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Comment 12 Aug 2017

Only one Bong Hill in Athens? 

Lots of high school friends went to OU. I made the trip from OSU to Athens on Halloween weekend 1976. Yeah, it was pretty unbelievable. From what I've heard, it's more tightly controlled now; then it was alcohol, any drug you wanted, partying in the middle of the street, half-naked babes...

Comment 12 Aug 2017

Lol, NorCal. 

One of the biggest (but not the only reason) I transferred from Miami to tOSU after my freshman year. Unless you're into the Greek scene (had a lot of friends that pledged to frats - just not my thing), Oxford is pretty underwhelming. 

I live close to Bowling Green - it's not a bad little college town (one of the top 100 according to the banners hanging downtown); if you're able, try and make it to the Black Swamp Music & Arts Festival (8-10 September). Lots of good bands with genres varying from R&B to Country. 

Comment 11 Aug 2017

Yeah, BBanzai. Very Stalinesque. 

I'm a huge proponent of an organization's right to conduct business freely (with the obvious caveats - fair and equal treatment of all employees; ethical standards and practices), and to expect a certain standard of conduct from their employees. 

However, most grievances or appeals made on behalf of employees by their union are heard by an IMPARTIAL, OUTSIDE mediator - not the guy who handed down the punishment in the first place. 

Comment 11 Aug 2017

I think you've hit the nail, Navy. This is as much about public perception and PR than the NFL pursuing "justice" in the matter. I thought the League may have suspended him for 1-2 games to make their point... a SIX game suspension, when there was no prosecution, seems draconian. 

If evidence exists (and comes out) that Zeke DID assault her, I will be first to call for a long suspension, mandatory counseling, restitution, maybe a large fine paid to a domestic violence shelter, etc. I have zero tolerance for domestic violence and taught my boys, from the time they were old enough to understand, that you NEVER HIT A WOMAN! If said evidence doesn't exist, Zeke has been royally screwed because the NFL doesn't want another Ray Rice-kind of PR nightmare. 

And as others have said, we love you, Zeke, but it's time to grow the eff up!!

Comment 09 Aug 2017

IKR. My youngest son lives in Denver - same there. On a similar note...

We used to call Stroh's "weasel piss" - people in Florida would pay outrageous amounts for a six pack back in the day, though, cuz it was a novelty. I guess PBR is cheap. 

Comment 09 Aug 2017

According to WKNR, Peppers is 3rd string on the depth chart right now. Apparently playing every position on the field doesn't help prepare you for the NFL. Can you say, "(Not) developed here" scUM?!

Comment 09 Aug 2017

Welcome to life kid  

Bingo, MB12! Josh needs to put on his big-boy pants & stop whining. I worked 82 hours last week & 75 hours the week before. I think that qualifies as two full-time jobs. In grad school I did a full 12-15 hours a semester (Masters level academics), worked 48 hours a week and had two kids under three.  Sorry, Josh, you're not getting much sympathy from me or a lot of others who grind like this all the time. Hilarious that Cardale is "schooling" him on this.

Now, get off my lawn!

Comment 08 Aug 2017

I don't want  Colin Cowherd's jinx near Ohio State. 

My immediate reaction, too BVtW. I know he has a huge man-crush on Urban, but his prediction scares me almost as much as SI putting the Buckeyes on their front cover. 

Also, I think it was on his show, after UF destroyed us in the natty, that he mentioned a coach had predicted beforehand (ala ridge-runnin', road-kill eating, sister marryin' Dabo) OSU's fate - it wasn't Urban tho; it was Pete Carroll (who Cowherd also would spoon at night if he could). 

Comment 06 Aug 2017

It's the father-son angle with Hinton; plus he (dad) was the dude traded for Elway. Lot better story. Lot more human interest that attracts eyeballs; more eyeballs attracted mean more $$$... Always follow the Grants & Benjamins.