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Comment 13 Aug 2020

I think the link between covid and myocarditis was the biggest factor.  

Myocarditis could cause sudden cardiac arrest.  If that happened on the field, the school can't really avoid some sort of responsibility. 

Comment 11 Aug 2020
You don't think he has aspirations of on-field success? He had opportunities to be a head coach at schools not set up to win National Titles and passed on them. This just gutted his program.
Comment 10 Aug 2020
Worst decision you can possibly make. They should have set clear criteria about what it would take for them to play or not play. Instead, they strung along teams for months, and made this decision despite no new data or circumstances.
Comment 31 Jul 2020
You can't blame the irrelevant PAC12 for trying. More than anything you have to question the integrity of the LA Times. The most interesting thing I learned from that article is that The Players Tribune articles are sometimes written by PR firms.
Comment 16 Jul 2020

If the MLS players are doing fine and the NBA players are not, I suspect the difference is financial.  NBA players get paid far more and are probably less dependent on one season's income, so they are more likely to break protocol than MLS players. 

I'm not saying MLS players are broke, but while they make hundreds of thousands of dollars on average, NBA guys get paid in the millons.  

Comment 03 Jul 2020
I wish I could upvote you ten times. My wife is of native American descent and she doesn't care about the name at all. It's mostly people who are more interested in control and attention; people who could use a little more joy in their lives.
Comment 21 May 2020

The only example in that video you provided is a quick, almost effortless sack, so I like it. 

Of course, these packages and playcalls are subject to gameplan, game situation, player performance, etc.  So, it's a good package if we're employing it successfully, and it's a bad package if we're not. I know that is kind of a Captain Obvious answer, but it's not like that's the only "Rushmen" look we have.    

Comment 11 Apr 2020
I see your point...but I think it's possible this could have worked if not for covid. Although there are bunch of NFL teams, they limit their rosters to 55-ish. There are 100+ players on over 100 college teams, meaning the XFL still has a huge pool of players to pick from... Including the occassional college stars that don't cut it in the NFL (think Manziel, Tebow). I think they erred in playing in the spring. In late July and early August, people are really missing football and would watch anything then. Football is all people talk about and the games havnt even started. That would be the perfect time for a start up league.
Comment 11 Apr 2020
I don't understand your argument. These are the same players that drew millions of fans in college.. Did their level of play somehow diminish? Are you talking about athleticism, skills, scheme, teamwork... What is different in your opinion? I'm not calling you out to be a jerk, I'm genuinely curious about this argument.
Comment 08 Feb 2020
MSU is not a lateral move, but he's cashing in all of his momentum for a B list program. It'll take a few years, if ever, to get back to where his coaching stock is now.
Comment 08 Feb 2020
Good analogy. I don't want to give Smith a pass just because he coached here. But I also don't want to fry him just for making OSU look bad. We know Zack is immature, unfaithful, and unprofessional. But we also know that Courtney has abused 911 (based on her making accusations against Zack when he was out of town) and lost the trust of her own mother (who sided with Zack). It's shocking to see so many people affirmatively declare Smith a piece of trash. If he did hit her, then of course he is. But I think there is enough legitimate doubt to give Zack the benefit of the doubt and hope he gets his life in order, at least for his kids sake.
Comment 05 Feb 2020

I don't know much about his history.  I'm sure that was his main motto, but the buckeye thing was also part of his campaign.  Apparently someone said he was "better suited to drink hard cider in a log cabin than be president,"  so he built a log-cabin wagon made of buckeye trees, and during campaign events and conventions they would sing songs about buckeye state from the cabin.  

Here's the link where I got that from.