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Comment 21 Nov 2018

how is it fair to leave out 3 power 5 champions with 1 loss a piece to add 2 sec teams in with one of them not even winning their conference? 

When one of the teams (Bama) is easily the best team in college football per the best source: the oddsmakers.  Plus, when their only loss is to a #5 team.

The SEC easily has the best non-conference record any way you look at it.  Just looking at power-5 games the SEC leads at 6-2 w/ the B1G next at 7-5.  http://www.colleyrankings.com/curconf.html

Comment 21 Nov 2018

Assuming Michigan doesn't win out, who is better: Alabama or Washington St, Utah, Oklahoma, W Virginia, Ohio State, Northwestern.  If you said Oklahoma (the highest ranked among them currently), look at their last 3 games: squeaked by a 5-6 Texas Tech 51-46, squeaked by 6-5 Okla St 48-47, beat 3-8 Kansas 55-40.   Not sure where it stands now, but earlier in the year the odds had Bama a 10+ point favorite to beat any other team in the nation.  If this is about having the 4 best or the 4 most deserving teams in the playoffs, how do you not choose Alabama?   Regarding deserving, Bama would only have one loss to a #5 team -- only 2 teams wold have done better than that.

Comment 30 Oct 2018

LSU has only played one team that doesn't have a record above .500.  ND has played 5 such teams.  LSU's only loss was on the road vs 11th ranked Florida.  The wins over Georgia and Michigan are equal, or to LSU's advantage.  Georgia was rated #2 at the time and Michigan #14.  LSU also beat #21 ranked Miss St.

LSU ranking over ND is correct, IMO.  Plus, if you rank ND over LSU, you further encourage teams to schedule weak opponents.  Teams that play very difficult schedules like LSU should be rewarded.

Comment 25 Oct 2018

TBH, I'm not surprised about his running at all other than he certainly seems less coordinated than I expected.

Haskins had negative rushing yards his soph and jr year in high school and not a great deal in his senior yr.  How does that happen in HS for a guy his size?  What would you expect in college in Division 1 with those HS stats?  I expected little to nothing.

I was a bit surprised with his run vs Michigan, but that was just one run and I've always thought that was a little deceiving.  Yes, he alluded getting sacked, then just ran directly in open space with #7 taking a horrible angle.  I was impressed and surprised with how he finished that run off, but the bulk of the yardage is running in clear open space.

Is he slower?  IDK.  You virtually never see him running in open space.  He has only had 2 rushes over 8 yards, one for 17 vs Oregon St and another for 11 vs Minnesota. 

Fortunately, Haskins is a great passer.

Down vote me if you want.  Just being honest.

Comment 04 Oct 2018

There is some truth to that, but:

- it wasn't most of the yardage that was YAC, 87% of the yardage was YAC

- Haskins seemed rattled.  Plenty of people mentioned that.

- Haskins made a number of throws that were way off.  Not what we are use to with Haskins.

Haskins didn't look good  in 3rd or 4th and 1 situations either.  Urb said earlier in the season that Haskins would need to make up for that with improved accuracy.  On Saturday he didn't.  Urb didn't grade out Haskins as a champion vs PSU, nor would I.  It's still early in Haskins career, but he left some doubts after Saturday that he will have to overcome.

Comment 04 Oct 2018

I'm a big Haskins believer, so I was surprised he didn't perform better.   You can sugar coat it if you want, but here are some facts:

- his longest completion was 12 yards past the LOS, and that resulted from a miraculous catch by Victor.  If Victor doesn't make the grab, there was a PSU defender waiting for the INT.

- he completed 22 passes, but they traveled a cum 36 yards past the LOS per the CFB Film Room passing chart.  That's an average of 1.6 yds past the LOS due to a number of completions behind the LOS.  So 234 of his 270 yds were YAC.

- the CFB Film Room chart also indicated that Haskins was 1-7 over 10 yds.

This was not a Haskins like performance.  PSU has a good defense, but is only ranked 50th in yds allowed/game.  The OSU receivers bailed the offense out w/ great downfield blocking.  The last 2 OSU TDs were mostly all YAC.  I believe he had 3 drops, but given the 22 receptions, that is a 12% drop rate which is pretty normal.

I saw Haskins projected as the 32nd pick in the NFL draft before the game, which I thought was too low, but this game hurt his draft stock.  He'll now have to prove to the scouts he can handle a heavy dose of blitzes from a strong defense.  

Comment 02 Oct 2018

A couple stats for fellow Burrow fans illustrating how difficult the setup has been for Burrow:

Going into last Saturday LSU had the 3rd hardest schedule in college football and 7th hardest schedule remaining.  Their 4 toughest opponents so far now have a collective 14-1 record when not playing LSU with the sole loss being to Alabama.

All 5 of LSU's games so far this season have featured a different starting offensive line.  LSU's only starting lineman that hasn't missed at least 2 games so far this season due to injury or suspension is their center and he is listed as very questionable for Saturday due to an injury last game.  Crazy.  

