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Comment 03 Feb 2020

The DC Defender's logo is disappointing. Generic symbols arranged symmetrically. No historical reference, no character. The other XFL teams logos have some character. 

Comment 15 Nov 2019

I think arithmetically tomorrow Chase Young will be limited to maybe 3/4 to maybe 1 sack or TFL. Not being on the field or even in the geographic vicinity will limit his access physically to the QB and ball carriers. That's hard to overcome. But still, it's Rutgers. I'll predict 1 sack.

Comment 20 Oct 2019

If NW played without penalties, got credit for the fumble from Mack in Q1, and not lost their key D-linemen early, they'd only have lost by 24 points. I think the score against WI will be closer than that. A little. If WI is somehow ahead at halftime they'll return to see Fields shred them with keepers and receiver routes yet unseen; sinister stuff that Coach Wilson dreams up in his spare time. I don't think we've seen this year's Buckeye's offense in full urgent determination mode yet. I'll bet it's good.

Comment 07 Sep 2019

The article was necessary in order to maintain the continuum but the hate should focus on the school, not the town. The town gave us Adolphus Washington and Sam Hubbard. Badasses both. It gave us the most badass lady ever: Ruth Lyons. Gold Star is gross, Skyline is a well executed bad idea. But their oyster crackers are always perfect and command my sincere respect.

Comment 01 Aug 2019

Yes,particularly  if he brings a competitive attitude. Fans and teams feed off the apparent energy of the running back. So it starts with the Secure Linear Object Battering Section, and a running back that fights for inches.  

Comment 27 May 2019

I think it's a legit comment because it is not inconceivable that they could someday become related by marriage. This of course can be said of any two individuals irrespective of their name similarity, but this holds a greater promise of interest. Should such a marriage occur it could become one of the most repeated trivia filler facts in NFL broadcast memory. I'll remember your post,

Comment 24 May 2019

Juwan Howard is smart enough, intense enough and articulate enough to coach a big time program. He'll need some early recruiting wins. I'd bet against any new coach anywhere these days. He needs one of those classes like the one that annointed MSU's Judd Heathcoat a genius in 1977. I could be a genius coach too with those guys.

Comment 17 Feb 2019

I agree, time for a new chapter. I was thinking though how cool it would be if an assistant could walk a recruit down the hall and tap on the door to see if Coach Emeritus had a second to say hi, and how cool it would be if Coach knew the recruit's family member's names. Wonder if that possibility was ever successfully leveraged by Tom Osborne or Barry Alvarez. 

Comment 17 Jan 2019

Yes, alas. Going through a five or six pages of Google hits on Torrance Gibson's name provided only variations of the announcement that he was signed by the Eskimos in the spring 2018. He isn't on the roster at this time. Finally Googling his name with an additional keywords of 'Released' and Site:.ca, turned up a little more in a twitter by an Eskimos reporter. I'm not that interested to continue the research. I hope he's doing well.   

Comment 14 Jan 2019

You're absolutely right. I understand that's not how it works.  But for example, if 'average player availability minute' was a metric that was tracked, and some bonus money went to the training team if the metric improved over the previous year, it would be one more thing that a recruit's family checks on the right side of their sheet: 'OSU actually evaluates the training team on keeping players healthy rather than abusing them and using them up in a few seasons of college.' Some of the B1G schools have to fight that reputation currently. The Valentine's Day Massacre may not appeal to some moms, I think this would convince them otherwise.  My main point however was a suggestion to focus a whole academic department on research on the subject. Draw the best minds and become known as the best, the center of knowledge in the business.

Comment 14 Jan 2019

I think advances and investment sports performance coaching is one area where a school can gain competitive advantage over the opponents even in the aspects that aren’t the traditional weight training, endurance, toughness. The aspects that are ripe for advancement are injury avoidance and the less traditional mental aspects of competition. If Ohio State really wanted to differentiate themselves, they’d spend a few bazillion dollars on a sports performance school that was unabashedly focused on personal and team competitive advantage. I’m talking doctorate level research programs in equipment design, training strategy, mental game strategic gameplay research, all together under a departmental umbrella that had access to the rest of the incredible diverse sciences at OSU, but clearly focused on sports performance. And while I’m sure there’s a tacit measurement of Marotti’s team that is linked with injury avoidance, go the extra mile and make ‘player minute availability’ a real job evaluation criteria. Make part of their coaching team’s compensation linked with player availability. You can certainly make the case that Marotti’s team can’t control or significantly influence the occurrence of concussions or ACL tears, but if they linked compensation to it, and had a OSU-size academic department dedicated to improving it, they might be surprised at the results. If even a slight tangible improvement was demonstrable, think of the recruiting advantage that such capability would draw.

Yeah the quick cals are lame. Find something else.