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Comment 15 Sep 2019

12 based upon what? Wins over LA Tech and Rice? They stomped upon GA but that didn’t matter this year when they were ranked #8 or 9, way behind GA. They’ve sucked since Vince Young left. It’s a “quality win” for LSU for sure, but really not that impressive. A one touchdown win on a neutral field by the #6 team over the #9? And Houston is 1-2 but their losses are by 18 to Oklahoma, and 7 to Washington St. Ranked #5 & #19 respectively. That’s exactly one more ranked team than Clemson will play all season. They ain’t great, but they’re not horrible. I’d say the same for the TX team that will probably have 3-4 losses this year too and end the season unranked. Again. 

Comment 15 Sep 2019

Texas is just about 5% better than Houston. Furthermore, the AAC is on par or a better conference top to bottom than the B12 (and probably the P12). And need I remind everyone that LSU is playing with our beloved, former 2nd string QB? Point being that the "huge win" over Texas was not nearly big enough to hop to #4, maybe it's those two YUGE wins over NW State and GA Southern!?! LMFAO. 

Comment 15 Sep 2019

And what happens when they do? Let’s say Florida beat LSU or Georgia or Alabama (I don’t know if they’re all playing each other of course, but my point is the same)? Will they not then just bump right up in the top four? That’s the game. Now that you have three SEC teams in the top four, the rest of the season is going to be a revolving door of SEC teams playing in the top four. And again the ACC is hot garbage outside of Clemson as well as the Pac 12 in the big 12 outside of Oklahoma. And I wish that I could say that the playoff committee Polling is going to look Basley different but we know from recent past that it is very close to exactly the same. The narrative is out there and Clemson is number one and they will remain number one all season, and the rest of the top four will be a couple SEC teams and Oklahoma. Probably ND. 

Comment 15 Sep 2019

I sure hope you’re right but I don’t honestly see how it’s possible if everything plays out as most people expect it to. Clemson won’t lose another game, and you have two teams likely coming out of the SEC, and Oklahoma is out there probably not going to lose another game because Texas is not back despite all the myths and legends. The rest of the big 12 is hot garbage. Then you have Notre Dame lurking out there who actually Has a relatively decent schedule and if they play well against Georgia well Hells bells. God help us if they actually beat Georgia.

Comment 15 Sep 2019

What exactly are people seeing in LSU that they’re not seeing with Oklahoma? I will forgo my traditional homer take on everything. But to put LSU above Oklahoma? That’s just plain garbage. But, honestly, how in the hell do we play ourselves into the playoffs at this point? Voters obviously don’t give a crap about strength of schedule or at least trying to play opponents in FBS. Regardless of the chaos that might ensue in the SEC, you’ve basically already guaranteed to SEC teams in the playoffs. And now by moving LSU at the number four spot, the Alabama LSU game doesn’t mean anything at all. If LSU beat Alabama, well Hells bells, LSU was legit! And Alabama, well their only loss was to LSU. Flip it around, and you could say that LSU’s only loss was to Alabama! See how this works? And then Georgia who cruise through the east will either have their only loss in the conference championship game and perhaps even win it and then the loser of the Alabama Georgia  game who sat at home gets to say again they had a great loss. And by the time we play Michigan, in all likelihood the teams Ranked right now will not be ranked then. PSU and Wisconsin tied for 13 and scUM at 11. That’s just disrespectful to the B1G, and especially Wisconsin. We most definitely have to win out, but I’m here to tell you that even if we do we are not a shoe in for the dance. And that’s pretty jacked up.

Comment 15 Sep 2019

I’m convinced that these coaches actually don’t even watch college football. If they think that Clemson and Alabama look like the #1&#2 teams in the nation they’re smoking crack  Clemson should have left NY holding that “L” after backing their way into a victory because the team MD hung 63 points on two weeks ago kept shooting themselves in the foot. And GA and LSU played their usual SEC cupcakes. It’s all fun and games now, but in a few more weeks it’s not gonna be funny. Clemson literally played their toughest opponent yesterday. Let that sink in. Oh well. One thing this rigged system has made me do, oddly, is just appreciate the games each week. If we get invited to the SEC/ACC invitational at the end of the year, great.

