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Comment 03 Feb 2016


Off the deal if you have 49 (4 face cards and a 9) you get a single point and if you have 5 face cards(50) you get 2 points

Comment 02 Feb 2016


The tonk that I played was a 5 card rummy like game that involved having the lowest number of points in your hand with ace as 1 pt up to 10 for face cards. You could lay your 3 card runs down and you could play off the other guys runs which would freeze them from knocking for 2 trips. If you had the lowest point total on a knock you won 1 pt and if you played all your cards with no discard you won double or 2 points.

Comment 02 Feb 2016

I have a nasty burn game called Guillotine that always dominated our dealer choice poker nights. Played like 5 card draw to start off with with depending on the amount of players you may need to limit the draw because you have 5 community cards in the middle laid out similar to hold em except they are turned over one at a time. After the third card is turned over anyone who bets is in and burns to the winner the pot. You can fold after the third card but you owe what is in the pot at the time of folding to the eventual winner. 

Comment 30 Mar 2015

Like Buckeye 24 mentioned earlier grades was the reason for Esa going to West Virginia. Look at Elijah Macon at WV, couldn't stay eligible at Marion Franklin but has been academic clean at WVU. The problem with a lot of the Ohio recruits is that we haven't hit it with a 3 star guy lately and the timing has been bad on our PG recruiting. I know its been mentioned earlier but Burke was verbaled to Penn State so he wasn't exactly a can't miss guy. Hopefully Thad will change his philosophy a little and start to focus on shooters, I feel we have recruited athletes more than shooters and unfortunately it caught up to us.

Comment 20 Feb 2014

I find it humorous that the baseball bucks got off to a "pretty strong start" after losing 2 games to an Indiana State team picked dead last in the Missouri Valley Conference.