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Comment 19 Feb 2020

Ohio State will be fine either way. I just hate the idea of a QB from a small school have a good RS Soph year transfer to a big school that has a need at QB. It just seems so unfair to the school who developed him for 3 years and makes them a farm team. 

What's to stop a player like Rondale Moore from leaving Purdue after his Freshman year? It just seems like it will be a constant struggle on the coaching staff to kiss the ass of damn near every player they have to make sure they don't leave. 

Comment 11 Nov 2019

At what point did it change go from being ranked based on your record and who you beat to being ranked based on who people think you could beat despite your schedule/record? 

They are going to put Bama 4 and they don't deserve it. The combined records of the teams they beat: 31-46. Only two of those teams have winning records: Southern Mississippi and Texas A&M. Bama is rewarded every year for scheduling poorly and beating their overly inflated conference foes. 

If MNN was in the SEC they wouldn't have been lower than 10 prior to the game vs PSU and jumped to 4 after the win. Do I think they are a top 5 team? Nope, but they deserve it based on their record and their signature win.

Comment 09 Nov 2019

This is going to be around $1k-2k loan. Last minute flights across the country are not cheap. The few hopes we can hang on to is this was self reported, and the loan was paid back before it was reported. Hopefully the cases that were mentioned didn't have those in common. 

**The hammer may also depend on WHO the family friend is. If he has anything to do with being an agent it's probably over. I could see the NCAA doing 3 games just so he's suspended for 1 big game. That way it's a half way compromise and the masses get somewhat what they want.