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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 National Championship game OSU over Miami
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Comment 08 Apr 2015

Well did you see the Oak Hill basketball on TV last week. Oak Hill played 47 games.  When I was in high school we played 18 then 6 max in playoff. I don't thing those basketball schools like Oak Hill, Monteverde and that school in Vegas  are even allowed to play in the state tournaments since they are designed for 4 and 5 star players pre-college warmups.  Put that will AAU and these players have played against each others 10 times before they even enter college. They all get their picks between Arizona, UNC, Duke, Kansas and Kentucky and Florida, OSU , UCLA, Michigan and Indiana may get one of these players.

Comment 08 Apr 2015

Evidently he didn't have a complete tear because typically with athletes they will surgically rebuild the ACL and rehab it.  The risks if not completely torn is the risk of it being torn completely.  Not having an ACL can result in other injuries so that why they repair them. Maybe OSU wanted him to have surgery and he didn't want to? Maybe they wouldn't clear him without surgery and that's between him and OSU.

Comment 08 Apr 2015

ACL injuries are caused by your knee getting twisting in the wrong direction and the ACL is torn completely or partially. I torn mine in 92  playing basketball. The doctor said it was completely torn and because I didn't make a living with my legs he didn't repair the ACL. I also had torn mimicious. He went in an scrapped the knee. He prescribed a knee brace to give me protection as by not having the ACL I was susceptible to tearing minicious again. I also did some physcial therapy for a month or so.  I took maybe 3 months off and wore the brace for 3 months while playing basketball at lunch at work and in a league at the YMCA once a week. I play basketball in competitive leagues for 15 more years and the original injury happened when I was 35.  I don't really think one person's ACL is significantly stronger then anothers. But the ACL's like Bradford had they took a tendon and replaced his ACL. That surgery requires a longer healing time. 

Comment 04 Feb 2015

Like the SEC wouldn't believe they were the best if the SEC network didn't show recruiting or even if the SEC network didn't exist.

Comment 04 Feb 2015

That's because B1G grads are working during the day and can't watch. Plus OSU was about the only B1G team to sign anyone of significance today. So all they need to do is a recap.

Comment 08 Oct 2014

Well Muschamp is due to talk to the press today because after celebrating a come from behind victory last week Gator QB Treon Harris was accused of sexual assault saturday night. Then onn Monday after practise 5 star QB freshman Skyler  Mornhinweg was involved in a fight with a backup DL outside the Swamp. I guess the Gators now will be stuck with Jeff Drikell at QB for the rest of the season.


Comment 17 Jun 2014

Don James should be on a list before Les Miles. He is the main reason for the decline of USC football pre Pete Carroll. Don james even got Kent State to a bowl. He was 153-57 with Washington and had a winning record at Kent at 25-19 in 4 years.