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Comment 17 hours ago

Also think if they end up not playing having access to school facilities and strength and conditioning program would be much better than the high school gym. 

Comment 09 Jul 2020

Really hate to see this happen and I worry for the lower level schools. But for the sake of football I think it makes the most sense to try to come up with and plan for the most attainable form. I had a feeling that conference only games would be that. If this does happen would be nice to see and expanded playoff (by one round) since it would be very difficult to pick the best 4. But not sure we will see that. 

Comment 01 Jul 2020

Just my internet bill is over 90 for TWC. Then add YouTube TV, Netflix, and phones, yikes!!!! I need to spend a day shopping for all of my communication/digital services. I honestly get no value out of cable when sports aren’t on. 

Comment 01 Jul 2020

Just another example of a huge company that is willing to take losses for a while to gain you as a customer hoping it is an inconvenience to switch back. Honestly I’ll likely cancel and go without until sports pick back up and then look at bundling with TWC again or look at at&t . Anybody tried TWC cellular service? 

Comment 30 Jun 2020

I’ll be honest, I can’t say I have turned it on this summer without baseball. This increase is basically just a reminder to me to cancel until sports comes back. 

Comment 28 Jun 2020

That’s my point, people are upset that their opinion doesn’t carry the same weight, yet many of these same people would also say life isn’t fair....

They are also upset that knowing these athletes opinions interrupts their “escape from reality”. Yet many of these black athletes have to live in this reality their entire lives.  

Now I know this is a tricky situation due to the kid expressing his opinion on social media not while in school. I’m not in agreement the school should punish him, due to his freedom of speech. But if Evan Pryor and his teammates call him out on his actions they are using their freedom of speech which I support. 

Comment 28 Jun 2020

What I have always troubled to grasp about the shut up and dribble crowd is why should they have an opinion?? Everybody has a profession, they believe they can have an opinion and post on social media about it. Why can an athlete not do the same? 

Comment 27 Jun 2020

I agree, Alabama for the most part will deep in every position group. We have also seen a handful of Buckeye DBs being picked very high in the draft with just a single season as a starter (Okudah, Lattimore, Hooker) just off the top of my head. 

Comment 21 Jun 2020

I think the big difference is sports are now a multi billion dollar industry. Back in 1918 it wasn’t, if a game got canceled the implications were not multi million dollar loses. A whole lot more skin I’m the game for lots of people, schools, advertising, television networks etc. 

Comment 20 Jun 2020

Look I hope to hell they play. I’m not about shutting it down to shut it down. I just push back on the people that don’t seem to care that they are asking these kids to take a risk for your entertainment. Lots of jobs can make changes to hopefully reduce the spread of this. But football is football, sure you can cut down on group meetings and stuff but it is a contact sport.

I push back because for years the majority opinion was these players should just be happy with the scholarships while coaches, television networks, and administration gets rich all because they are amateurs. It’s hypocritical for the same people to be telling to possibly risk their safety while they sit at home on the couch. 

my daughter just tested positive for this, so likely my family is getting  ready to get some first hand experience. 

Comment 20 Jun 2020

Fields is part of the very small portion of college athletes that will make it to the next level. Isn’t that what the people that are against paying college athletes say?? I hope they play, my point is for years people and the NCAA have been justifying not paying college athletes for this reason. Now all of a sudden it is essential to your happiness (above poster)?? It just bothers me that many of the same people that told student athletes to shut up and be happy with their scholarship (worth what like a 20 an hour job) think they should be playing football while they sit on the couch. 

Understand I am not for staying home forever or freaking out about this. I am just pushing back on the people that think it is the end of the world if college football doesn’t happen this year due to a pandemic. 

Comment 20 Jun 2020

Right, while ultimately people have bills to pay and you hope we can get back to a relatively safe new normal the question the NCAA has to ask its self is how essential is it for “amateurs” to play sports for our entertainment. 

Comment 19 Jun 2020

What we know is that people that seemingly got hit hard with the virus has seemingly developed immunity (for how long we can’t know). What we have no idea is the level of immunity that is developed by people that have had the virus but not shown many symptoms, simply because we didn’t have the volume of testing to test these people. It is very easy to expect somebody that hasn’t developed much of an immune response to not develop much of an immunity. Which could mean we see some of these people possibly get a very mild version that would now require a quarantine that you wouldn’t have known about if you weren’t tested. 

Comment 19 Jun 2020

What exactly do you know about the longevity of the antibody that the researchers don’t know? Because as of now very little Information is known on how long the immunity would last, especially if the in question had only a minor or know symptom infection. 

That’s the whole point of this, almost nothing was known about this virus a few months ago and still very little is known compared to other viruses. 

Comment 19 Jun 2020


so far 23 Clemson players have tested positive for Covid. So unless they have a roster of 2,300 they have already passed your prediction before the season started. They athletic department has tested 315 student athletes and so far 28 have been positive, with 23 being football players. What is that 9% and at about a quarter of their football roster?? 

Comment 17 Jun 2020

Conference only games makes a lot of sense, from a travel standpoint. Going to be real interesting if you have five unbeaten teams from all the power conferences, throw in a random on lose SEC team. With no out of conference games as a litmus test how they come up with a 4 team playoff. Or is this the year they do conference only, shorten the season and add four more teams to legitimize the season? 

Comment 17 Jun 2020

It sure is possible. Think about the impact of Justin Fields tests positive the day before a game. He could miss two games and the prep lead up to a third. Think about what would happen if a few players in a unit test positive and the whole unit is quarantined. I believe it is possible for games to be completely canceled, if say the OL or QB units tests positive. How could you have a safe football game if every offensive lineman for a team sits out? 

Comment 16 Jun 2020

Ultimately it is up to the individual recruits to decide and let’s be honest their and their families opinions are the ones that will matter when it comes to making a decision. But I believe it is totally fair for a kid to see what is going on and wonder how many of the same people waving that flag will be sitting in class next to them or in the stands cheering for their team. 

Comment 15 Jun 2020

I agree with you. Sure they absolutely have a larger platform than you and I but they are humans and have opinions. Why should everybody other than athletes and entertainers have the ability to express their opinion? Though I for sure am ready to see some sports.