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Comment 09 Feb 2019
I have always felt that something was in the works after the whole Zach Smith/domestic violence debacle. Tressel "rolled over" to Gene Smith theoretically, but I could never see Urban doing that. I understand that they are different situations, but essentially, Gene seemed to come out unscathed in both. Yet I think we all believe he held major responsibility in both. I think this time, Urban got the upper hand behind the scenes. Stepping away from the CFP Committee is just the beginning for Gene. Eventually, he steps away from OSU as well, as Urban becomes AD. It is only my opinion, but I believe this was the kind of deal worked to keep Urban from speaking more about how he turned over all of his information to Gene, and Gene dropped the ball.
Comment 16 Aug 2018

A couple of thoughts. Drake is not, and has never been, a Buckeye. He is for what is best for Michael Drake. That became evident with Dr. Waters. Obviously, I do not know what exactly he is thinking with the information he has, but I am willing to bet it will be whatever makes him look the best. Unfortunately, I do not think he has any intention of giving a middle finger to the media,  even if the investigation would back him up. Since the beginning, Urban indirectly pointed the finger at Gene Smith, and left everything in his lap. We'll see who matters most to Drake when this is finished. I think most of us know that answer. In the end,  I hope to God I am totally wrong.

Comment 26 Feb 2018

Ebay Item #192464439854 for the 2010 Mini, all scarlet with the Charles Csuri decal.  Ends tonight at around 8pm.

Comment 18 Feb 2018

The auction won't start until tonight (Sunday).  I am only listing them one at a time.  They will not all be selling together.

Comment 17 Feb 2018

Okay guys, with the release of the 2017 alternate mini helmet coming any day, I am going to be selling a 2009 (1954 throwback) Riddell mini, a 2010 (1942 throwback) Riddell mini, and the 2012 chrome Riddell mini, all of which are almost impossible to find.  I hope to have them listed on ebay later this evening.

Comment 28 Nov 2017

First order of business, beat Wisconsin. Second, I think Georgia beats Auburn and gets in. I also think that Oklahoma has a good chance to have a stronger win over TCU than Clemson will over Miami. This would allow the committee to justify moving Oklahoma to #1. With a win over Wisconsin, we jump Bama and become #4. The committee prefers not to have rematches, but an Oklahoma-Ohio State rematch with asshat Mayfield, is a ratings dream. I believe Alabama is at #5 to set up a Bama-OSU NY6 bowl in case of a Wisconsin win. Again, big ratings. In the end, that is the driving force.

Comment 06 Nov 2017

"Those are things we have to continue to game plan and work and try to find ways to give handoffs to the tailback"...I'm sorry, but that's just fundamental football.  Who would have thought that phrase would ever apply to Ohio State Football.  Maybe it should be trying to use effective offensive formations and properly executed blocking schemes when giving handoffs to the tailback??

Comment 30 Jul 2017

I'll definitely post if I do list it. I would likely not trade as the money would be used for another Ohio State project. 

Comment 30 Jul 2017

I may be listing an Ohio State Riddell Camo Mini never out of the box in the next few weeks on Ebay.  I haven't fully decided yet, but I'm leaning toward selling.

Comment 15 Apr 2017

But at the same time, those fans that could either not afford regular game tickets or are unable to find them, this was a nice alternative.  especially for taking the entire family.  Online ticket resale prices and 3 hour long lines to get in somewhat ruin that. The resale ticket prices jacked up 10x, 20x, or even higher than the regular price is absolutely ridiculous.  On the other hand, most universities can only wish to have this problem.

Comment 30 Nov 2016

Agreed. 10.4 rating for the first game, 3.4 points higher than any other college football game all year. So much for regionalization and those down south not caring. A history making second game in the same year AND for a national championship...completely off the charts, imo.

Comment 30 Nov 2016

^^^^^THIS^^^^^  Glad to see that someone out there understands the ratings prospective as I do. As I have said in other posts, the committee has set the rankings up to provide the best TV ratings possible. Which includes setting up TTUN to sneak back in as a scenario.  All well said KMP.

Comment 30 Nov 2016

Look for my 2010 camo and 2011 throwback to be listed starting tomorrow night. In regards to the post above, I have spoke with Riddell and they will be releasing the 1916 throwback, but they could not provide a date.

Comment 29 Nov 2016

^^This. As I also mentioned in the other post, the committee has it set up for the best TV ratings scenario. Ohio State and Clemson are going to be set at #2 and #3, doesn't matter which is which . TTUN is sitting and poised at #5 waiting to make a move with a Washington loss. Wisky and Penn State remain at 6 and 7, not able to crack the top four regardless who wins. The committee justifies moving TTUN into #4 over either of them because of the wins over both. Only an upset of Clemson can alter this. 

Therefore, depending on the outcome of Washington/Colorado game,  the committee has several high TV rating possibilities with the entire playoff: 

Clemson/Ohio State Orange Bowl rematch, Saban/Harbaugh match-up , Meyer/Saban national championship potential , and the least likely, yet so unbelievably high TV rating explosion of "The Game" Part II.  It looks to be a lot of fun no matter what. All that said, give me Urbs and  month of preparation, and I'll gladly roll the dice . Go Bucks!

Comment 28 Nov 2016

The tell-all was actually in the TV ratings from "the game". 10.4, easily the highest of any college football game all year. Like it or not, it is still a significant part of the driving force for the committee. After the abysmal playoff ratings last year, better numbers are the preference this year. The powers that be would love nothing more than a Meyer/Saban national championship. I know that politics and such are no longer supposed to be part of the decision making, but they are, no question.  Therefore, providing there is not a Clemson upset, the committee will guarantee one of a couple of things...by having Ohio State and Clemson at #2 and #3, or the other way around, they will get either the Meyer/Saban national championship, or a Clemson/Alabama rematch, either of which gets high ratings. Along this line of thinking, there likely is a higher possibility than most think of TTUN sneaking in, depending on upsets and whatnot. We'll know that answer when the rankings come out tomorrow and where TTUN is listed. Seriously, although rather unlikely, can you imagine how those behind the scenes would salivate over another meeting between Ohio State and TTUN for a national championship and the ratings that would bring?? I promise you, it has crossed a few minds.