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Comment 12 Oct 2020

Under the current contract, Fox picks 1st game of the year.   The pick the Game every year.  ESPN has 2nd choice.  They always take the PSU game.  Then it's Fox again, and then ESPN, and so on.  Makes you wonder how much would OSU command for its games alone.  I am thinking WAY more than our cut of the Big Ten contract.

Comment 11 Oct 2020

ND and TTUN have been historically most overrated per an analysis done two years ago on teams who were in AP poll start of year vs end of year.  There are multiple teams who had a great season or good streaks that somehow makes people think they will come back.  Most never do.  They have their fluke seasons and then hibernate for a decade or so, looking at you, LSU.  TV talkheads always say how teams who hire New coaches will come back,  but if they all came back, then do any of them really come back.  

Comment 04 Oct 2020

Haskins had a great season at OSU,  but he should have stayed for another year and continue his development.  The NFL is starving for good QBs and will take one much earlier than any position hoping he is their guy.  Sadly too many never develop right.  Look at all the QBs the Browns have drafted.  

Comment 26 Sep 2020

Whether Ash or Hafley, they are new to the job, lots of so and so players they have to deal with, not OSU caliber players.  On the other hand, Herman and Gingrich, yeah garbage.  

Comment 24 Sep 2020

The MAC will likely vote to play tomorrow.  How bad do the 4 conferences that cancelled look in light of the fact they are all going back to play!

Comment 22 Sep 2020

My favorite comments are multiple instances where they agree that basically TTUN to OSU is what Indiana is to TTUN 

Comment 22 Sep 2020

Nebraska game is big noon kickoff.  PSU will be ABC 7:30pm

Comment 20 Sep 2020

Given what we just went thru, they will schedule a meeting in order to schedule a meeting, and it will take place over Spring break.

Comment 20 Sep 2020

You would be amazed how often the espnu guys on siriuxm have no idea what they are saying, especially regarding rules.  Often times I just role my eyes at the nonsense they throw out.

Comment 19 Sep 2020

Doesn't matter.  He might have helped them lose by less than 30.