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Comment 16 hours ago

I say babies . Half of the mans retirement isnt what it used to be after the is past month so she wont get as much ,  might as well stay married. 

Comment 25 Mar 2020

Its amazing to me how kids/people are these days ,  I cant imagine the brains it takes , or lack thereof , to commit a sexual assault , let alone film it. Im hoping the investigation is able to get what students are responsible for this , and the whole story, and hand down the harshest punishment allowed by law.

Comment 24 Mar 2020

Im not able to work from home , would love to though . My company told us today they are going to ask people to stay and work with a minimal crew for four weeks , no going home . I wasnt wanting to but when they said youll be paid double my normal pay PLUS overtime , I said count me in !! Food and bedding will be provided . 

Comment 21 Mar 2020
I suggest getting to know your significant other alot better during this time , it will only benefit your overall well being and make your life as a couple more enjoyable
Comment 21 Mar 2020
If he wanted to come here , and he knew we were taking two , he should have commited the day after Pryor . Playing the waiting game usually gets you burned .
Comment 18 Mar 2020
Ive found the best ideas and stuff online. Canadian Woodworks , Rogue Engineer and fixthisbuildthat are a few on Instagram I follow . I say look around , theres tons of info and ideas out there. Good luck.
Comment 15 Mar 2020

Well , the wife is a big time food hoarder so it looks like we might be reducing inventory . She wont go to the store to get , say , two or three cans of corn or beans , she buys about twenty of each , at one time ! She did pick up some great looking brisket the other day along with some T-bone that will hopefully be gone today . Its alot cheaper to eat in so we are taking full advantage .

Comment 27 Feb 2020
Any of the "new" country bands and any band that tells me how to think politically