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Comment 17 Nov 2019

Listening between the lines to Ryan Day; it sounds like what may be holding Jaelen Gill back, is Jaelen. If you don't practice hard and "take care of your business" you are not going to see significant playing time. The Alan Iverson mentality about practice doesn't fly in the Ohio State football program, seems to me that's what Coach Day is saying about the young man. Go Bucks! 

Comment 09 Nov 2019

You would think there might be someone at the NCAA with some common sense. If they suspend him for any length of time and the actual story is that he borrowed the money to pay for family member or girlfriend to fly to the Rose Bowl; they will get hammered from a PR standpoint. There has to be someone over there at HQ in Indy that has half a fucking brain.

Comment 04 Nov 2019

Urban's not coaching again; Shelly will give him the eye roll followed by, "we're not moving away from the grandkids Urb".

Since they can't get Tony Soprano, Rutgers might as well go with Schiano to return them to the "Glory Days".

Mason Fine, the little shit has been beating the odds since high school ;good for him!

Bye week 2, in the books; full speed ahead, win November; Go Bucks!

Comment 03 Nov 2019

This second bye week seemed longer then the first. Weird day; you had the Gameday boys in Memphis with a slap in the face to the Vol nation and the SEC with big cocktail party game and not having it there either. Another non B1G game yesterday that used to be a thing; Miami vs FSU.....anyone, Beuhler? The Fighting Illini with Papa Smurf on the sideline riding a three game win streak and close to going to a bowl game; SMH.

Comment 02 Nov 2019

You're Middies rolled last night Navy; AAC title going to go down to wire this year