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Born in Youngstown, but grew up in Kings Mills, Ohio. Rabid Cleveland fan, through and through

Graduated from The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business in May 2015 and now I work in Dublin, Ohio as a Data Analytics consultant.

Was a 4 year member of the Club Baseball team and I know serve as the assistant head coach


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Comment 03 Jan 2017

I'm very puzzled by Herman bringing him in. If the above is true and Ed has been calling the plays, I wonder how much of JT's regression had to do with Beck? Obviously a decent amount I would suspect, but the playcalling didn't help.

Just so many incohesive parts to the offense. I feel at times we were trying to build a puzzle with pieces from 3 different sets between the OL, QB, and WRs. I hope we can bring in a staff that can integrate with one another.

Also- What's everyone's thoughts on coach Stud? I know we were very disappointed when we didn't hire him immediately upon Urban's arrival. He then eventually parted ways with LSU and in his first year here, it's somewhat hard to grade him. Three new starters on the line is a big task to undertake and I thought at times we showed flashes of greatness. At other times, we looked lost. A lot of that falls on Prince and I honestly feel bad for the kid for how much he has been ripped on. Hoping another year with Stud helps him out because the athleticism is there and I remember he was one of the first in his class to lose his black stripe. How much of Prince's problems fall on coach Stud?

Sorry for rambling but I'm finally decompressing from that game. I feel bad for the kids, they were put in a really tough situation due to the playcalling and I just hope we can bring in a staff that better develops our players on the offensive side of the ball. The talent is there, that's for certain.

Good luck to coach Beck in the future

Comment 05 Oct 2016

I will start off by saying that I am extremely mad online so if I come off as angry, it's because I am a little annoyed about how people keep spouting off that 'The Game' is traditionally a noon game when it is not.

When I saw that the game was at noon, I like every millennial, became immediately pissed off because it meant less time to get hammered. But in all honesty, I was really upset that again, the biggest game of the year was not in primetime when it should be. Do Auburn and Alabama play at noon? No! Then why should we?

So being upset and 'working from home' today, I had some time to do some investigating. I have collected every single Ohio State ticket dating back to 1921 except for the 1923 ticket. Those can be seen in the link below


What I discovered was that the game traditionally kicked off at 2-2:30 PM with 1:30 start times starting in the 1960s up until 1990. Attached are pictures of some Ohio State vs Michigan tickets from the earlier decades starting in the 1920s





So with that being said, if you hear someone tell you that noon has always been the regular start time and that the football Gods wanted it that way... Please tell them that they are wrong and that they should logoff the internet for the rest of the day.

I think the Football Gods would have wanted a later start time so that the game could be played in frigid temperatures so the ball could be run on every single play. We are from the Midwest people, not the south. If the game is too cold for you because of a 3:30 kickoff, then you shouldn't be going to the game *Points at everyone who sits in the Huntington Club*

Comment 30 Aug 2016

1910 Ohio State vs. Case Program

1916 Program vs Northwestern (OSU's first ever Conference Championship

1918 Ohio State vs Ohio Wesleyan Program

1919 Ohio State vs Illinois Program and Ticket (Chic Harley's last game)

1922 Ohio State vs Ohio Wesleyan Program and Ticket (First Game in Ohio Stadium)

Comment 30 Aug 2016

1903 Ohio State vs Indiana football program from Thanksgiving. Probably the rarest possession of mine

Comment 30 Aug 2016

It's a nail on the chalkboard kind of feeling I get when people tout the new bobbleheads as collectibles... They are mass produced and aren't as rare as people think.

I love the old toes up 1960s bobbleheads and those are harder to find.

Comment 30 Aug 2016

Actually met my girlfriend at the game so you should have no shame.

Places to not watch: Rick's and Skeeps

Places to watch: Hopcat, The Blue Leprechaun, Brown Jug

Comment 02 Aug 2016

Wow no black cleats?? I have no problem with it. I think we ditched black cleats for our Pro Combat games but can't recall the last time we ditched them throughout the entire season. I'm young but I think if my research serves me correctly, I believe there were a few seasons in the 80s where we wore scarlet cleats only? So if anyone cares to share some history, I'd love to know!

I like the cleats and I think white and scarlet cleats match more with our jerseys. Now only if we could permanently bring back the large gray sleeves...

Comment 27 Jul 2016

Wow, great pics! I have no idea why attendance was so low for the Wilmington game. Was it weather? Influenza pandemic? I have tried researching this matter but can't find anything

Comment 22 Jul 2016

They will appear one way or another with the hope that they appear for you next Friday! I forgot to compliment your collection by the way, very impressive! I have started the helmet evolution as well but taking a break from spending in order to prepare the funds for traveling this football season.

I'll be going to the Oklahoma game as well so I'm sure we will run into one another at the game. Still have to book my flight though...

Comment 21 Jul 2016

I would imagine he would have all 3 of those programs so I will let you know next Friday.

So I was actually inspired to start my collection because Il_Padrino had originally done so. I thought it was a great idea and copied so I can't take any credit for that. I have some tickets that he doesn't have, but he has some tickets that I don't have and the ones that he has that I'm missing are far more valuable than the ones that I own that he is missing. Maybe one day though!

I just added the OSU vs UM album so give it a look if you want! I also plan on visiting every B1G stadium; going to cross off Camp Randall and Spartan stadium this year. After that, I'll just need to visit Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Purdue!

Comment 21 Jul 2016

Riley, I am going to see him next Friday so I will check with him about the programs. Which ones do you happen to be missing?

Also, he likes to keep his collection and identity very low-key because he doesn't want anything to get stolen but I don't think he'd mind if I took pictures so I will see what I can do.

Here is a link to my collection because uploading photos onto this forum is ridiculously hard and I seem to be inept.


I also have every single Ohio State vs UM ticket since 1922 except for 1923 and 1925, I'll upload some of my favorites later today when I get home from work.

Comment 20 Jul 2016

Thanks for the help everyone, I genuinely appreciate it. Knowing our fan base, I know we can at least try and locate the 1923 OWU program. I'm willing to trade or just straight up pay for the programs.

My friend has really helped me with my collection so I would love to return the favor for him!

Comment 06 Jul 2016

Tough game but thankfully this was the final year they would crown a National Champion before post-season bowl games were played. Or else, we'd be down a National Title!

Comment 06 Jul 2016

Definitely the 1969 OSU vs UM game. That whole ordeal put UM back on the map. Who knows what could have happened if we had won that game. Since Woody had taken over in 1951, he went 12-6 against Michigan prior to the 1969 game.  He would lose 3 straight games to UM to end his career... We also entered a very dark time as far as bowl games went. Lost 4 of 5 Rose Bowl games between 1971-1976. The Rose Bowl game we won in 1974 would have crowned us National Champions except for the fact that we tied Michigan to end the regular season

Comment 19 Apr 2016

Il_Padrino, I'm trying to start my own Ohio State vs. Michigan ticket stub collection. If you have any duplicates that you're willing to sell, can you send me a PM? I saw your picture collection and fell in love with the idea!