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Comment 07 Jan 2020

The Millionaire next door is excellent, for people just wanting to get a head and use common sense I recommend the Wealthy Barber by David Chilton.  Can read in a couple sittings, but has good financial basis.  Told in chapters as the kid goes for haircuts over a year.

Comment 07 Jan 2020

"When to Rob a Bank" (Freakanomics) by Leavitt & Dubner.  It is really a collection of small studies that scrub defined data pools looking for relationships between components.  For example these guys looked at standardized test scores in the Chicago school systems and through looking at trend analysis determined which teachers were cheating to make their own teacher assessment ratings look better.  Essentially normal students test scores increase disproportionately in 1 year than regressed back to average the next year.  They proved that this occurred because certain teachers were changing answers on their students standard score sheets.

Just started reading a book on Epstein,"Dead men tell no tales", don't really know what I expected from this (someone suggested it to me) - but so far it has been underwhelming.  Dude was a scumbag.. but most of the investigative journalism so far is very speculative..Connections to Wexner (appears to have occurred mostly in NYC & he held himself out as a talent scout for Victoria Secret brands) - frequent rider of the Lolita express Epsteins private jet -  Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Trump & Prince Andrew / Fergies ex... The Prince is pretty much trailer trash as hedonists go.  The journalists refer to the Queen not being happy about this connection

Comment 07 Jan 2020

the weenies are neutered at this point, I think its a result of  Peppers spreading his chlamydia all over campus and Lewan going around threatening women that claimed sexual harassment or worse.  The Michigan players subconscious can no longer deal with propaganda of them  being leaders and best.  This UM team will undoubtedly be over hyped yet underwhelming and will come into the Shoe trying to save their season. nine win season.   We shall see.  It will be interesting to see how conditioning goes after their overseas travels again this summer every player has been given  a light dumbell and a jump rope to stay loose and work on their speed & footwork.

Comment 05 Jan 2020

I used to talk with Kirk when he was doing hot stove for the Reds on 1460 long before he got started with ESPN.  I am amazed that the "sports fan Kirk" became the face of college football.  Even then in his early days he was drawn to the southern teams and talked very highly of Florida State, Georgia, Bama, LSU and Oklahoma.  He was always high on Lou Holtz and he jumped on Urban's train long before anyone else.

Listen, he has made a brand and a fortune by being objective.  That is where his bread has been buttered.  Anyone that expects Desmond type behavior from Kirk or Joey or Robert Smith, just doesn't understand how much money they are making doing what they do.  If they rattle the Buckeye Nation cage a little on the way that helps their ratings.   If you really can't stand Kirk's behavior, completely have nothing further to do with ESPN.  Turning off sets was the only way to have an impact, and unfortunately not enough people have done it.

Comment 28 Dec 2019

I certainly recognize db's not looking   back for the ball.  That was the most confusing thing.. they aren't getting as many holding penalties as OSU did last year, but that's more because LSU Wr's are running 20 yards beyond them and they couldn't reach them

Comment 27 Dec 2019

38-24 Buckeyes by two TD's.  I hate Clempsun..beating them worse would be ok with me.  I know they are good, lets just not make em better than they are.

Comment 13 Dec 2019

imo, if he goes somewhere and plays next season he will have a lot of NFL brass and coaches pulling for him.  William White was a very well liked individual and has great integrity..  I could see the Vikings, Detroit, Tennessee, KC, New Orleans, all giving a legacy a chance to win a spot.

Comment 13 Dec 2019

YBB. I am in total agreement it is very sad, Brendon came onto the field for Fuller when he was ejected for targeting, went on to record a dozen tackles in a half and then never left the field the rest of the season and as you said was the MVP of the Rose Bowl, had a pick and nearly went to the house vs ttun.  I know his Dad, the fact that Brendon did so well last year had to be some consolation to Will. I don't know exactly why he didn't get more reps.. and can't guess what occurred.  You never know these things out of the lockerroom and practice field.  In a season of greatness, this players story makes me sad.  Good luck to that young man.. get to the league BW.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Don't understand why people are so quick to write this young man off.  He came in last year and saved the bacon the game Fuller got ejected for targeting, then played every down the rest of the year, as you said MVP of the Rose Bowl.  I'm also from Lima and consider his father William as one of the best athletes I have known.  Seems like Brendan may have been a bit off due to his father's health.  Buckeye fans will get behind him as soon as he makes his next big play.

Comment 05 Dec 2019

You appear to know a lot more about football than I do.  I think you are wrong about Brendan White.  Last season he couldn't get off the bench, and was only brought in when Fuller got ejected for targeting.  Playing less than a half in that first game he went on to have 12 tackles, and from that point on he never came off the field.  In a season where our back 7 seemed to get beat at every turn Brendan White defended the pass, had a number of pass breakups and I think he had a couple picks, I know he had one in the 4th qtr vs ttun, and I think he was the defensive player of the game in the Rose Bowl.  This is a long way of saying in my opinion in a season that has had so many highlights and so many players played a great deal I think the one guy that we missed on was White.  I've known William since he was 8 years old and starred at QB on a Lima Pee wee football team.  William was four years younger than I, but he dominated his first season when he technically shouldn't even have been allowed to play yet.  I'm sure to some extent his Father's illness has effected his play, but I saw Brendan White fill a whole last year, and am sure he has the talent.  Hopefully he gets a chance to showcase his talent again for the Buckeyes.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

This is a great view  Kmp10, I am in a 100% agreement with you.  ESPN is stale, they needed some competition to raise the bar and I think Fox has definitely done this. Big10 Network needs to bring in some better talent, I do like Josh Perry.  He brings actual analysis to the DiNardo -  he wasn't avery good coach, and is a worse announcer

Comment 04 Dec 2019

I don't know if you have watched OSU play but Dawand Jones, Enokk Vimahi Harry Miller, Nic Petit Frere, Ryan Jacoby, Max Wray  not to mention Paris Johnson, Luke Wypler, Josh Fryar, Grant Toutant, Jacob James and Trey Leroux.. give us a full room.  Not to long ago under a different coaching staff we couldn't put together a two deep, and definitely didn't have more than two tackles.

