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Graduated from Ohio State in the class of 1965, and am a Life Member of the Alumni Association AND a life member of Buckeye Nation !


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Comment 08 Apr 2020

As a Class of 1965 graduate, life member of the Alumni Association, donor, and life member of Buckeye Nation, my first instinct when reading about students in need of financial support was "of course, we'll make a donation".  But then I remembered the size of the University's endowment funds and other financial resources and wondered what it was doing to help....Officials of THE Ohio State Univeristy, please step up, make us proud and don't hide behind some shameful excuse that all those billions of dollars are committed/pledged/restricted for other use....go find the money for this.

Comment 24 Mar 2020

PLEASE STOP GIVING ALL THE PRAISE TO COACH DAY.  I AGREE HE'S DONE A TERRIFIC JOB, BUT ALL YOUR LAVISH PRAISE JUST ADDS TO EXPECTATIONS & PRESSURES.  REMEMBER TWO QUOTES FROM THE PAST : "You're most vulnerable when you're ahead"  and "Beware of those who fall at your feet in praise, as they maybe reaching for the rug!"


Comment 07 Jan 2020

This group is unworthy of wearing an Ohio State uniform.  They either don't know how to execute the offense they have been shown or the coaches don't know how to teach offense.  Either way they continue to be pathetic and an embarrassment.  This will be my last comments on this group (notice I did not say 'team' !).

Comment 03 Jan 2020

Embarrassing.  Pathetic.  #5 vs. unranked on home court...

We are way over rated; have absolutely no offensive game plan or scheme; just really an awful display of men wearing Ohio State uniforms....Sad, but as others have observed, this will be a mirror image of last year--big start, then too many losses that should not happen, and all hope lost for a championship season.

Comment 21 Sep 2019

I was a little boy growing up in Columbus when Hop Cassidy was a Star for the Buckeyes and he was my hero.  Am very glad the University is taking the step to honor him with a helmet sticker today, and wonder if it would be possible to get one--maybe Eleven Warriors Dry Goods will offer same for sale ??