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Comment 1 hour ago

I would like to see AT LEAST 2-4 and then 1-1 in the tourney.  At least. 

To say that we could go 1-5 and still be in "for sure"?  Yeah, I know we are better than some of the lesser conferences' automatic bid, but would really like to feel that our team earned their berth. 

I mean, we have TTUN at home and we have Nebraska.  C'mon, guys.

Comment 17 Feb 2020

At Iowa, I think it will be important to limit Garza.  I know some teams have beaten Iowa and let Garza get 30 or whatever, but at Iowa City, he is good at getting the fans all amped up. 

So I'd really like to see Gaffney get in and spend a few minutes just challenging Garza on everything. 

Plus, I really think we need to get Gaffney some minutes...

But I digress!  Take care of the ball, men!  Stop dribbling into trouble!!

Comment 12 Feb 2020

619, I agree that this is a good test of the program and of Ryan Day's leadership.  We have seen what happens at other schools where this isn't taken seriously. 

And as the father of two grown women, I can verify that it takes on a different meaning. 

We are all reminded of what is important in life.  

Somehow I know that Day will do a good job of dealing with it and staying transparent with the details of how the program and the school respond.  

Comment 11 Feb 2020

I was at that Navy game and he saved my day.  I was there with my son in law and Navy scored with like 5 minutes left to get within 2.  Oh shit, I'm thinking, we're going to overtime if they make this?? 

So not only did Rolle intercept the conversion attempt, he ran it all the way back which meant that even if Navy got the ball back on an onside kick or something, they had to score a TD as a FG wouldn't do it.

My son in law? He's like, "yeah, you knew they were gonna win", like it was a done deal...  Not me.  I thought we were going overtime for sure. Yikes!  

Brian Rolle was one of the Good Guys. Great write up.

Comment 06 Feb 2020

Really like Teague, and I think we will have enough talent behind him so he will feel pushed to go hard. 

While some say "yeah but he played late in the game, garbage time" I would also say that many times, when he played, everyone knew he was going to get the ball (killing clock late in a game), and he would still run hard and get 3, or 5, or 12 yards! 

I think his first gear is good... but his second gear is great.  For all his size, i love the way he runs off tackle. 

Comment 04 Feb 2020

Young was indeed great, as was Kaleb.  

I thought it was interesting how we couldn't drive to the bucket. Several times we took it to the rim only to get swatted, or, as the announcers kept remarking about, getting the shit knocked out of us.  And it went both ways, physical game.

The other guy who I think deserves credit is EJ Liddell. He played tough, lost the handle a couple of times, kept fighting, powered in a couple of 2-pointers down low.  I thought he grew up a lot tonight. 

Andre couldn't get a shot...? Maybe he was uncomfortable? 

Bottom line, great to get a road win in the Big Ten, and it's even greater when it's against TTUN.

Comment 31 Jan 2020

The only important thing is Carton's well-being.  In this case, I feel like he'll be back at some point.  He seems like a good kid. 

I'm glad his last game was so good.

And, the timing of this is good. We have a verrrrrry interesting team,  some really good wins and then some struggles, but we're on the bubble right now for the tournament,  and the rest of the season will probably be the same: some good wins, some struggles. 

So take a break, DJ, get help and get family and support and don't feel like you are responsible for the success of the program.  That's not something an 18-year old should have to worry about.

Comment 09 Jan 2020

The eye test told me that in the last few games, Teague pretty much ran the ball in obvious running situations.  So I am not worried about the tail off in YPC. 

And, he is a big enough guy that it doesn't look like he's running 4.4 speed because he's so big.

And as for pass pro, I think that's one of the areas in which Dobbins was better than Teague, or else Teague might have gotten more reps. Teague is bigger than JK but JK was really good at his technique, and when to make contact, and making solid contact and not getting swept out of the way. 

Overall, RB position is going to be fine I thinks. 

Comment 01 Jan 2020

Clemson is a well put together team, and they won the game.  

But I think part of the Bucks' downfall was Fields' health.  I don't think his leg was in very good shape, affects your running decisions, affects your scrambling, your throwing, everything. 

I'll bet we are still number , if not number 2, in the final poll.

We have a fair number of high-performers coming back next year, and I look forward to another fun year of watching the Buckeyes! 

Now, in a display of poor sportsmanship on my part, as I work in Ann Arbor, I'm glad TTUN just lost to Alabama.  I always root for the B1G, but I was amazed at the number of Michigan fans who said they were really happy Clemson beat OSU.  I sort of get it, but really, I don't.  How could you not want the team that just beat you by 29 points to take down Clemson?  

Oh well, life goes on in TSUN

Comment 30 Dec 2019

When you get Clemson to a 4th and 6 and they bring in the punt team, that's your momentum shift. 
Part of the problem with calling an ill advised punt block is the defense plays great and stops Clemson.... goes off the field, only to be called back on because Cameron Brown f'd up. 

It's on the ST coach. You call this play, you better emphasize with your guys, under no circumstances do you run into the punter.

Comment 23 Dec 2019

what drives me nuts is 3d and 12, we rush three or four, we get too far upfield, and some slow quarterback rumbles for 14 yards and a first down.  Ugh. It's gonna happen, hopefully just once!

My guess is that Clemson has a high opinion of themselves, and they let Chase Young go straight up on a tackle. He'll get a couple sacks, also draw a couple of holding calls.

Zach, Tyreke, and the LBs will get a couple sacks, too. 

I know this QB is good, but if we're agressive, maybe we force them to punt 4 or 5 times, get a pick or other turnover once or twice, and they score 3 times.  Still like OSU 38-21.