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Comment 11 Mar 2015

I was there as well.  We had to stop for gas before getting back on I-65.  I had mentioned we should have done it before the game in case something happened.

We got a LOT of shit from Purdue fans while we were just gassing up.  A few bros wanted to fight us because the guy pumping our gas was just smiling to himself over the win and they thought he was mocking them. 

Comment 29 Sep 2014

It's a pack of lies from the Hoke regime.

The MGoBlog article, which while it is filled with emotional anger (as it should be for them) is a fantastic read, stated that he was off the field for no more than 90-120 seconds.

NFL protocol for concussion assessment takes 8-12 minutes.  NHL players are taken off the ice and into the locker room.

In short, if they cleared him, it was only for the leg injury he sustained and nobody even bothered to notice that he needed an offensive lineman to help him stay on his feet after the helmet to helmet hit.

I enjoy Michigan schadenfreude as much as anyone else, but what's going on up in Ann Arbor is pretty disgusting.

Comment 25 Sep 2013

Too many schools fall back onto the black as a third jersey because it's easy to do.


It's unoriginal and boring to me.  I'm quite okay with seeing these new jerseys each year once a game and would love to see the gray uniforms that were posted about, but no black please.

Comment 26 Mar 2012

Here were some of my favorite quotes, courtesy of Scout.com:


"Because they are not going to beat Miami. If Miami loses, it will be because Miami beat itself. I don't see that happening. Until you beat the best team in your conference, don't tell me you can beat Miami. You have four weeks to come up with a passing game!"
Trev Alberts, 12/11/02

"Miami 42 Ohio State 10"
Mark May 1/2/03

"Nobody has our talent. We're way too fast for Ohio State. What conference are they in? The Big Ten? Ohio State and Nebraska are both power teams. It'll be like Nebraska was last year (a 37-14 Miami victory at the Rose Bowl). Nobody can hang with our speed."
Miami tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. New York Daily News 12/28/02

"Nobody outside of Columbus thinks the Buckeyes are the second best team in the country."
Jim Rome, 12/16/02

"I can't tell you how many comments I've heard about Ohio State playing down to the level of its competition. Folks, that's not what's happening. The Buckeyes aren't a very good 12-0 team. And they won't be a very good 12-1 team after they lose at home to Michigan on Saturday. Here's where I stand on a mythical Ohio State-Iowa matchup: The Hawkeyes would win big." “My predicted final score? Try 48-10, 'Canes -- a mismatched score for a game involving mismatched teams,”
Tim Brando, Sporting News "expert" 11/20/02

"Ohio State is a 14-point underdog if it plays Miami for the national championship. Ohio State's band has a better case for (being) number one in its field."
Danny Sheridan, USA Today 11/21/02

"Iowa would beat OSU by two touchdowns."
Trev Alberts, 11/28/02



And from everyone's favorite asshole, Dennis Dodd, who has a well-known hatred for Ohio State:

"I can't bring myself to pick Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl. To win? No, no, no, not even close. I called my priest this week to confess I was considering the Yuckeyes would come within two touchdowns of Miami. But this is Miami. Its equipment manager can outrun your defensive backs. Its quarterback never needs drycleaning. What's the point when his uniform never gets dirty? Right now, Larry Coker is agonizing over a superior game plan that reads, "Punt on fourth down. Sometimes. Sorry, Bucks, it stops here. This will be a Fiesta Bowl awakening that will put you back in your proper place -- back in the Big Ten struggling to beat Northwestern.
Forecast for Columbus? A high in the teens. Call it Miami 26, Ohio State 13. "
Dennis Dodd 1/3/03

Comment 25 Mar 2012

I'm actually quite happy that we have the late game.  I work 8-7 on Saturdays so I will be home with plenty of time to watch the game.

Comment 25 Mar 2012

House fucking money at this point.  Congrats to this schizophrenic basketball team :P



All joking aside, I'm proud of the boys tonight.  They played their hearts out in terrible conditions (Pro-Cuse crowd, whistle-happy referees) and pulled away with a Regional Championship.


Next stop, New Orleans!