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Comment 15 Mar 2020
The problem with this sim that ran 1,000 games to get to the likely outcome is that's exactly the opposite of what makes the madness of post seaon college hopps fun. It arrived predictably at the predictable outcome. A better model is to run each game once. but run the whole thing 1,000 times. Then, let us know how often each team cuts down the nets.
Comment 23 Dec 2019
Agree with this philosophy. I'd rather turn our guys loose and take our chances they have the talent and luck every game as opposed to the "complex" nonsense the coaches tried on defense in 2018.
Comment 17 Dec 2019

@RillDill - Hard to say b/c UW made an excellent choice in colors, which causes them to blend in!  Not that there were a lot, but I was personally surprised how many made the trip to see a fairly predictable outcome - it's a long way from Madison.

Comment 17 Dec 2019

I'm not sure which estimate was more accurate - that Miami had 10% or 25%.  The true number was certainly in between, with this estimate being reasonably close, but probably still a little high. 

The thing I remain most in awe of was the insane number of OSU fans in Tempe that didn't have and couldn't get tickets.  There were THOUSANDS lining the streets to and around the stadium without tickets.  Stubhub was still new and there were no mobile tickets yet - so the supply of tickets came down to a VERY small handful left in the hands of a few people with $600 being the get in price during the day and it went higher at kickoff.  If the game had been in the Rose Bowl (much bigger venue), OSU might have had 90%.

Comment 03 Dec 2019

My son and I went to Buca di Bepo shortly before Cardale went off for 59.  Last year we didn't go to Buca.  Probably unnecessary, but we'll be going back this year.

They still have reservations open, fwiw.

The fan fest in the convention is fun w/ kids.  I warm place to waste some time if older.

As far as parking - parking whiz, parking panda, etc. can work to lock something semi-reasonable in prior to arrival.

Comment 01 Dec 2019
Linebacker play improved (asshat coaches not putting them 1 yd behind line of scrimage may be a factor /s). So, coaches cut back on bullet plans. He's not playing the bullet bc the D's not using the bullet.
Comment 27 Nov 2019
Arrive early (it's an absurdly slow process to enter near kickoff), pee before going to your seat, and hopefully spend a lot of time wondering how such a large stadium remains so quiet. Go Bucks!
Comment 27 Nov 2019

If your kids are young and athletic-minded, be sure to take them to the fan fest in the convention center next to Lucas Oil before the game.  Great for kids from like 9-15 with lot's of fun booths for kids and mini football "clinic" where they usually give them t shirts.  

Comment 27 Nov 2019

I think the 75% may be even larger, but this ^.  Basically they are contrarian POS's that want to stir the pot.

On the other hand, here in the Detroit burbs, when my kids were in elementary school there were more kids dressed up in OSU cheerleading and football uniforms than MSU and ttun costumes combined during halloween costume day at the school.  These kids are not pot stirrers - they are future leaders.

Go Bucks!