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Comment 13 Mar 2012

Do we cover the early 17.5 point spread?

Comment 18 Feb 2012

Typical Buford is all I can say.  Ready for him to score 30 vs. Illinois then suck again in a big game.

Don't understand the coaching at the end.

Can anyone explain this..down 3 with seconds left to not foul and get the ball back late with a few seconds left..Burke scores and it's over.

Ashamed and embarrassed.




Comment 18 Feb 2012

Buford is fricken terrible when we actually need him

Comment 14 Nov 2011

Why do you guys have someone on here that doesn't care for Buckeye Basketball writing on here?...

loss of credibility..

Comment 31 May 2011



I guess we can speculate until December or Jan, but always an interesting read

Comment 10 Mar 2011

Just curious what the source is for OSU programs ranked in the top 3?


I'd like to prove a point to someone

Comment 22 Feb 2011

MSU self-destructing at Minn.. I was thinking MSU was poised to threaten in the B10 tourney

Comment 22 Feb 2011

after reading a few Illini blogs' game open threads and live chats (customary for me to read what opposing fans are saying after Buckeye Ws), the Illinois fans are very complimentary of this Buckeye team.. saying that we are a bunch of pro players vs. their average college guys, Bucks are a final four team etc..

However, one comment that stood out was about our attendance and how we dont deserve top-3 basketball teams because we don't show up for game, students dont fill their section, etc.

I semi-agree with them; why do we not fill up the Schott (put all "we are a football school" comments aside)..  For Columbus residents and OSU students, why are we not going to home games?  We are amongst the premier programs in the Country.  A deep tourney run would solidify us as an elite program.  I know the Schott is 18k+, but for a big city with a HUGE athletic following, what is the deal??


just wanted to hear from friendly thoughts


Comment 20 Feb 2011

having buford and sully back in the second half should make a big difference

Comment 20 Feb 2011

thad needs to get his team in order... wide open 3s to et moore.. that cant happen

Comment 20 Feb 2011

obv were partial towards bucks, but how was the last purdue bucket not a travel?

Comment 20 Feb 2011

bad officiating so far.. JJ misses lay-up so automatic foul?

Comment 30 Aug 2010

hey guys like the new message boards, etc. but the site seems soo much slower and a bit buggy still.


go bucks and 11W