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Comment 14 Nov 2014

Did anyone else notice this from the same article:

"In March, 18-year-old Phi Sigma Kappa pledge Marquise Braham of Penn State University committed suicide after what his family claimed was repeated hazing. While not explicitly linking Braham's death to hazing, police opened a criminal investigation, and Penn State suspended the fraternity last month after sealing the results of its own investigation."

Obviously very tragic, as were the other incidents listed from around the country. For Penn State in particular, though, "sealing the results of its own investigation" seems like a pretty terrible strategy.

Comment 12 Oct 2014

Here are some other stats, by the numbers:

Michigan Stadium capacity: 109,901    

Ohio Stadium capacity: 104,944

Michigan's average attendance in 2014(including last night): 105,907    

OSU's average attendance in 2014: 106,761

Michigan's average is under capacity by roughly 4,000 people. Ohio State's average is over capacity by almost 2,000 people. Ohio State has higher attendance with a smaller stadium. I will concede that the sample size is small at this point, and I have neither the time nor the desire to check the attendance for previous years and compare it to this data. With all that said, it misses the point entirely to say everything is peachy because boy oh boy, 100,000 people sure is a lot of people. If your stadium seats 200,000 and only 100,000 show up, that is a problem. Maybe Michigan's attendance numbers shouldn't be enough to induce a "freakout," but it is hardly dumb to look at the situation and conclude that something is wrong.

Comment 10 Oct 2014
I wonder where Saban would have ended up if Rich Rod had accepted the job at Alabama. Saban definitely would have taken another college job at some point. It's crazy to think how much different college football would have been these last 8 years if Rich Rod had gone to Bama.
Comment 08 Aug 2014
Kevin Durant has played US summer basketball for the past 4 or 5 years, including being the best player on the 2010 FIBA world champion team and the second best player on the 2012 Olympic gold medal team (you could argue he was the best player on that team after all the records he broke). If he never wants to play internationally for the US again, there is nothing wrong with that. He put in his time and was a major part of the team's success. He doesn't owe anything to anyone.
Comment 27 Jun 2014
He really has done well so far. I wonder if part of the reason he seems like the best commissioner is that he simply hasn't had enough time in office to start bothering people yet.
Comment 07 May 2014
I think that's because OSU played 2 more games than Florida: the B1G Championship and the bowl game. Two extra opponents with 12 games played each is 24 extra games.