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Comment 17 Jan 2020

I can’t say for certain as to whether or not OSU beats LSU, but I CAN say for certain that Big Dick Joe—hollowed be his name—wouldn’t toss for 500 yards against our secondary. Providing they don’t get ejected for targeting, of course, which seems to be a write of passage for OSU players in big games (Roby, Bosa, Ward, Wade, etc...)

Comment 17 Jan 2020

I’m only half joking when I state that we should just claim a national championship this year. That would literally be the case for basically how Alabama has half their national championships and how national championship winners were crowned before the BCS era. Why should the college football playoff committee be the only ones to can crown a champion? Clearly their process is flawed. Heck, AP and Coaches still have a poll with their own results. Trust me, this won’t be the stupidest idea you hear all day. Ask UCF. 

Comment 16 Jan 2020

Look, the kid is amazing. It’s not fair for him to own that last interception. Yeah, he zigged when he should have zagged, but he also didn’t throw the ball. I’m not blaming Fields either, even though he threw the ball. He made a decision to toss a complicated, NFL-level toss and the receiver “ran the wrong route.” It’s all good. Both of these gents were doing 100% what they could to win the game. 90% of the time that play worked out and we’re on our way to NOLA. obviously I would have much preferred to make it to NOLA and win it all, but I gotta tell you, seeing Jeaux “Big Dick Joe” Burrow win like that, and every single soul knowing he’s a Buckeye, watching Clemsuk get their asses handed to them for the SECOND time in the playoffs (y’all forgot about the whipping Alabama put on them in 2017, right?), all the sad Clemsuk faces in NOLA and on way home, I gotta say, I feel pretty damn good about how everything worked out. I wore ALL my Buckeye garb home from the game. Lot’s of “OH!” and high fives from other Buckeyes who made the trip and from grateful LSU fans “thanks for givin us JOE!” “Y’all shoulda been here!” We were all one in our collective disdain and opposition of Clemsuk. And the cucks from Clemsuk didn’t dare make eye contact. 

It’s great to be a Buckeye. God help our 2020 opponents. 

“You can’t always get what you want...but you jusy might find...YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED! -Stones

Comment 14 Jan 2020

I’m 100% happy for Joe, but the fact is, ain’t no way he throws for 500 yards against the silver bullets. Ain’t. No. Way. If we play them instead of Clemsuk, we beat them. Neither of those teams move the ball on the ground particularly well, and their defenses are suspect. Karma is a bitch nonetheless. GEAUX JEAUX! GEAUX TIGAHS!!

Comment 13 Jan 2020

The only thing the new B1G commmish needs to focus on is breaking the Disney/ABC/CBS/ESPN monopoly on college football. Until that happens, OSU is NEVER gonna get a fair shake. Fox needs to get their asses in gear too. They have ZERO presence here in NOLA for the game tonight. Seeing the ESPN GameDay and ACCN shit setup on the field, and listening to how the CFP team is already meeting with the crew running Miami in THREE YEARS makes you realize how baked this whole thing really is. When you see the footprint ESPN et al brings to these things you realize how steep the climb would be to overcome the obvious “we need to keep our team employed” bias really is. Time to break with Fox and join the dark side? Perhaps if that means we can play chickenshit games and still get in, absolutely. 

Comment 09 Jan 2020

“So, Coach Day, how does it feel to beat a team and still not win?” 

God it’s painful here in NOLA. Seeing the LSU and Clemson BS everywhere. It feels like an alternate universe. Somebody’s gotta go back in time and put right what once went wrong. Clemson are such pretenders. Oh, and there’s ZERO Clemson footprint here. Haven’t seen but one Clemson fan thus far. LSU is gonna have about 90% of the stadium. I mean, who IS a Clemson fan, amirite? Only the ACC Network owned by ABC and ESPN. 

Comment 08 Jan 2020

Two weeks later and I’ve yet to meet someone in the DC area that thinks Clemson won that game fair and square. We may be seeing the beginning of the end of “Ohio against the world.” People are actually pretty sympathetic. Clemson, also, has become the new most hated team in America replacing TTUN. Just some observations. Heading down to the championship game to work it, will definitely be trash talking whilst wearing various Buckeye apparel. GEAUX TIGERS!!!

Comment 01 Jan 2020

And the scoop and score gives OSU a one point win. What don’t you get? We don’t even have to do anything at the end of the game except run out the clock and your “they won the turnover battle” by one less interception. I’m moving on, but OSU is/was the much better team and would have stood a much better chance at beating LSU. End of story. 

Comment 01 Jan 2020

The bottom line is that Ohio State was a much better team everywhere from the eye test to the stats just not the one place it matters, the scoreboard. And if I’m Clemson I take nothing out of that game except the fact that they were very very extremely lucky in every sense of the word. And I’m very afraid to face LSU. At the bare minimum, Clemson should be the most humble team going into the championship game thankful for the fact that all the breaks went their way. And every single Clemson fan should feel the same way. End of story.