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Comment 14 Nov 2019

And you have all this experience bringing down organizations how again? LMFAO. It must be hard work trolling these boards being right all the time. They said the issue was brought to OSU “first,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they didn’t bring the issue to the NCAA, ESPN, Brett McAssface (love it) or anyone else. And, as commented by others, they might have assumed it would have taken Chase out for the rest of the season. And why wait till now? One could assume they knew what statute he was violating and did their own math and figured this would take him out for the rest of the season. Regardless, it’s very hard for me to sit here and think that this wasn’t some sort of petty hater BS intended to crush OSU. It’s such a petty issue. He paid it back. And a final note, since when did “self reporting” ever necessarily guarantee a lighter penalty? Clemson didn’t self report their steroid abuse and nothing happened to them, amirite? My original point is that it ruined Chase’s Heisman run and tainted the magical season. And I’m still not 100% confident that we’ve not seen the last of Chase in a Buckeye uniform. Literally every draft analyst has him as one of the top picks in the 2020 NFL Draft today. Why risk getting hurt? He can Nick Bosa the rest of the season. The scary thing is that we will probably have zero drop off at the defensive line position. We shall see! 

Comment 13 Nov 2019

Very happy to have Chase back for PSU, but this all seems like somebody purposefully tried to damage OSU and Chase Young personally. I have no way of proving this, but I betcha that he’s not the only college football player currently playing that’s gotten a similar loan from a personal friend he’s paid back. In fact, it’s probably more common than you think. These kids mostly come from nothing, have nothing, earn nothing (except a degree, life lessons, chance to play in the NFL but you get catch my drift), and then are sent to these fabulous locals to play in historical games and want their loved ones to witness the spectacle. Probably these folks have never even left the city they live in ever in their lives. Bottom line is that Chase is a good kid, owned up to his “mistake,” but has had what may very well have been a Heisman trophy season taken from him. Sad! 

Comment 12 Nov 2019

Yes, but, LSU had more “quality wins” than OSU last week. This is really more about getting ESPN’s prize sow in the playoffs again than anything else. Were the committee logically sound, they would have MN right there after beating the #4 team soundly last week. Instead they have a one loss, absolutely overrated Georgia team in the 4 hole. Was their loss to USC somehow “better” than overrated Alabama!?

Comment 12 Nov 2019

Absolutely disrespectful. How you gonna drop a team after winning 73-14? Why put us there in the first place? Obviously they were gonna jump whichever team won Alabama-LSU game. Utter nonsense. This is perhaps the best OSU team we’ve ever had. Zero struggle in any phase of the game against far superior opponents on average. But whatever. It’s ALWAYS OHIO AGAINST THE WORLD!

Comment 12 Nov 2019

I can’t imagine that the committee that took OSU from #3 or #4 to #1 would turn around and make them #2 the next week after said team skull crushes Maryland 73-14. Stranger things have happened, but that would basically contradict their reasoning for putting us there. Why do it in the first place then? The fact of the matter is that Alabama is probably the third or fourth best team in the SEC right now which would put them at about 4th or 5th best when you add in the B1G. And while it’s hard to gauge how good the B12 and P12 teams are, a few of them look legit. Neither LSU or Alabama have a Defense this year, and no offense to Joe Burrow, it’s hard to take his accomplishments seriously when you consider he couldn’t win the starting job at OSU. He was mediocre last season, and this season is the legit Heisman frontrunner, but nothing can change the fact that he was struggling to crack the depth chart at OSU. Did he magically become this good at LSU, or more likely, is the competition down there less difficult. Likely the latter. I predict that OSU’s total body of work will keep them at #1. Surviving Alabama in Tuscaloosa is not enough. They gave up a 28 point lead. Even to Alabama that’s terrible. Had they won by 28 and shown dominance, like we did to Wisconsin, MSU, and everyone else this season, perhaps they could jump OSU. But they didn’t. Defense wins championships and they don’t have one. 

Comment 11 Nov 2019

You ask for "proof?" Well how's this for "proof": Clemson gets tested for PED's BEFORE the playoffs, several of their players pop hot, get suspended, Clemson REFUSES to test any more players (don't know why that was even an option after so many pop hot), Clemson defeats Alabama 44-16. Where am I losing you? Clemson LOOKED like a team on steroids. How can it be "much ado about nothing" when Clemson players are popping hot and getting suspended. I mean NOTHING followed, no stories no nothing. It wasn't even a byline in this year's college football build up nor has it been discussed as a "reason" Clemson has looked like shit this year. 

As for Tressel, that was all BS. I still don't understand what the drama was about. Guys TRADED shit they owned for tattoos. There was NO financial benefit to them. They weren't selling their autographs or doing $100 handshakes. It was stupid. And Tressel would not have KNOWN they they were "ineligible" to play at the time. These kids do dumb shit all the time. The only reason it was even brought up later is because of the DEA/FBI investigation discovered all the paraphernalia. The kids weren't slinging rocks or whatever. Ancient history now, but yet somehow child rape and actually getting paid by agents are lesser violations according to the NCAA nazis as both PSU and USC have had their games restored. 

But let's slide into the soap opera that ultimately drove UFM away for the BEST illustration of what I'm talking about. Meyer did NOTHING WRONG in the whole Zach/Courtney smith DV saga. NOTHING. But that drama plagued the ENTIRE season last year, UFM was suspended for the first three games as you will recall. Every syllable uttered by him was parsed, dissected, analyzed. There were long segments written and produced in the ESPN-led sports media. 

