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Comment 02 Dec 2019

I don't have many illusions about the academic standards placed on Michigan players, but I'm dead certain they actually show up on campus because I know many people who have taught or been in classes with Michigan football players. So you wonder at which point the dubious nature of college football becomes outright fraud.

Comment 07 Nov 2019

Why should the only athletes in NCAA sports who cannot define their path to a national championship be football players (at the D1 FBS level)?

1. NFL

2. They enjoy playing football

Every student athlete needs an absolute, defined path to win a championship in their sport. No committee should ever weigh in on that. 

All Power 5 teams have this defined path that you speak of, don't lose a game.

Comment 01 Oct 2019

It was on the radio in the Grand Rapid market, Big Drew & Jim on 96.1. I have no idea how the guy giving the information was coming up with his numbers but I was just repeating what was said from memory. I'll try to circle back when they post the podcast and share it.

Comment 30 Sep 2019

I wasn’t a fan of the hit on Fields after the handoff late in the game. It was too late after the handoff, it was a tackle like you’re describing and he definitely didn’t pull up after realizing the handoff was made. 

I told my wife at that point we needed to get starters out due to Nebraska showing their frustration and I was concerned of unnecessary injuries.