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Comment 16 Dec 2019

If they can protect Fields, win the turnover battle and get to Sunshine they will win. Those a$$hats talk like the Buckeyes are their little brother.....I want Chase and the entire D line to pound Sunshine all night long. Not carry him to the ground, put him on the ground hard!

1978 - Not Talking about this one. Still think Art hit Charlie right in the #'s....on purpose.

2014 - Vic Beasley crushed Braxton on the 5th play of the Orange Bowl.....and they still only beat the Bucks by 5. I think Braxton said the pain was 9.5 out of 10, he was still slinging it. Up until the end when he under threw Philly Brown and was picked off.

2016 - Was Clemson that good or were the Buckeyes that bad? The Post Herman offense was a shit show, they were one dimensional and the game plan was right in a Venables Defenses wheelhouse. The O line wasn't performing, and the defense wore down when the O couldn't sustain a drive.

I think the narrative of the upcoming game from the media (and the Clemson faithful) is being driven by the 2016 game where they think that Buckeye team was our standard. Not to take anything away from Clemson, but they are going to be surprised at what they are going to see on December 28th. Love the 2016 Buckeyes, but this team (and most other versions) are much better than that one had a chance of being.

I would send the O'Line video of what happened to Braxton that night to reinforce keeping fields protected....and I would send the same footage to the front 7 to show them how to attack a QB.

Sorry, off my soap box. I just get tired of the narrative and want to send that time back to ACC mediocrity where they, and their fans,  belong. Exactly like the 2002 team did to the U. Go Buckeyes....beat the shit out of Clemson!....and protect your asses because those boys from Clemson like to explore

Comment 11 Dec 2019

How long is Kiki the Instagram Influencer going to hang around with Tate the burger flipper?

With the exception of names, and girlfriends occupation these are the exact same words my father said to me in September of 1993. Reading your words gave me a chill right down my spine.

Due to those exact words, I signed up for a 3 year course in advanced attitude adjustment at a fine institution in IL. Nothing, with the exception of Antarctica, compares with the weather in Great Lakes, IL from November to March. I deemed myself fully adjusted and ready to go back to school after the first week, but the fine institution I was attending recommended I stay the course.

Get back in school Tate....the other options available to you are much tougher than going to class.

Comment 10 Dec 2019

I agree "spread offense" is a very general term. 2016 was an aberration, the team had many flaws....and the Beck/Warriner combo was a train wreck.

I think they will be able to run on Clemson, I think between the current passing game, a healthy Fields and JK...along with 3 weeks to prepare that Day and Co figure out a way to get it done.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

That was the game. Over the years I've heard many different people say that what put Woody over the edge wasn't Charlie Bauman, but Art throwing the game.

I kind of call BS on the Art issue, he threw a ton of interceptions his freshman year - 21-22?

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Their schedule is their schedule - Coach Day and company have to figure out a way to win and not let the series get to 0-4.

They are not a historically great program, but they are running through or at least competing with every blue blood program they have faced in recent years.......playing in the ACC hides the kind of team they really are.

They have only blown the Buckeyes out 1 time, which happened in one of Urban's few screw ups where he left the offense in the hands of Beck and Warriner - 31-0 beat down 

2014 - 40-35 Hyde ran all over them, Braxton hurts his shoulder and has trouble hitting any down field throws.

1978 - 17-15....Did Art throw the game?

All that matters is getting a win, avoiding 0-4 and advancing. It doesn't matter who they played in the previous 13 games of 2019. They aren't ranked ahead of us so it doesn't matter how they made it to #3......Just need the Buckeyes to keep them out of the top 2

Comment 13 Jan 2016

I have kids and have done the same thing you did multiple times. If your running in for 30-60 seconds to pay for gas, even a hot or cold day won't hurt them. Taking a kid or kids that are young through a gas station parking lot is more hazardous than leaving them in a locked car for a minute.

As long as the car is locked, there isn't an issue.

Comment 16 Dec 2015

I remember rice at every meal (93 to 96), couldn't keep weight on unless we were in port. Chief's mess is probably a little better though.

Comment 15 Dec 2015

EBITDA = Revenue – Expenses (excluding interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization)

Sales doesn't mean everything or anything if Expenses outweigh sales, our bonuses are calculated off a 2-3 goals and then weighted to get the final amount. The largest driver is EBITDA.

Comment 10 Dec 2015

1.) Ash has one foot out the door. - So did Herman last year. Like crazy Jimmy H likes to say, "Coaches don't suit up and play"

2.) So do Zeke and Bosa and a bunch of other guys. - These guys seem to love tOSU, I don't see them quitting on this team.

3.) Adolphus isn't gonna play (nor should he, I would say). - It's a misdemeanor charge, he'll play after a public tounge lashing from Urban. I don't see it sticking, but that's just a hunch.

4.) I have to believe there's a general sense of disappointment that could easily become letdown over not being in the Playoff. - They will be in this to win it and show MSU was a fluke/bad play calling. We lost to Clemson because the backend of our defense couldn't defend against the pass or provide run support. I think we lost by 4/5 points in a shootout with a battered QB and we forgot to give Hyde the ball in the 4th (#fireherman)

Comment 09 Dec 2015

Had just passed my drivers test and my parents let me take my mom's 1978 Buick station wagon (for you younger 11W's, it's the mini vans predecessor). My buddies and I went to the football game and then went go-karting. We met up with another group from school and when it was time to leave I had more people in my car than I had gone with. I'm driving up the road and the speedometer went out, so I slowed down and thought we were under the speed limit. Of course a few minutes later there are flashing lights behind us and I pull over...as we slow down I can hear a dragging sound. The cop comes up and looks in the window, rolls his eyes and asks how many people are wearing their seat belts.....the cop makes me turn in my seat and count the hands....14 (the wagon could seat 8). They didn't pull me over for speeding, every time I hit a bump the rear bumper would throw sparks.

Instead of taking my license, I got to spend a weekend (6 AM to 5PM) washing every police car in the garage inside and out....then I got grounded for a month.

Comment 04 Dec 2015

Wait until they are teenagers. I've heard Dad's say that teenage girls act the way they do to prepare their fathers to send them off to college.

My 17 year old gives me fits.

Comment 01 Dec 2015

That's cool, the Renegades were assigned to Nimtz during my deployment. I have a patch from them. Nothing like a F-14 at full power at night on the flight deck.

I used to get a kick out of the F-14 pilots taking shots at the F-18 pilots when they would do a post mission brief on the ships TV. The F-14 guys didn't think much of the 18's range.

Comment 01 Dec 2015

Thanks Navy, this was always my favorite weapon....looked like a 50 gallon drum with fins. With it's range and three different kinds of radar it was a beast.

I had a brown shirt with the Checkmates let me sit in a 14 in the hangar bay once. After that I submitted a request chit once a week requesting a cat shot in a 14. Never panned out the way I hoped.

Comment 01 Dec 2015

Read the article, I was on-board Nimitz the last time she deployed with an A-6 squadron. I always loved that plane, ugly 1950's technology. If you had ever read Flight of the Intruder (movie sucked) the author, Dean Coontz, flew them in Vietnam and described them to the T. Seeing them up close was awesome.