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Comment 6 hours ago

Tress inherited more talent, but I also remember there were many reports of team-cultural problems plaguing the program at the end of Cooper's tenure...does anybody remember these details? 

Here's what Andy Geiger had to say about it:  "sort of a capstone on what we have seen as a deteriorating climate within the football program.""Concern about discipline, competitiveness, academic pursuits, a whole series of things. I thought yesterday, unfortunately (Outback bowl loss) was an exhibit of all those things rolled into one," he said.

Comment 18 Apr 2019
It's entirely plausible he is simply homesick. I have no reason to think otherwise. He has to compete for a job wherever he goes. Better cover Justin Fields with bubble wrap. QB room is about as deep as T.T.U.N.'s trophy case.
Comment 06 Feb 2019
Zach Smith onTwitter said that Warriner was completely out of his league as a coordinator and was extremely arrogant. Also, Beanie and Boom podcast is awesome. Eric Lichter was on last week and had interesting insight on why Florida blew us out (basically no conditioning and little lifting in the entire period leading up to the title game).
Comment 17 Jan 2019

Fromm still has 2 years to play as the firmly established starter.  You still think that's the same situation as bringing in a good transfer to add depth and challenge for the position?  

It has nothing to do with Haskins.  They are different people.  

My point was Fields isn't concerned with competing for the starting QB job.  If he loses it, sure, he might leave after the season.  But then we'd have a better player on the field.  

Comment 17 Jan 2019
Fromm won an SEC championship, playoff game, and started his entire freshman season. Fields went in and competed against him anyway. It was only after the competition was decided, and it was clear he had no shot to take over the position, that he left.
Comment 16 Jan 2019

I also need to add that Justin Fields didn't mind competing with Tate Martell, a highly touted QB, in the first place.

He's not going anywhere.

Comment 16 Jan 2019

I see your point. But we need a transfer to get to Coach Day's preferred number of QB's (4). Miller hasn't even graduated high school yet, so whoever we bring in will be at least a year ahead of him in eligibility from the start.

Then, Miller will probably redshirt to learn the system and sit behind Fields.  So he's already banking on 2 years of development. In that third year, if he is as good as advertised, he'll have plenty of time to win that job.    

You don't want to waste a schollie on a kid who isn't any good. If Fields is declared ineligible, or if his skills don't translate well to the field, our season rests on 2 guys, Chugonov and Baldwin.  Both sound like great guys and QBs, but they're both unproven at this level.  

Take the talent if it's there.  

Comment 16 Jan 2019
Bingo. Strategic mediocrity is how you end up starting Joe Bauserman for all whole season.
Comment 16 Jan 2019
You definitely dont look for a bench warmer. You look for Justin Fields 2.0.
Comment 14 Jan 2019
Quotes don't matter so much as the coaches reinforcing the meaning and message of the quote. This is an interesting quote. Look up halftime scores for The Game over Meyer's tenure. TTUN is a decent 1st half team against us. 2nd half is where we've earned our gold pants.
Comment 09 Jan 2019
If his health is better, good for him. It's not like he can take a medical leave while being coach here, recruiting would be impossible. I would love to see him coach again. CFB is better, and 100 kids somewhere would get a hell of a leader.