Comment 08 Sep 2019

Oklahoma and Georgia have no business being ranked ahead of OSU. How was Georgia even in the top 10, let alone ranked ahead of Texas who spanked that overrated Bulldog ass. With this BS, SEC-rigged top five, it all but GUARANTEES TWO SEC teams in the playoffs...AGAIN!! Change my mind. And before anyone starts with that “OSU controls its own destiny/we just gotta win out” BS, tell me HOW? Every team we play from here out is ranked below us. SCum shitting the bed Saturday didn’t help either. We could literally win out, and if Clemson, Alabama (or any SEC team in top 5) win out, and let’s say GA or AL loses in the championship we know that narrative, “we yeah but their loss is to XX who’s ranked whatever.” We’ve seen this before. And Oklahoma? They have no competition. So, quite literally, even if we win out, there’s a very good chance we don’t get in the playoffs for the 4th straight year. Utterly ridiculous. SEC SEC SEC!!!

Comment 03 Sep 2019

Maybe they missed the part where Alabama was up 14-3 over Duke in the 3rd quarter? I’m not saying anything other than games at this point are mostly beauty contests, but fair is fair. They struggled against Duke half the game. (Yes, 14-3 against a basketball ball school is struggling) I’m sure they’ll be #2 after a solid win over NM State next week too. *rolls eyes” 

Comment 01 Sep 2019

Who feels better today, OSU fans after this game and it’s “shaky” finish, or Alabama fans up 14-3 over Duke in the 3rd Quarter at home? I watched the entire first half of the mighty Bama-Duke matchup and lemme tell you there’s plenty to be disappointed in down there if you’re a Bama fan. But here we are again. Bama gets credit for a “slow start” on their way to the playoffs, we “struggle” to finish the game after going up 28 points in five minutes. The narrative and the bias is alive and well in 2019. Let’s not mention the dump the SEC took yesterday either (amirite, TN!?) OHIO AGAINST THE WORLD!! 

Comment 13 Aug 2019

That pic by the long snapper  is pretty telling. It would appear Tate has made himself no friends down there. On the flip side, the long snapper in question better hope he’s still on the team when the season starts. Posting something that savage and airing the dirty laundry to the public about locker room issues is bad form. I’d get upset too were I Tate. I’m human, not a robot. Sad!

Comment 28 May 2019

Yeah, I agree, but it is very difficult to gauge hypothetical matchups, especially when some teams get in that are undeserving like ND this year. I guess its possible that scUM would fare as well as MSU did a few years ago. An obvious talent gap with Alabama. Or, perhaps, like we did against Clemson, where talent wasn’t the issue, but the fact that team was two years ahead of schedule and just so happened to beat a number of top 5 teams. Regardless, the path to the Playoffs runs through OSU, and if scUM remains the 2nd best team in the B1G, they just gotta take us down then they go to the dance. Providing they take care of bitness everywhere else which they’ve managed to do for the most part. What I really think kills them is the bowl losses, and the era of “sitting out” games for NFL draftee wannabes has killed them the past two years. Don’t mistake my comments as pity or defense, fuck them, but it’s hard to have your top 4-5 guys sit, and only a hurt Whinobitch play and think you can run with Florida. Anyways...if ifs and buts were candy and nuts, everyday would be Christmas...

Comment 28 May 2019

I mean, hubris aside, Lewis isn’t wrong. Though “only” OSU stood in their way, they were ready to punch their ticket to the playoffs till that game. Huge loss aside, it’s not unreasonable for them to think that if they got the win in The Game this year, they could very well win it all. The fact they took their annual bowl dump afterwards aside, few people before our game would have said they weren’t contenders. 

Comment 14 May 2019

To me, the biggest challenge Day will face is the one that OSU and Meyer had during this "playoff" era. Sure, there will always be a convention called the "recruitment rankings" that vary from source to source, but for Day and OSU to be successful going forward, they need to win the battle in the committee. The last two playoffs have seen two teams from the same conference (ND is ACC, prove me wrong) and solid OSU teams left out in the cold (happened previously too as in 2016). What is the point of having ridiculous recruitment if that talented death machine only faces the ND/UW/USC yawn fest as a final destination. Having representation for the B1G that doesn't have to recuse themselves (looking at you, Gene and Jim) will help immensely, but we need to do more. The best conference in college football year over year shouldn't be punished for playing a solid 12 game schedule with 9 conference games instead of 8. Or maybe we should.