I certainly hope that Taylor Munford considers staying around for his senior year but add in Myers, and Davis and we have a group of linemen so much better with better depth than we have had in years.  If Paris Johnson is as good as predicted he may be the first freshman to start besides Orlando Pace and Michael Jordan.   I hear he is that good..  I don't know where your concern is coming from but I think our lines should be in good shape in 2020.

I want to give a shoutout to two guys that have been terrific players that haven't started regularly Cupp and Alabi.  These two guys have been warriors.  Hats off to you big fellas

Comment 03 Dec 2019

You guys have beat this subject to death.  Don't give them anymore help, they are Michigan men, far superior to any other human species.  I almost said feces  there... but you know.  Talent on OSU is better, QB play is far better though I tip the cap to Shea, he did great things Saturday.  He didn't get any help from your future NFLer's either  DPJ had to have dropped 6 or more balls that should have been completions.  Nico had a couple, Bell too. McKeon started out hot but I believe he touched a couple that he didn't bring down.  What is up with your play calling?  You had some successful runs then completely abandoned the run game.  No screens or tight end hooks over the middle?  That has been your bread and butter.  Seeing Harbaugh go completely away from power football and adopting the spread really weakened your teams swag.  I saw a group that was average at everything, with no sure thing in their arsenal.  The defensive line being outweighed by 40lbs?  What gives?  You can choose to go smaller with slanting and looping but the point is to become much faster.  You were 40lbs less and slower, not a good look.  Mistakes, there were some critical ones the off sides on 4th and 4, the "shoe deal", the hit out of bounds.. they were incredibly bad, but none of those was as bad as our muffed punt.  I think we could have widened the gap without that mistake on our part.  Shea's fumble was ill timed (don't your fans know not to cheer when your offense has the ball - oops that was our fans, my bad).  The Cooper years were extremely hard, I'm not gonna lie, so I think we need to win a few more games in a row to even out the pain. That whole thing about switching teams & then your coaches would win.. I think you are overstating the brain trust on your side of the field.  That staff is a hindrance I'm not gonna lie.  I thought we were way to stubborn in not abandoning the 4-4 far sooner.  Brendan White should have been in on the obvious passing downs over Werner and we could have stopped Shea's hot streak in the 1st half.  I know you guys have no control over it, but do something to get Woodson, Howard and Brady to stop openly begging for wins.  Doing so is just a bad look.  Cheers!

Comment 01 Dec 2019

Cry me a river.  Heres the kicker, I lived through John Cooper's tenure.  They won almost every game he coached, and OSU had better players, better teams many of those years.  TTUN had a coaching advantage and a psychological advantage and Coach Cooper was at a loss to change those circumstances.  Now Ohio State has better players, better teams and better coaching, I hope it never ends.  It will some day of course, but let it only be for 1 game.

Comment 28 Nov 2019

Right on!!!  He deserves credit for building this program on every level, actually making the Big10 better, and restoring pride in tOhio State Buckeyes!!  I feel very fortunate that this job was one of his dream destinations.  I'm embarrassed that the President and BOT didn't support him for the professional he is.  Thank you Coach Meyer, you not only understand what is required to be a great program, you know how to build one, changing the foundation, teaching the players to be leaders & above the line thinkers.  Enjoy Saturday.. The Game is the ultimate sign of respect for the traditions, the love of the brotherhood and the love of the game.

Comment 26 Nov 2019

Oh come on.. they know all their tendencies and when they hint at big shakeups and different schemes they know that too.  Without those two coaches on our staff I trust our Coaches to have the right game plan going into this game.  I would say there is much higher probability of us doing something totally different that catches them in the headlights than the reverse.  I think we actually do some blitzing in this game to really bring the heat.  ttun will likely blitz a lot, they have all season it just isn't as effective.

Comment 26 Nov 2019

This guy is a clown.. he only is relevant because he torments Ohio State fans.. tune them out they are all in the pocket of the sec..  I would really hate ESPN except I have Disney stock.  I hope they spin that off and let it fade away and die a slow death.

Comment 26 Nov 2019

TomNYC... I'm right there with ya from the Cooper years, and my kids laugh hard when I talk about it.  They only know the last 2 decades of winning ways, and I expect that to continue, don't care if it is by 1 point just win Buckeyes!!!   Actually predicted 41-20 with our D getting 2 scores..

Comment 26 Nov 2019

I'm going with 41 - 20 the Ohio State Buckeyes!!  I thought PSU would be close, but this game we win by 3 touchdowns - Michigan gets caught double and triple teaming Young and Cornell Hamilton Smith Harrison and Baptiste have career days.  Baron Browning gets a pick and takes it back... and Chase gets a strip 6.  Shea has tiny hands..

Comment 19 Nov 2019

I think the score will be 31 - 17 Buckeyes, the defense scores this week..(been saying that for a few weeks ha).  Time for the Buckeyes to play a complete game.  Hopefully they sub in all those guys that received game reps.  Wear them down and our WR's need to play big Saturday, Fields continues his accuracy and on deep balls too.