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Comment 30 Dec 2018

Best recruiting run in college sports history. Not sure how much of that is Saban or the boosters but it’s the driving force behind their success. Saban couldn’t win with equal rosters. He proved that in the NFL.

Comment 29 Dec 2018

“His people”

I must have missed D.J.’s cult following. I assume you’re referring to people who share his political views, which whatever... there are barely any rules anymore in these forums.

Comment 29 Dec 2018

I agree with the man politically but cannot agree with his take on Meyer. Urban deserves a ton of criticism for enabling Zach Smith, who, regardless whether he was an abusive husband, was definitely an unmitigated shitbag. Urban never deserved to be fired for that understandable mistake. 

Comment 28 Dec 2018

Here’s the thing: If you overhead a stranger defend Velazquez in public - say in checkout line at a grocery store - you’re not calling that person a pussy. You’re not, and it doesn’t matter if it’s an adult or a child or a man or a woman. You’re just not because: (1) You’re probably not THAT big of an asshole; and (2) You wouldn’t want to cause a scene. 

But here, it’s cool. You can do it. Congrats. You’re a total badass.

Comment 28 Dec 2018

It’s not about being too bad ass for anything. Most people are polite in person - it’s the aninimity of the Internet that makes them assholes. That was the fucking point. 

And call out Velazquez all you want behind some handle. At least that kid had the guts to put his name to it. 

Comment 28 Dec 2018

Talking trash to a high school student who said something silly: Not sanctimonious.

Politely expressing discomfort with said trash talk to high school student: Sanctimonious.

Got it. Thanks asshole.

Comment 28 Dec 2018

What in the fuck is a person supposed to say when they’re called a “pussy” on the fucking Internet? Am I supposed to just agree and pretend like the attack is justified when you don’t fucking know me? Jesus. Fuck this board. Fuck 11W for allowing that shit.

You’re not tough. I can’t defend myself without getting flamed more and downvoted more. It’s mob rule by a bunch of insecure assholes who pile on when someone says something, anything with which you don’t agree. Are there actual moderators in this board?

Comment 28 Dec 2018

You know, I realize now where I went wrong. I had an opinion that didn’t jive with the majority. I should have just piled on this kid like every other adult on the board. 

Heres the big problem with trash talking this kid right now: We’ve never had to do that before. I always thought Ohio State did their talk on the field. You want to talk shit? Wait until he goes 0-4 or 0-5. Until then, ya’ll are just a bunch of hypocrites and worse because youre old enough to know better and you don’t have to play the game. 

Comment 28 Dec 2018

Notre Dame is going to beat Clemson. It just feels like Clemson hasn’t had to play anybody with a pulse all year. Their secondary is kind of a mess and they’re missing Dexter Lawrence. Their freshman quarterback will be facing constant pressure and Notre Dame will be keyed on Etienne. 

Notre Dame by 10.

I think Alabama beats Oklahoma pretty badly and then embarrasses the Irish in the title game again.

Comment 27 Dec 2018

It’s hilarious to me any time someone calls someone that in the Internet. I don’t know anybody who has ever said that to my face but the Internet is a lovely place where you get to be tough without actually being tough.