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Comment 04 May 2019

Guess you needed something to write about during a down time??? WOE IS ME does not apply at THE Ohio State University!!! We ARE lacking depth at QB...could be a HUGE issue, but there are plenty of highly-recruited athletes at other positions...the public just hasn't seen them yet

Comment 27 Mar 2019

The Buckeyes will be much more talented next year...but keep in mind the BIG is losing very few quality seniors (or players who will leave early)!! Loved the improvement Andre Wesson made this year, but suspect that if he has to be more than a 15-18 minute role player, results may not be a whole lot better?!

Comment 25 Mar 2019

SHOOTERS...don't care where they are from!! There are some good looking kids here, some nice prospects that I would like to see in Scarlet and gray! Bottom line is we need more shooters...especially those who can get their own shot (we have none on the current roster)!!

Comment 24 Jan 2019

Young team with very little leadership from our seniors...Jackson and Woods!! Woods become my last player off the bench...why continue to waste time on him?? We don't have a big time clutch player at this point...a couple of these young guys are going to become legit Big 10 players and recruiting seems to be very good! KW is soft, (as was Potter, so don't think he was any kind of answer), not very athletic (no vertical) and wants to be a shooting guard. I still believe strongly in Coach Holtmann and the future of this program!! And, officiating in the BIG 10 is lopsided to say the least...who were those clowns last night and where did they come from??

Comment 23 Jan 2019

Young is a BIG loss!! Waiting for KW to toughen up...soft as a babies behind!! We're gonna have to shoot lights out from here on...and that would be a huge change!! Love Holtman and the freshmen...good times coming soon!!

Comment 10 Jan 2019

These guys are what they are...basically a bunch of role players that are extremely well-coached! Truly believe we're witnessing the start of a hall-of-fame coaching career! Last night wasn't good, but NO ONE in the BIG is an easy road win!! I do wonder what has happened to Jallow's minutes...all the earlier comments say he can't score, but he scored 22 pts in the first two conference games...minutes have all but disappeared since??

Comment 15 Oct 2018

Could it be that we are "banged up" because we are a totally, not physical football team? The Buckeyes should not be controlled at the line of scrimmage (offensively) by the teams we are playing! Less than 100 yds rushing against the Goofers...really???

Comment 15 Oct 2018

Wondering exactly WHAT it is we're getting better at??? This offensive line and LB crew is the worst I've seen around here in a Loooo......nnnnngg time! Football is a physical sport and we're playing a glorified 7-on-7 competition...there are several teams out there that could physically dominate us...hell, the Goofers did!!

Comment 07 Oct 2018

The offensive line not only doesn't drive anyone off the ball (change the line of scrimmage), it allows way to much penetration...12 carries of 2 yards or less?? Backs were getting hit as soon as they touched the ball on too many occasions! We have (supposedly) recruited some of the best lineman in the country, yet we have not developed them...where are they?? The loss of Ed Warriner as the o-line coach a few years ago and Kerry Combs this year as the corners coach is definitely showing! I'll pass on the linebackers for now, but Tuf Borland getting THREE tackles earned him defensive player of the game?? We also played a game where none of the starters recorded a tackle? LOTS of things need to be corrected to have any shot in the playoffs!!