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Comment 05 Jan 2017

It is so selfish of these guys to leave early to get "paid".  They are robbing me the enjoyment of watching them.  Who cares if they are playing a game for free while risking serious bodily and/or possibly life-altering injury?  Come on guys, think of us fans for once.

Comment 30 Dec 2016

Seems like we've stumbled upon a pattern.  The obvious and most logical conclusion is that there is a Phoenix-based underground ring of Buckeye flag thieves that supply a worldwide Buckeye flag black market. Time to bring these bastards down.

Comment 01 Dec 2016
Question: If you had watch Desmond or May talk CFB for 1 hour, who would you choose? Answer: Gilmore Girls reruns
Comment 16 Nov 2016

What about a B1G Committee that picks the two teams that go to the B1G championship?  

You could use similar criteria that the CFP uses, but on the conference level (e.g., whether a team won its division could be the major factor).  This would prevent a bright line rule from creating a bad/silly B1G championship game.  For example, the committee could choose to put the division champs in the championship in order to prevent a late-season intra-division rematch (e.g., OSU/UM) even if those two teams are the best in the conference.  On the other hand, the committee could choose to put in two teams from the same division (i.e., allow a rematch) if the two teams are clearly the best, the game was close, and/or the other division is exceptionally weak.

I will volunteer to be on the committee.    

Comment 17 Oct 2016

Hosting my parents at my house in Northern VA for Thanksgiving and they are staying through the weekend.  First time hosting a holiday for family at the new pad.  Debating whether to watch the game at my house or the OSU bar in Leesburg, VA that is (quite conveniently) about 7 minutes from home.  My mother is "thrilled" to watch The Game with me, as she is really into screaming at the TV and drinking multiple beers.  

Comment 26 Jan 2016

I guess James Clark will retain his title as the guy whose name is the most two boring white guy first names.  

Comment 14 Dec 2015

I assume he has some sort of mystical ginger healing power so I am optimistic that he will return for the playoffs.   

An extra week with a number 2 seed would certainly help, so hopefully AJ can step up for a few weeks.  

Comment 13 Nov 2015

I'd probably say that I was the QB of Ohio State if I was getting arrested too. At least he wasn't lying. 

Comment 23 Oct 2015

As a side note, I wish UM had beaten Utah and had been unbeaten last week.  Would have made The Punt that much more satisfying/hilarious and probably would have been worth all the additional Harbaugh/UM is back/Khaki talk about unbeaten Michigan leading up to the game. 

Comment 23 Oct 2015

Good points regarding USC, although I hate being impressed by anyone beating ND.  

However, if I were a gambling man (which I am), my gut reaction would be to take Utah +3.5 in a heartbeat, which then makes me think that it is a sucker bet meant to entice me, in which case I would probably not bet on the game at all because I don't want to be out-foxed by Vegas.   

Comment 23 Oct 2015

I guess I just don't really know if the current line is more about USC's "darling-ism" or Utah's "they are not as unbeatable as some like to think-ism."  Probably a combination of both.   

And I agree with your comment regarding the Pac 12.  While Stanford looks good now, it is hard to forget the loss to Northwestern (who appears to be in the midst of their annual collapse).