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Comment 06 Aug 2020

In the last 17 years, not counting 2011, we've lost what, 12 games? 10? 

whatever the number, weren't all the losses but one or two at night? 

VaTech was daytime.  But all the others......

I'm walkin on Sunshine, and don't it feel good!  

Okay, I looked it up.  27 losses since the 2002 Natty, not counting 2011.  But only 10 since UFM arrived. Almost all those 10 losses were night games. 

Comment 25 Jul 2020

Dang, I did not remember how well he played the pass. 

The very last clip has Danielsen saying, "if Brady Quinn would have kept his eyes downfield, he would have seen Miles wide open".  

But Hawk knew that Miles had gone out of bounds on his own, and was therefore an ineligible receiver. That's why he let Miles go and went back to clean up Brady Quinn. 

What a great player.  And what a great defense. Hawk, Carpenter, Schlegel, Kudla, Pitcock, Fraser, etc. 

Comment 16 Jul 2020

OSU is not the only team that has trouble getting up for the "gimme" games.  I was working in Ann Arbor when Toledo came to town, and a TTUN fan gave me his tickets, because he didn't feel like "watching the Wolverines beat up on the Rockets". 

I stayed pretty calm and quiet (no taunting), but THAT was a really enjoyable game.  Bad UM football. Steve Threet, Nick Sheridan?? 

Comment 02 Jul 2020

Don't know about y'all, but I've been rewatching games from the last couple of years. Really tough to decide, do I like the Haskins year better than the Fields year? 

But I digress.

Watching film from last year and Jones must have gotten in quite a few games, because I noticed him a lot, and I thought he looked good, and energetic. Tough. Now, when you're up by 40 points against Rutgers, I don't think that's a very good test of a lineman. But he certainly LOOKED like he could step right in and start, or play some second quarter drives, etc. 

Comment 01 Jul 2020

I do a fair amount of biking but have never done a "century".  Longest I did was a 75 miler and I think I averaged 15 and I was pushing it. 

Hills are not the issue, because every up hill pays you back with a downhill.  It's a headwind, continuously, for 2-3 hours that will have you crying to yourself. 

That and heat. I do much better when it's 65 versus 88...

...said the old, out of shape guy.

I did 23 miles on a flat trail (Kalamazoo) couple weekends ago and realized I haven't gotten out much this year!

Comment 18 Jun 2020

I think a big factor that indicates we WILL have CFB is that we only have to plan 12, 13, 14 or 15 games.  Not like MLB or NHL which are both talking about dozens and dozens of games. 

and personally, I hope for small crowds, keep the stress level down. Just make sure the games are televised!

Comment 26 May 2020

I remember how dominant the D line for Oregon was supposed to be in 2014, and I just remember those two 6-8 DEs with their hands on their hips, sucking air by the middle of the third quarter.  This guy looks good, but there's always a possibility he wears down after banging with our guys for awhile. 

Hey, I like a challenge.  Woudn't it be cool to get a couple of sacks through him?

Comment 16 May 2020

It's so tough to assess talent based on a sophomore tape for a player who played at a really good school.  Enai  must have great measurables, and I can see hustle, but holy smokes, most of his highlights included 2 or 3 guys on the D line getting into the backfield. 

I'm not a good judge of talent, nor am I a former college player.  So I'm just talking about the eye test.  If you just watched the tape and watched his whole team, you would see a lot of good players. 

And yeah, those Gatorade graphics are annoying as shit.  I felt like I was watching an And One basketball game with the announcer dude walking around the court with the players (equally annoying). 

Coach em up, guys, and turn 'em into Buckeyes is all I can say!!

Comment 07 May 2020

Adding to the "games weren't on TV back then" element:

We listened to games on the radio most of the time, and then the first chance to see some film was on Woody's TV show at 11 pm, along with his hilarious interviews with the players, where he asked them all kinds of questions.  The players' answer to ever question was "that's right coach" and "Yes sir coach". 

Then, if you didn't have to go to Church on Sunday, WOSU TV showed the game the next day on Channel 34.  No commercials, and amateur announcers - probably students, right?  but it was like 8mm film with no sound that they would show on the wall and then shoot it with a TV camera.  But that way  you got to "watch the replay".  I think that's what it was called, "OSU Replay". 

So anyone who wants to get nostalgic for the old days, remember that we only got to watch one or two games a year! And no youtube or eleven warriors to check out later! Dude, we were poor!!! :-)

Comment 05 May 2020

Hmmmm when I saw the forum was entitled "The Coolest..."., I thought for sure Nick Buonamici would be included! 

Dude was baaaaaaaaaaad.

Comment 28 Mar 2020

Until we really turn the tide on the coronavirus, this all feels a little like drafting a fantasy team, you know?

I mean, keep it coming, and I love seeing OSU still being the kind of place and program these elite athletes want to go.  

I'll just enjoy it even MORE when we get back to practice, back to school, and life gets mostly back to normal.