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Comment 21 Aug 2019
Only 1 can carry the ball..we just need a few who are ready to play anytime...I don't care about the star rating thing...get a guy who gets it done .This is Ohio State...we have had tons of great rbs... just keep recruiting.
Comment 20 Aug 2019
I used to be able to start with game day pre game all the way to late west coast games...Saturday and college football is the best.
Comment 20 Aug 2019
He has several games to really develop his game...as long as he can get points on the board and move the offense...he doesnt have to be polished...
Comment 20 Aug 2019
It's like someone threw open a window...hope that fresh air will be great...no turmoil that engulfed us last year..we needed a new energy and focus on the field....well..here we go..win big ten and shut up all those pundits picking michigan to beat us...if not now when? That's their reasoning...we still have a ton of talent and its continuing to ramp up...
Comment 19 Aug 2019
Sounds about right to me. He will have to keep developing an understanding of the offense and transform from a JT Barrett into a Troy Smith qb
Comment 17 Aug 2019
I think harrison will be the biggest playmaker...young will have double teams most of the time..whoever is opposite him better clean up or we are going to have peoblems..I want to see the DTs getting a big push up the middle...by committee..
Comment 10 Aug 2019
Too small for lb.. gets caught up on blocks..takes bad angles out of position often.
Comment 10 Aug 2019
Werner and Borland my ass..all they did was be integral part of the worst OSU defense ever..bench is best
Comment 01 Aug 2019
This is Ohio State. We run the ball here! We dont take a back seat to any school. We are not a school to settle on 2ndcrate players We are a school that has to beat em off with a stick. Not get out there and get the best.
Comment 28 Jul 2019
Doñt all recruits thrend to where they are visuting? They ssy ghe right things on campus so everyone thinks yeah they are coming here.