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Comment 17 Sep 2016

It wasn't football, but I assisted making the Ohio State vs South Carolina basketball game in Columbia, SC a few years ago a home game! It was pretty awesome! Buckeye fans everywhere even for a basketball game! 

Comment 10 Dec 2015

Haha! I wish I had enough helmet stickers to up vote this! 

Comment 10 Dec 2015

Cardale: "Who are you?"

TB: "I'm your new QB coach and OC (well co-OC), Tim Beck."

Cardale: "Never heard of you!!"... (While walking away, "Coach Meyer, where'd Coach Herman go?"

Comment 30 Nov 2015

I'm not sure where the Cowboys are projected in the mock draft, but If they are serious about getting Zeke and do not want to take him too early they could trade down and get a lower draft position. They could also possibly pick up a few late round draft picks from a team looking to move up. Zeke definitely deserves to go in the 1st round!

Comment 30 Nov 2015

This could be a great situation for Jones, but is the current QB at Houston (Ward Jr.) a senior? If not it might be hard to supplant him as the started after the season Ward had!

Comment 30 Nov 2015

I live in Georgia, and currently listening to the UGA press conference about Mark Richt. Richt said that he would like to continue coaching, and misses coaching QBs and calling plays. He also said that he would be interested in talking to anyone who has interest in him coaching.

Comment 30 Nov 2013

I'm glad they knew what was coming on the 2 pt conversion because it sure didn't seem like they knew at any other point in the game!... That said, I'm happy for the win and Go Buckeyes!!

I watched the video of the players celebrating Auburn's win over Alabama. I think the team will be extremely motivated this week. They know what they're playing for. I trust Meyer will have them ready.


Comment 22 Oct 2013

Here's an interesting thing I've noticed. Not only is Ohio State the top dog in the Big Ten and going to get the best shot each of it's opponent can produce, but Northwestern, Iowa, Penn State, and Purdue will all be coming off bye weeks when we play them. So each team will have 2 weeks to prepare before hitting the gridiron. *Iowa and Ohio State had the same by week so not much of an advantage there but still interesting.

I'm somewhat worried about the Penn State game this weekend because Penn State will play to win and have nothing to lose. I would not be surprised to see a few trick plays, fake punts, onside kicks, etc. I hope the team can minimize other mistakes (penalties and turnovers) to offset the chance Penn State converts on some of their risks.

Comment 30 Jul 2012

I would be willing to bet that the Alliance P.D. cites quite a few whites with those same charges! The DWB complainant is common when it just so happens to be a black person who was in the wrong. I don't hear too many whites complaining of DWW though.

I find it interesting that you're trying to paint this as a conspiracy against Bri'onte. The officer was doing his job, and is trained in finding illegal drugs. Bri'onte was in the wrong and got caught. Maybe instead of trying to claim racism, one should advise Dunn to man up and accept the consequences of his decisions!

Comment 29 Jun 2012

Because he plays hard the entire game. He's a team player, a decent shooter, and really good at distributing the ball... And although it was a loss, his game 2 performance against The Heat was simply amazing!

Comment 28 Jun 2012

Sweet!! Now I can continue rooting for the Celtics. Rondo (my favorite Celtic) and Sully could be a really good pair!! Just disappointed that Buford hasn't been drafted yet. He was my favorite player this year!

Comment 28 Jun 2012

I also live near Atlanta. Trust me there are quite a few Ohio State fans in the southeast, who can't make the trip to Columbus every year, that are waiting for opportunites to support the buckeyes. I went to the OSU vs S. Carolina (in Columbia, SC) basketball game last season and at least half the fans there were OSU fans, it was great!