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Comment 25 Feb 2013

This team responded this week really well.  They need to finish the season strong and continue to get better.  I would really like Smith Jr. to stop shooting the 3.  I know he plays great defense but I would rather have Thomas put up a shot with 2 defenders on him.  Amir Williams played a little tougher this week and we need that to win big games.

Comment 19 Feb 2013

I wonder if Jim Tressel would still be our coach if the IT Department just deleted the emails on their server?  Watching the kids on last years team suffer because some older guys got a few free tattoo's seems so petty when you compare the other stuff that never gets punished.  I don't see why anyone would cooperate with the NCAA.  They are just a bunch of corrupt hypocrites collecting paychecks because of some outdated rules that were put in place 100 years ago.

Comment 18 Feb 2013

When do we start talking about the Spring game and how Braxton Miller is going to win the Heisman?  I love basketball but I have a feeling we won't get to watch a bunch of extra Big Ten and NCAA tournament games this year.  I hope I'm wrong and Thad Matta finds someone on the bench who can hit open jumpers.  But....  Have you seen any our Guarts shoot an open 3?  Scott, Craft, Smith?  You don't win tournament games without knocking down 3's at one or both of the guard positions.

Comment 18 Feb 2013

I agree that Craft is overrated as well as the whole team.  Craft is a great PG on a team filled with scorer's.  However, this years team does not have have that.  We are spoiled and expect Thad Matta to put a final four contender out there every year.  This years team will be bounced in the second round because they don't have any shooters.  They might as well just play Devalla and see what happens.  

Comment 20 Nov 2012

Last years deep ball from Braxton to Posey was actually pretty close.  Posey could have extended his arms and may have had a chance at it.  Timing was difficult considering Posey missed most of the year.  

Comment 20 Jul 2012

Urban: "Alex Smith sends me lavish presents every week because I got him selected #1 Overall.  Where were you drafted?"

Rodgers: "I'm texting Brett Farve your number so he can send you picture messages"

Comment 13 Jul 2012

Getting married is great!!!!  I have been married 2 years and my wife knows and cares absolutely nothing about football or basketball.  Compromise is in order but make sure she owns an Ipad.  Chances are she will be more than happy to sit next to you on the couch for a few hours with the Ipad in hand.  Also DVR games on occasion.  Basketball games are great to DVR because you can watch them in half the time.  If you DVR an occasional football game you can let her pick something to do during the day and still catch up late/later. 

Comment 11 Jul 2012

Braxton is going to blow up this year.  10-2 is the worst case scenario in my mind.  The defense will be lights out.  As long as our new RT tackle doesn't get a false start penalty every quarter we will be fine.  Wayne HS where Braxton played runs a similar offense Urban Meyer ran at Florida.  Braxton was a very capable passer in HS and I don't need to convince anyone of his running skills. 

Comment 11 Jul 2012

Next years OSU Basketball team is going to be fun to watch.  I really think they will get after it and if Ross is as good as advertised they might be better than last year.  I don't see anyone being a super team like last years Kentucky squad.  

Comment 27 Mar 2012

If a kid skips spring practice in favor of another sport he won't necissarily be punished. When August comes around and he's the fastest kid on the feild MOST coaches will find a spot for him.


Comment 27 Mar 2012

Most high school football players choose to play football.  Most will be happy to have extra practices in the spring.  Also, I can't wait for Saturday when Thad Matta can release the Junkyard dog  Aaron Craft on the Jayhawks.  

Also Charlie Weis is fat

Comment 14 Dec 2011

It's good to see all the serial tweeters coming together.  Thank Urban Meyer and probably Tim Tebow the greatest Quarterback since Joe Montainya

Comment 06 Apr 2011

It's hard to tell if any of the QB's are any good from the short video clip.  I didn't see anyone throwing down the field.  I've watched a lot of Braxton Miller of the last 4 years and if he play's we will be in great shape.  If someone else outplays him and is the starter we will be in great shape as well.