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Comment 01 Aug 2018

People need to stop talking in terms or innocence and guilt. This ain't a court room. People need to stop saying "there is no evidence he knew anything". Those text messages indicate that his wife knew and a senior staffer of his knew and clearly imply he knew. It is circumstantial evidence of his knowledge, but guess what forum lawyers, circumstantial evidence IS evidence. Is it hearsay forum lawyers? Sure. Does that matter? Nope.  What he knew and when and what he did in response to what he knew is a fair question to ask. Just because a staffer hasn't been charged by local cops or actually convicted and incarcerated does not mean he needed to be working at OSU.

None of what has been released so far is outcome determinative, but Urban's got some side of his story explaining to do.

Comment 01 Aug 2018

Is this a real question? How about "because the man she is married to and thought she loved and who she has children with and supported her was the one doing it and she hoped he would change"? How about that? This is extraordinarily common in domestic violence cases.  This blew up in the media after HE got arrested coming to HER house again. The media is asking, she's talking. That's her right. Don't attack her for it.

Comment 01 Aug 2018

Keep in mind a latest altercation with Smith just happened again. People are acting like this is some conspiracy she has had for years to take down Urban. I'm not saying he should get fired, but hiring Smith was an unforced error. Meyer's error. Keeping him after 2009 was an unforced error. Keeping him after 2015 was an unforced error. Meyer's recent comments at media days were an unforced error. All of this in light of what Meyer preaches about respecting women is a horrendous look. Courtney Smith didn't do this to Meyer. Meyer did this to Meyer. This all made the news after Smith's latest run-in with the law. She's talking about it publicly now. Don't trash her. 

Comment 02 May 2018
Dear Superfans, I have thought about this a lot, and here is my position: From hell's heart I stab at thee.
Comment 22 Nov 2017

That was my first truly cold weather tailgate since @2001 due to an extended tour in SEC country. Re-learned a valuable forgotten cold weather lesson. Bourbon is your friend, ice cold beer somewhat less-so (but that didn't stop me from enjoying the Sweetwater brown ale which was on point). The food was tasty as advertised. If you haven't made one of these yet I highly encourage it. Plus all to a good cause. No brainer.

Comment 08 Jan 2017
I don't have the ability to look into the heart of a kid. He fought back from a devastating injury and showed some grit on and off the field in my opinion. Nothing about him that I have seen makes me think he is scared of working.
Comment 31 Oct 2015
Jeez. Rough start. We have played some tough teams but really to pick up the points against teams like mercyhurst. Need to clean up the self inflicted wounds and build some confidence.
Comment 26 Oct 2015
"Not total douches, but somewhat" should be our Eleven Warriors member motto.
Comment 05 Jul 2015
The logic fails are too many to comprehensively address. Thank you for your service, and as all of us who wear the uniform know, opinions are like... As an Ole Miss graduate and longtime MS resident I am entirely aware that the confederate flag is so omnipresent in life that it has ceased to have negative connotations for many people and instead represents home. I get that. But their ignorance as to why the flag was created, why it has been flown by the states after the war (as an fu to the federal government government after desegregation) and what the flag means to those who were terrorized by it under the Klan does not on its own justify its presence at the state level. So start with the articles of secession of each state and understand the "heritage" you are really promoting. It is simply inconceivable that a state government should actively fly a flag of segragation in 2015. While removing the flag from state sponsorship will not "end" racism, that is not a reason to not act.However, I encourage individual citizens to fly a flag of treason created by people who picked a fight they couldn't finish. It helps the rest of us know where the morons are.
Comment 05 Feb 2015
The term "butthurt" is the kind of term I consider as best used by type of fans that the comic satirizes. Like tweeting recruits, just don't do it. I know no offense is intended, but the term needs to die. Let's keep 11W a cut above... http://www.everydayshouldbesaturday.com/2013/1/10/3861312/memo-this-word-is-dead-now