Meanwhile, at the same time, DABO SWINNEY'S TEAM WAS JUICING! UFM's departure was basically forced (health issues aside) to leave on a rail. The entire OSU 13-1 season was a brutal slog of media frenzy. AND CLEMSON WAS JUICING. I was asked by strangers about OSU and DV. Made to defend UFM and OSU. If I had to parse the drama one more time to a stranger because I was wearing an OSU shirt in DC I was going to lose my mind. It was everywhere...YET CLEMSON WAS ON STEROIDS!!! 

Bottom line is that there is an anti-B1G/OSU bias in the ESPN sports media that perpetuates the SEC dominance myth. Why, just look at the stories they're running now with "#1 LSU" in every title. LSU IS #2 according to the only poll that matters (till tomorrow night probably). Their BS control has AP/Coach's polls with Alabama at #4 for chrissakes!! They don't have one single quality win to their name! Multiple teams like PSU have quality wins this season and are ranked below Alabama.

I just want fair treatment by the ESPN-led mob. There's a very real chance we've seen the last of Chase Young in an OSU uniform. We don't know what the sentence will be for him, and frankly speaking, if I were him, I might take what Nick Bosa did last season and do the same thing. Just get ready for the NFL. He's proven himself already. 

Comment 11 Nov 2019

So you have to “lie” to the investigators in order to suffer institutional punishments? Hilarious. The point is Dabo was (is) running a dirty, steroid-filled program and the sports media and the NCAA showed zero interest in giving them the OSU treatment. Do you honestly not get what I’m saying? Why was there absolutely no effort by the NCAA to vacate any of their wins? What’s worse, trading personally owned paraphernalia, or doing steroids? And as a side note, now that Clemson isn’t juicing, look at how they’re playing. Not a mystery. 

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Happy for Joe. I was at the game and it was electric. But let's stop pretending Alabama (or LSU) are legit. NEITHER of them has a defense. It's past the point of absurdity that these teams get the love they get. LSU, while undefeated, still deserves to be ranked in the top four, but Alabama absolutely, positively does NOT. They lost the ONLY game that mattered on their schedule. It was embarrassing. And LSU damn near let them take it back from them because they couldn't stop one legged Tua (probably the most overrated QB in the nation, and God help the team that gets duped into picking him in the draft next year (HELLO BROWNS!). But there are half a dozen other college teams--like PSU--who have a defense and are actually deserving of being a one-loss ranked team. The bias is REAL. 

Comment 11 Nov 2019

I keep seeing you saying that people (LIKE ME) say "nothing happened" to Clemson and then you point out that a few players were suspended and yada yada yada. Since you're the smartest person on these boards let me tell you what people LIKE ME mean when we say "nothing happened to Clemson." 

Where was the "Dabo Swinney/Clemson football death watch?" Why has there been NO media treatment of Clemson, like long editorializing pieces by ESPN riffing upon the lack of institutional control in his football team? Why were there no games vacated, or ANY scandal? Why has it gone away and literally never been mentioned? Again, this was MULTIPLE PLAYERS on the team that were doing steroids. A player getting a little money to buy his girl a plane ticket has gotten more press. 

At the end of the day I've lived through "Tatgate" and then the Urban Meyer Deathwatch, and now Chasegate. The media goes absolutely nuts when it's OSU. It's not "whataboutism" either. The fact remains that PSU and USC had their vacated games restored, and OSU has not. Clemson, to meet my requirement of having "something happen" would be that Dabo is fired, their wins where those players played vacated, their championships stripped, and some sort of post season ban implemented LIKE THEY DID TO OSU in 2012, y'know, UFM's first year of coaching, and the year OSU WAS THE ONLY UNDEFEATED TEAM in the nation, and Alabama was gifted the fatted sow of Notre Dame for slaughter in the BCS Championship game.  

Now do you get it?? It's not enough that a few players were punished, some escaped to the NFL, Clemson Football NEVER suffered the consequences of having a bunch of their players pop hot on steroids. Something that actually affects the performance on the field. NOTHING. ZIP. ZERO. NADA. IF this had been OSU, you KNOW we'd have had wins vacated, UFM fired, and a post season ban, hell, maybe even the "death penalty." 

Comment 31 Oct 2019

that Cowherd-Klatt exchange legit made me laugh. Colin is such a shit stirrer. He's the guy that loves getting under people's skin to get a rise out of them. Smiling and laughing the whole time. "He's got skinny hips." "He's too tall, high center of gravity, can't get pads low enough." HILARIOUS. And if Wisconsin was only putting single coverage on him that's their own damn vault. Maybe that's why he had FOUR SACKS and TWO FF's! lol

Comment 28 Oct 2019

Exactly. Literally the only explanation for LSU and Alabama being ranked ahead of us is because of reasons. It’s all BS. ESECSPN driven BS. How’s that “big” win Georgia had over ND looking now? Clemson over TAMU? Alabama over EXACTLY WHO?? They haven’t played ANYONE. TAMU?? Literally nobody. And LSU? 3 loss TX? Auburn or Florida? When did those guys “get back?” It’s all good, but if things were legit, it’d be us and PSU at 1 and 2 because the B1G is the best conference in the country. I mean, look at what scUM did to ND last night. Whoa.

Comment 27 Oct 2019

Oh I’m gonna enjoy hearing the lamentation of the haters when Ohio State is ranked number one in the first college football playoff committee poll. LSU and Alabama haven’t played anybody. Florida and Auburn are overrated every single year. Arkansas is hot garbage. 

Comment 24 Oct 2019

Well, if he only gets 70-80 yards that’s a good day too. I just think they’re too reliant on him, too one dimensional and that allows our D line to be aggressive and our LB’s to shoot whatever gaps are left. Then we can play zone secondary and keep them vanilla. We’ll see, but I don’t think Taylor is any better than Melvin Gordon and look what we did to him.