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  • SPORTS MOMENT: even though we lost, i'll never forget the moment that USC snapped the ball through the endzone for a safety when they were punting inside their 10. i had never heard, and probably never will again, hear a stadium as loud as that moment. i've been to all the big tOSU games in the past 5 years and while some have close that moment stands alone. i distinctly remember the south stands vibrating so violently i felt like i was surfing.
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Comment 23 Oct 2016
When you say we don't "technically" control our destiny, I'm assuming you're referring to the CFP, not the B1G? Going back to the 2014, again there's zero chance a 1-loss B1G Champion tOSU is being left out of the CFP. Too much money, too many alumni, too many eyeballs. Also, if we already have the tiebreaker over PSU, why would we want them to lose again?
Comment 16 Dec 2015

yeah i totes agree. the 23yo who spends ~30-40 hours/week doing something he's not paid for should spend *literally* every waking moment watching film. cardale is such a GLORY BOY. AINT DONE NOTHIN. why does urban even allow him to leave WHAC? if he's not in the classroom, on the football field, or in the film room, he should be removed from campus IMMEDIATELY. sorry, just my #take

Comment 30 Nov 2015

anyone who thinks that UNC/Stanford/USC/etc would be chosen over tOSU should a spot open up [Clemson/Bama losing] is out of their minds. WAAAYY too much money to be made if Ohio State is in the playoffs. and if anyone cares to debate whether or not money runs CFP decisions, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn for you.

when you've the alumni base and following of tOSU, cable networks could give a shit about your 'resume' lol

Comment 20 Jan 2015

might wanna pump the brakes on throwing praise on tattoo cartel. there's a pretty obvious grammatical error in Raekwon's tat lol we were ranked as a top public school in the nation, after all...

Comment 05 Jul 2014

should they not drive a car too? or not talk to females? jeez dude you are advocating for indentured servitude. god forbid an 18yo kid make a mistake. believe it or not, these football players are human beings. since i received an academic scholarship at this university, should i have been forced to sign a 'no bar clause'? not to mention your last 5 comments have mainly been about buying cases of beer for yourself to consume. take your #HOT #TAKES elsewhere. this is troll slop.

Comment 01 Dec 2011


also, saying this team is most talented is saying a lot considering the 07 team that featured Madsen, Twig, and Los Dos Amigos [Peters + Titus].

Comment 18 Oct 2011

praising bollman... really? were you watching the right channel? and are you really expecting him to make any significant changes against wisconsin? there's a better chance of lloyd carr patrolling the west sideline on saturday.

and btw- players are required to attend every class. professors have to sign off attendance forms or else they dont practice/play. praising him for attending a biology class is a little over the top. hell ted ginn was illiterate [kidding... sorta] and attended class...does that mean he wasn't "slacking off" either? lol

Comment 09 Oct 2011

i completely agree w this. very odd of him to call NCAA out given the circumstances. not that it really matters though... doubtful you'll be able to find his car in the Fawcett Center parking lot past February.

Comment 07 Sep 2011

had hamby actually caught that pass... we may have never really known who troy smith was/is. it was effectively the end of the zwick era.

Comment 12 Jul 2011

johnny you had me rolling through this whole post. bravo!!

"semi-popular niche blogging world..." classic lol

Comment 05 Apr 2011

i highly doubt it will as the Clippers pitchers will be pitching for both teams. with tOSU being in the middle of their season and having nowhere near the pitching depth of a professional team, the Clips will be supplying the pitching for both sides. should be interesting!

Comment 16 Feb 2011

sully was fronting hard and seemed like he was expecting backside help- msu did a great job of emptying out the weakside wing for their entry passes which left him out to dry.

and i wouldn't say diebs+lighty aren't "contributing." lighty night in and night out is playing guys much bigger than he is and contributes in more ways than just scoring points and looking pretty. i reckon if you were giving up 5 inches and 30-40lbs that you might 'get burned' from time to time as well. and if you watch the team closely, one of the main reasons the paint and the driving lanes remain open is bc diebs defender never leaves him- teams can sag off of deshaun and provide a lot more help D. don't get caught up in the "if he's not scoring, he sucks and needs to be taken out of the game" crap that infects roughly 80% of the schottenstein.