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Comment 30 Aug 2020

So when Ohio State brings in $6 million for its game against Clemson in the CFP, it’s fair that it gets shared equally to all conference teams?

It is a fair statement that Ohio State is and has been the driving force of the conference and brings in more money than any other conference member.

Comment 06 Aug 2020

I normally agree but if the rumors of the Day & Harbaugh confrontation are true, then the players in question were heated. To me there is a difference in their bravado due to the fact that it was instigated.

Comment 16 Jul 2020

Bryce Young committed to Bama on 9/22/19. At the time, USC was 3-1 with a win over #11 Utah. I am not sure that qualifies as season going down the drain.  

Who was Riley's quarterback when Young flipped to Bama? Chandler Morris didn't commit and sign until 1/2/20. 

Comment 05 Jul 2020

Wiltfong’s CB was with a confidence of 7 and the other 3 recent CB’s were from OU insiders with ratings of 7, 7 and 6.

Comment 20 May 2020

"OSU recruiting leaving Michigan, Big Ten in the dust"



May 20th, 2020 at 11:06 AM ^

Ohio State wins and doesn't let anything get in the way of winning. The winning attracts more top-end talent, and that top-end talent wins more. It also attracts top-end coaching talent, which are paid more (even after they give some of it to the players) than most FBS head coaches. It's an exponential cycle only a little bit held back by systems in place to stop it, some of which only work to further push the top programs further ahead of their peers. These factors help Michigan too, but help Ohio State more, and in a world of exponents if you're the 5 being increased by a factor of 5 while your enemy is a 6 increasing at a factor of 6, all you see is the massive gulf forming between Michigan and Ohio State, and not the similar one forming between Michigan and Michigan State.

Ohio State's whole thing is they're going to treat you like a professional, pay you like a professional, hold you to the standards of a professional, and not pretend otherwise. At every level of the program Ohio State operates like a business. And many college football fans, including to a degree the people at charge at Michigan, are still under the now-insane assumption that it isn't one already.

Elite high school players are far more realistic about this. Their goal is to get to the NFL and maximize their personal value, and that means getting world-class coaching, playing for the largest  fanbases, playing in championship games and the playoffs, and going to programs that won't be distracted from that goal. Fans don't understand this at all: when you're talking about the top 50 players in any given year you're talking about people whose entire families have been laser-focused on maximizing this player's athletic potential for years. Most of us have never worked as hard as these players worked in middle school toward this goal, nor understand the competitiveness among the top players, and the difference it makes to your entire life if you're a 1st rounder, or if you play one more year in the NFL because of the decisions you made along the way.

Michigan has a good niche: it's the biggest stadium, the richest fanbase, and the "40-Year Plan"--when football is over wherever it left you, you'll have the best degree and the best business connections and the best education to be successful in something else. When the amateurism bullshit is gotten rid of and Michigan fans can train the money cannon on something other than another tattoo for Spencer Hall, we'll also be able to offer the same money now that cash-under-the-table construction business owners are giving out to convince players to sign up for a loser like Tennessee.

Ohio State has the best niche. They are the pro program, in an age when being a pro is what the best players have top of mind, and offer a good enough education, a big enough fanbase, the best coaching, and the promise of all the winning an insanely competitive heart needs.

Our best hope is that the college football gods are fickle and more of Ohio State's run of success has been about luck than they're ready to admit: like if only 90% of things go the Buckeyes' way instead of 98% Michigan has a huge upset in 2013, another huge upset in 2017, and Big Ten Championships in 2016 and 2018 (that we backed into thanks to Maryland or Penn State). Hell, Urban Meyer's program could have become untracked in 2012 if Al Borges hadn't Galaxy Brained his use of Denard in the 2nd half--there was some extreme dislike of Urban among the Tressel guys, and winning that game then carrying Tressel off the field is what made them disappear. Imagine instead if his first offseason he's carrying a loss where he got outcoached by Brady Hoke.

Michigan's watching the exponents, and that matters, but it's not as hard to change those numbers as it looks right now.