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  • SPORTS MOMENT: TD pass from Braxton to Devin Smith against Wisconsin, Aaron Craft and Laquinton Ross game winners in NCAA tourney, Zeke 85 yard run for TD against Bama, winning 2014 national championship.
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
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Comment 18 Apr 2019

None of your comments on this thread make any sense. Any school would have taken Justin Fields in a heartbeat if he said he wanted to go there. It’s not Day’s fault Martell didn’t want to compete. As for Baldwin who knows what happened, but Day went out and got who he and many other people feel is one of the more talented QB prospects in a while, which is exactly what we should be doing at a program like OSU.

Comment 28 Mar 2019

I disagree with what you said about Muhammad I'm not sure a guy who has no real shot from the outside would shoot about 45% from three over the first half of the season while also being I believe second on the team in 3 pointers made after that time. Yes it went downhill badly but he's only a freshman.

Comment 25 Mar 2019

I know there aren’t captains yet obviously, but I think most of the time it’s one of the senior leaders who takes off the black stripes. And KJ Hill will undoubtedly be a captain next year. 

Comment 21 Mar 2019

I'm aware. I said it was interesting because although we have the Lebron gear and shoe wall for the OSU hoops program, Lebron doesn't usually talk about OSU basketball. He talks about the football team much more so I just thought it was cool. 

Comment 21 Mar 2019

Well Slam made an instagram post the other day where it took NBA greats who came out of high school like Lebron, Kobe, and KG for example and edited them into the jerseys of whatever college team they were supposed to go to. For Lebron they of course did Ohio State and he actually liked the picture which I thought was interesting. 

Comment 14 Mar 2019

Huh? That’s the whole point. You want the trailers to actually spoil stuff about the movies? I love how MCU movie trailers don’t give away anything significant regarding the plot.

Comment 07 Mar 2019

It's been more than a day and I'm still in shock that we won 3-1 at Paris without so many key players. I still don't even know what to say. Ole is the man and I'm so excited for the rest of the CL when we hopefully have all our players back. We had a player making his debut late in the game, another guy playing 20 minutes who has maybe played that many minutes this whole season, none of our regular starting midfield and of course missing one of the best midfielders in the world in Paul Pogba. Just unbelievable. 

Comment 04 Mar 2019

Ok well I guess if it was best landing spots it would be on a decent-good team already with either a need at QB or an old QB. So Saints, Patriots, Steelers(disgusting), redskins, and Saints would be decent spots. 

Comment 03 Mar 2019

I mean there is absolutely no chance New Orleans will be able to get him. Out of the realistic options probably the Giants. Eli will still start for some time giving Haskins a chance to learn some before he is thrown in and they have very good offensive weapons. 

Comment 27 Feb 2019

This is wrong. I don't know how much Gaffney plays or not next year, but he is significantly better coming out of high school than Ledee, and the rankings show that too.