Comment 03 Sep 2018

Actually Andretolstoy, I replayed that play where the announcer said there was a missed open receiver in the end zone, and the receiver doesn't get any separation until a Miami guy begins tackling Burrow chest high.  Very misleading statement by the announcer that I'm sure he'd take back if he saw the replay.

Comment 28 Jul 2018

I think we can do w/o the I told you so's, but however the 2 perform, no comparison is going to bother me.  Comparisons are made all the time.  The setup at OSU is so much better than LSU as I detailed above that I don't see  much chance of Burrow matching the stats that I expect DH to bring anyway.

Burrow may be wearing an LSU uniform, but to me he will always be an Ohio boy -- raised in OH, played his HS FB in OH, was an Ohio Mr Football, his dad is a long time football coach at Ohio Univ. and his skills were developed at OSU.  Hard to get more Ohioan than that.  

Comment 28 Jul 2018

Part of the "obsession" over Burrow is his story as I detailed above.  Combined w/ the fact that he plays QB and QBs get more ink.

There may be some rooting for Haskins to screw up, but certainly not me.  I think Haskins is a layup to have a huge year.  For any "fan" rooting for Haskins to screw up, here's some advice -- don't watch OSU football this year as you're destined to be miserable.

We should root for the players we have, but I see no reason not to root for ones that did everything right but voluntarily left for good reason.  Urban's rooting for him.  Burrow's former teammates at OSU are rooting for him.  And I will be too.  And for me it has nothing to do w/ Haskins.

Comment 28 Jul 2018

Couldn't agree with you more on paragraph 2.  And I sure hope you are right on paragraph 3. 

I think Haskins is virtually a lock to pass for 3300+ yards.  But don't forget that Burrow doesn't have the luxury of such a sweet setup as Haskins.  We spoiled.  OSU recruits much better than LSU per the services, develops players at an insane rate based on NFL drafts, has a much better head coach, I would think the best assistant coaching staff in the nation, has a strength coach that may be second to none, has an established elite system in place vs an unproven system, all receivers coming back instead of 1 of 5 coming back, two 1,000 yd rushing dudes compared to unknowns at LSU and play 4 teams ranked ahead of them last yr whereas OSU plays no teams ranked higher than them. 

Haskins is a lock to have a great year due to talent combined with such a sweet setup.  But there are too many unknown for me at LSU to have a great deal of faith in Burrow throwing up huge numbers.  But I'm surely a fan of your prediction.  Burrow is so accurate and efficient I can definitely envision it.  

Comment 28 Jul 2018

I agree with all of that and also follow what's going on w/ JB at LSU.  I read one piece that mentioned you could bet on who wins the 4 QB battle at LSU, and surprisingly the betting odds on JB were less than 50% as all 4 were getting odds.  But then I read a piece days later that said JB was getting so much action that they took that bet down!  Understandable!

I'm a believer in JB, but he has his work cut out for him in terms of putting up big stats down there.  LSU's passing attack has been anemic over the last 10 years -- avg placing of 90th in total passing yards, 101st over the last 4 years, and 94th over the last 2 yrs despite starting a QB that was good enough to get drafted.  Ensminger and JB should improve on that, but a new QB w/ new receivers, new coaching, new system, hoping to rejuvenate an anemic system and unknown RBs playing a very difficult schedule will be a challenge.  Second year should be better than the first.

 Can't wait to watch DH, JB and TM in action!  

Comment 28 Jul 2018

I'm firmly with 11W, Kevin, Urban and the players as I'm definitely rooting for Haskins, Martell and Burrow and am very interested in how all 3 of them do.  How can you not root for and be interested in a guy like Burrow who did everything right, performed well for OSU (completed 74% of his passes as a backup and had 3 stellar spring games), yet never won the starting job because he was competing against a future NFL QB (IMO), might have lost the job because of an ill-timed injury, was awarded Ohio Mr. Football with a dream of one-day starting for Ohio State and was left with the tough choice of continuing to pursue that dream while further risking his dream and potential future livelihood of being an NFL QB?  I mean, somebody could make the start of a movie off of that storyline.  Even some CF fans unaffiliated with Ohio State, who don't even know half of the above, see the Burrow situation as one of the most intriguing storylines in CF this year, and 11W isn't suppose to report on it?

I may be old school on this, but I also respected how Burrow (and JT) let their actions and performances speak for themselves instead of promoting themselves  via social media accounts.  Not that the later is at all wrong, I just respect the former more.  Maybe that's just me, but another part of the story.

And here's why it's not over - it's just beginning:
- Would be so awesome for an OSU backup QB to light up the SEC
- OSU has had a difficult time getting their QBs drafted in the first couple rounds.  Would be sweet for both Haskins and Burrow to do well in the NFL draft after 2 years of balling.
- Would be super sweet if Burrow could knock off Bama.
- Will be interesting to see how this movie ends, for all 3 QBs, and that may be many years away.