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Comment 12 Feb 2020

Tucker actually called his entire 2020 recruiting class yesterday to tell them he was staying and building a great program at CU. 

Man, that is next level duplicity! Of course, no one will ever use that to negatively recruit against him. 
I know MSU opened the bank vault to get him, but there are lots of reasons why I’d take Boulder over East Lansing, even if they offered me 3 times the salary I was getting at CU. Plus, there’s the whole thing about being a man of my word (check out some of the Buffs players’ reactions — lots of hurt and disillusionment). But that’s just me.

Comment 12 Feb 2020

^^^^^^ JK nails it. Day absolutely had to kick them off the team. 
Buckeyepastor is right on the money, too: prayers for the young lady's mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health/healing. Also for her family’s. 
I know right now, difficult as it may be, I would suggest that these two young men also need prayers, as do their families. No one involved in this horrendous debacle will ever get to go back to life as it was before. 

Comment 11 Feb 2020

MSU is a total fustercluck right now: 

The horrendous Nassar stuff; the Blackwell allegations (in which Dantonio may have perjured himself); going against warnings, and recruiting a sketchy kid into the football program (Auston Robertson) who then commits a sexual assault and is sentenced to prison; literally hanging replica dolls of famous Afican Americans from a tree in a campus store...! Now this clown (who was a Sparty player) runs his mouth like that about a candidate they pursued?! 
Something about first rule of holes ... ? Oh yeah, when you’re in one stop frigging digging!! 

And the basketball team even sucks!

Comment 21 Dec 2019

I think I saw that Bama’s draft-eligible players are not sitting out - including Jerry Jeudy. (Sorry, don’t remember where & too lazy this morning to look it up.) 
I’m sure Don Brown has a plan to cover him with one of scUM’s speedy DBs like Josh Mettelus, so that should work out well (more famous plans, “Captain Smith, we’re heading into an ice field...” Captain Smith: “The talent that built this ship is top notch... Full speed ahead!!”).

Comment 19 Dec 2019

Ehhh. Let them enjoy this “win” over THE (the real THE). It’s probably as close as they’re going to get to sniffing one when it truly counts. They are still bitter about us stealing Tommy Togiai from their backyard.

Comment 19 Dec 2019

... a crushing blow. 

Zack, Zack, Zack. 
Sure, losing Phillips is not great, but a truly “crushing blow” would be an injury to one of our first round DBs before the Fiesta Bowl; or if Fields re-aggravated his knee; or if JK got some of Clemson’s “shampoo” and was ineligible.

I’m honestly perplexed by the pearl clutching about this kid’s flip. Would it have been great to get him? Of course! But Riep was playing more than mop up duties, and actually started to look pretty decent once he got his feet under him vs TTUN. Plus, I believe he started that game since Wade was injured.

The 3 DBs we signed are studs & Martinez is still in the mix, so I believe we’ll be in pretty good shape (even if Martinez doesn’t sign with the good guys). 
We are one of the top programs in the nation (if not THE top) for developing NFL caliber DBs. It’s been true since I was a kid watching Jack Tatum. 
Ryan Day will hit a home run with the next DB Coach hire, and we’ll be fine (BTW, I’m not sure it’s going to be Coombs; I think he goes for someone like a Hafley - a “who’s he?” - that becomes a rock star).

Comment 10 Dec 2019

Lock. This. Guy. Down. 

LJ has identified (it appears) his successor. Given the type of man he is, I don’t believe LJ retires until he is CONVINCED Anunike is ready to take up the mantle and become the next great DL coach at tOSU. 

The skunk weasels can’t even develop their 4* & 5* players; meanwhile, the Buckeyes are not ONLY doing a stellar job of developing their players, they are developing rock star coaches!!

Comment 09 Dec 2019

A WWII vet, TTUN star running back, pretty decent coach and AD. I believe the consensus opinion of people who were associated with him was, integrity, humility, an honorable man.

As Hove said, “Respect”

Comment 09 Dec 2019

I don’t envy the coaching staff’s schedule this week. The good news is, there is a LOT of experience on this staff - NFL experience to boot.  

Two things on Josh Fryar receiving his AA Jersey: 1) The coaching staff seems to know what they’re doing. 2) Some of the comments from 4 July (his “BOOM” day) aren’t aging well at all.