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Comment 09 Jul 2013

I was in Glendale and that beatdown did indeed hurt, however, in my opinion the 1969 debacle in AA, was far worse.  The 1969 team was very likely the best team in the history of college football, up to that point.  They were, of course, defending national champions on a historic win streak.  Everyone on campus thought the Purdue game was the big test and the Bucks had rolled.  Then to watch our seemingly invincible team lose to a hated rival and their upstart coach was awful beyond explanation.  That is when I understood what this rivalry was all about  and why my blood boils every November at the very sight of those hideous helmets.   National championships are rare and wonderful things.  They are a product of great teams, luck and circumstance.  Our 34 year gap between national championships is evidence.  Our rivalry with the Weasels is an every year thing.  While the whole world watches for the NC, the cross border war is intensely personal. Watching, perhaps, our greatest team fall at the hands of a hated enemy is pain which has not faded over 44 years.  Just my opinion.