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Comment 5 hours ago
Realistically, who could UM get who could get it turned around. Southern boys do not want to over winter in Ann Arbor when Miami, Gainesville, Baton Rouge, or Austin await.
Comment 22 hours ago

The B1G has pretty much dropped the ball in every possible situation since August.  Their failed attempt at leading the ending of the 2020 college football season taught them nothing as they are trying to look like they are "leading" the college football world by have ridiculous standards (3 games and you're out, 21 day sidelining for covid) which no one else, not even the CDC ascribes to.  

If you guys are serious about football, the SEC would welcome another powerhouse.  You could even join the ACC and be one of only two powerhouses there.  Can you imagine the SEC West if it included OSU?!!!  Instead of having 4 of the top 9 teams, the SEC would start having 5 of the top 9 and likely 4 of the top 6.

Comment 23 hours ago

As long a OSU makes the title game, they are good.  I do think it will present some challenges to the CFP committee if OSU is only 5-0 with their last game being a win over IU, but at the same time a dude with the interceptions and porous secondary.   Also, it ND loses a close one to Clemson, they would be able to say, we beat a top 3 team earlier, while the B1G likely has no teams in the top ten save OSU when the committee makes their final decision.  On the flip side, the collapse of the Big 12 and likely, PAC 12 gives OSU some wiggle room.  No chance an undefeated Cincy or BYU gets in over a 5-0 OSU so it will likely be Bama, Clemson, OSU, and ND.

The only realistic fly in the ointment is this.  If UF beats Bama in a close one, it will end up Clemson, UF, ND, and Bama.  This is actually ESPN's dream scenario because it would get three southern teams in as well as ND and create the rage and page clicks from the OSU contingent.

Comment 28 Nov 2020
OSU gets in at 6-0. If only 5-0, then a 9-1 A&M likely jumps them. Don't blame OSU or Covid or the CFP committee. Blame Warren. From the outside looking in, he is likely the most incompetent P5 commissioner of all time.
Comment 25 Nov 2020
Cincy would get boat raced by Bama or OSU. They are this year's Oklahoma. My hope is the committee does not put in a cutie pie team just because they went undefeated playing a bunch of Our Sisters of Blessed Mercy JV teams. Cincy would have 3 or 4 losses if they played in the SEC. The likely scenario will be Bama wins, OSU wins, Clemson wins so who is number 4?
Comment 23 Nov 2020
It appears UF and A&M have legit offenses at the OSU level. It remains to be seen how their defenses are. You must already know, but OSU is a cut above the rest of the B1G in terms of athletes. As many have said, it's an SEC level team in terms of NFL talent. Although I think it would be a great game between UF or A&M versus OSU, either of those teams would boat race the rest of the B1G. At this point it appears Bama is on a level all its own as its defense has finally begun playing to its 5 star recruits level. I hope it's Bama vs OSU in the championship game as I believe it would be very entertaining.
Comment 23 Nov 2020
As my prognostication is flawed, I was only dealing with the reality of today. From the SEC, it's likely Bama, A&M, and UGA all win out and Florida loses only to Bama.
Comment 23 Nov 2020
At least this year that is true. The SEC has 3 of the top 6 and 4 of the top ten. The B1G should be renamed The Big OSU because no one else is dominating anything. Wisconsin was supposed to be the #2 and they scored once in 16 possessions.
Comment 22 Nov 2020
This was always the knock on him at Georgia. He had worlds more talent than Fromm, but he wilts under pressure. He will not be tested again until the semi-finals. I would guess Saban, Sweeney, and Mullens are making plans accordingly.
Comment 22 Nov 2020
OSU will be fine. The only major negative from yesterday's game is they must now go undefeated. A one loss B1G champ is likely left out to a one loss Bama (to UF) and a one loss ND (to Clemson). I can see: 1. Clemson 2. Florida 3. ND 4. Bama This is assuming OSU wins the B1G, but stumbles against UM.
Comment 21 Nov 2020

Fields is definitely still in the race, but the happiest two people on this green earth today are named Jones and Lawrence because if Penix with 2 and 3 star receivers can decimate a defense so easily, what will happen with 4 and 5 star receivers with a much better defense?

This is just the wakeup call OSU needed to realize the B1G is not a good measuring stick this year.  The playoffs are going to be fantastic experience for the fans because all the likely suspects have great offenses and so so defenses.  If UF turns out to be the fourth one in, it will be spectacular.

Comment 21 Nov 2020
49-14 Over in the first half. There are no tough outs for OSU, even Wisconsin, in an uncharacteristically weak B1G this year.
Comment 16 Nov 2020
The four B1G teams' position gives them an average position of 10. The SEC's four give them an average of 6 with three of the top six. This year the B1G is really just OSU and everyone else. Indiana gets a strong dose of reality in 5 days. The SEC is basically Bama and then A&M/UF at the next level. OSU/Bama would be a game for the ages which I hope we get to see. The rest of the B1G typically has trouble when matched up against SEC teams, even weak ones like Tennessee. Just ask Indiana.
Comment 16 Nov 2020
Although this is true, an undefeated OSU is a lock for the CFP. Their biggest concern will be going from playing in a weak conference to immediately playing a perennial powerhouse in Clemson or Bama.
Comment 16 Nov 2020
Unfortunately for an undefeated Cincy, their schedule is a joke. If Bama loses close to Florida, then the CFP is likely: 1) OSU 2) Clemson 3) Florida 4) Bama If Cincy wants to be considered worthy, schedule worthy teams. Whoever made their 2020 schedule could not have foreseen Covid, but even their original schedule lit no fires. The above scenario is predicated on no undefeated powerhouse from the PAC.
Comment 13 Nov 2020
Is this true? If the OSU vs IU game is cancelled and both end the season undefeated, IU is the east representative because of the protocols the B1G uses to choose. The one involving west division opponent's records would do it. I heard it from a decently knowledgeable source.
Comment 11 Nov 2020
The B1G is way down this year and OSU is not. Bowl season will not be kind to B1G teams until the Bucks play in the semis. At this point the only unknown is #4, but likely BAMA, OSU, Clemson, ND.
Comment 09 Nov 2020
It is admirable to support Dwayne, but as someone outside the OSU family, he just does not have it and likely never will. The zero interest look at the trade deadline confirms everything Rivera has done. I believe next year in the NFL will show the remarkable difference between Fields and Haskins.
Comment 02 Nov 2020
Interesting scenario for your thoughts. ND beats Clemson without Lawrence, then gets beat in ACC Champ game by Clemson. UGA beats undefeated Bama in SEC Champ game. Is it 1. OSU 2. CLEMSON 3.UGA 4. BAMA or is ND 4? Let's assume both lost their champ game by 7. For now, leave the PAC out. I believe they will Big 12 themselves before it's over.