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Comment 19 Oct 2020

Interesting topic.  I looked at the top scoring teams historically.  Obviously this doesn't take into account strength of schedule but it's surprising to see it's not dominated by teams in the past 10 years.  That 1918 Georgia Tech team scored over 100 points three times but still only went 6-1.  

1915 51.3 Vanderbilt
1916 50.1 Georgetown
1917 55.4 Navy
1917 54.6 Georgia Tech
1918 66.6 Georgia Tech
1918 56.6 Navy
1919 53.9 Centre
1920 56.7 California
1920 53.2 Centre
1944 56.0 Army
1983 50.3 Nebraska
1989 53.5 Houston
1995 53.2 Nebraska
2005 50.2 Texas
2008 51.1 Oklahoma
2012 51.5 Louisiana Tech
2013 52.4 Baylor
2013 51.6 Florida State

Comment 14 Oct 2020
Albert breer was saying some great things on The Morning Juice. He said the Titans compared him to Bill Cowher in the interview process.
Comment 17 Sep 2020
Arizona is a big swing state. You don't think he wants those votes as well? Pac 12 states have much harsher coronavirus restrictions. In California you can't even work out as a team, per governors orders (although I think that just changed today). The Pac 12 fan base, coaches, and admins have been relatively silent and accepting about their cancellation. The Big Ten, as we all know, had many vocal supporters of a season. It makes sense you help the people who are seeking help.
Comment 17 Sep 2020

The standards about politics on this site are confusing.  I'm all for zero politics, but our team goes to the white house:  11w has articles about it for a week.  Recruits wear political statements on t-shirts at camps:  11w has articles about it.  Prez helps get Big Ten football back, we are forbidden from mentioning it.  Like him or not, his convo with Kevin Warren happened when the Big Ten looked like it was down and out until at least January.  At the very least, his tweet lead to the public sentiment that the Big Ten has zero excuses not to play since it was offered 15 minute testing by the WH.  

Comment 27 Aug 2020
Kevin Warren's pet project is to get all the Big Ten players to vote. He seems obsessed with that. If they all pledged NOT to vote because of Warren, I bet he would change his tune real quick. And no, I'm not telling players not to vote. They can bluff and vote in November once Warren's decision is long over with.
Comment 13 Aug 2020

I think the link between covid and myocarditis was the biggest factor.  

Myocarditis could cause sudden cardiac arrest.  If that happened on the field, the school can't really avoid some sort of responsibility. 

Comment 11 Aug 2020
You don't think he has aspirations of on-field success? He had opportunities to be a head coach at schools not set up to win National Titles and passed on them. This just gutted his program.
Comment 10 Aug 2020
Worst decision you can possibly make. They should have set clear criteria about what it would take for them to play or not play. Instead, they strung along teams for months, and made this decision despite no new data or circumstances.
Comment 31 Jul 2020
You can't blame the irrelevant PAC12 for trying. More than anything you have to question the integrity of the LA Times. The most interesting thing I learned from that article is that The Players Tribune articles are sometimes written by PR firms.
Comment 16 Jul 2020

If the MLS players are doing fine and the NBA players are not, I suspect the difference is financial.  NBA players get paid far more and are probably less dependent on one season's income, so they are more likely to break protocol than MLS players. 

I'm not saying MLS players are broke, but while they make hundreds of thousands of dollars on average, NBA guys get paid in the millons.  

Comment 03 Jul 2020
I wish I could upvote you ten times. My wife is of native American descent and she doesn't care about the name at all. It's mostly people who are more interested in control and attention; people who could use a little more joy in their lives.
Comment 21 May 2020

The only example in that video you provided is a quick, almost effortless sack, so I like it. 

Of course, these packages and playcalls are subject to gameplan, game situation, player performance, etc.  So, it's a good package if we're employing it successfully, and it's a bad package if we're not. I know that is kind of a Captain Obvious answer, but it's not like that's the only "Rushmen" look we have.