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Comment 08 Jan 2020

Mgo discussing the article - https://mgoblog.com/mgoboard/former-michigan-and-current-osu-coach-greg-mattison-bashes-michigan-culture-andrefers-osu

No, but it backs up what Steve Wiltfong said today when he slammed Michigan's recruiting department for being unorganized and not getting the job done. Maybe people will stop blaming bagman and online classes and just admit Harbaugh is failing. 

“They haven’t filled the role, and we’ll see who they fill it with because Michigan is one of those schools where assistant coach recruiters are incredibly important because they don’t recruit in the same traditional way that almost every other program that we cover does,” Wiltfong said. “There’s not recruiting meetings. There’s just a lot on the assistant coaches’ plates to go out in their territories or in their position rooms and find guys they think are good enough to help Michigan win championships.

“Chris Partridge was a guy that wasn’t afraid to go into SEC country with his winged helmet logo on his golf shirt and go toe-to-toe for big-time guys and try to get them to come to Michigan. He had some big wins. He also had some close losses. I mean, Willie Gay was a guy who had Michigan in his top two. Otis Reese is a guy who had Michigan in his top two. He really got after it and worked.”

In general, Wiltfong didn’t feel like the Wolverines were recruiting at a championship level with Partridge. He felt Ohio State and Penn State made it more of a priority, so losing Partridge could only widen that gap.

“I just don’t think, collectively, this staff is recruiting at a level to win a national championship across the board,” Wiltfong said. “It’s a blow losing a guy in Partridge, who I feel like is one of your best recruiters when the emphasis on recruiting at Michigan isn’t the same as it is at Ohio State and Penn State right now. We’re starting to see it on the field.”

Comment 02 Dec 2019

I don't have many illusions about the academic standards placed on Michigan players, but I'm dead certain they actually show up on campus because I know many people who have taught or been in classes with Michigan football players. So you wonder at which point the dubious nature of college football becomes outright fraud.

Comment 07 Nov 2019

Why should the only athletes in NCAA sports who cannot define their path to a national championship be football players (at the D1 FBS level)?

1. NFL

2. They enjoy playing football

Every student athlete needs an absolute, defined path to win a championship in their sport. No committee should ever weigh in on that. 

All Power 5 teams have this defined path that you speak of, don't lose a game.