowler and Herbie on the radio this morning , they say LSUs "body of work" is better than OSUs , whatever. During last nites game , they put up a graphic showing the OSU/LSU comparison , it sure did look to me OSU has the better resume , we didnt even play a FCS game for crying out loud . It doesnt matter that much to me who we play but I do think theres kind of a Burrow/OSU type game wanting to be played on the big screen.

Comment 07 Dec 2019
Looks like the D got chewed out at halftime . We need to score after that missed FG . The team looks alot different this half
Comment 07 Dec 2019
Gonna have to clamp down on defense , maybe get a turnover . JK needs to run like hes the man , not Taylor. Day needs to challenge these guys , see what theyre made of .
Comment 07 Dec 2019
Ridiculous , nothing else . Unless we make some incredible changes during halftime , we lose.This is our one bad game of the year . Days gonna have to pull some rabbits out of the hat or somewhere. Their QB has been under no pressure at all while Justin looks like a pinball out there.
Comment 07 Dec 2019
Geesh !!! Spoke to soon . This is ridiculous . Day may be getting schooled by the old coach
Comment 07 Dec 2019
We better get a score this series , its looking very Purdue like . Coan needs a good hard hit .
Comment 07 Dec 2019
Looks like they are playing OSU ball and we are playing MSU ball . They have outplayed without a doubt.. That Coan ryn should have NEVER happened .We better get our head out of our ass or we will be the #4 seed , if we make it after this pathetic display
Comment 07 Dec 2019
Very similar to the first time we played em. We need to figure out how to get some pressure on the QB , we havent came close to getting in their backfield . I also think Fields is hurt more than we know.