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Comment 26 Feb 2019
Fran is the guy that gets into a heated argument with the waiter at Chilis because the prime rib isn't a "Two for Twenty"-eligible item
Comment 26 Feb 2019
What Baker did in his first season in the NFL(reviving the football fans of Cleveland and breaking the TD record for rookie quarterbacks) was unreal. Until Haskins comes in and shows that his first season starting wasn't an anomaly, Mayfield is the easy choice.
Comment 25 Feb 2019
While most of us(myself included) snicker at the "offensive line driven program" moniker, I think we all realize that the race towards the CFP starts in the trenches. The impact of just one season with Jackson cannot be overstated, especially for the development of players like Josh Myers, Matt Jones and Harry Miller. Jonah has more of a "been there done that" aspect than any other current OL.
Comment 24 Feb 2019

I'd to think they were referencing Cousins' pre-Minnesota production. He obviously hasn't lived up to his contract since he's been with the Vikings.