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Comment 13 Feb 2018
So, no coach ever told a recruit Urban will no longer be coaching when they graduate?
Comment 07 Nov 2016

If you're good at one, you'll be good at the other.  Making broad comparisons of indoor vs. outdoor (excluding the weather and climate factors, like the sun, wind and dampness) isn't easy as hard courts (of either) can have so many different surface finishes which are actually which have the greatest impact on the speed and play of the ball.  I grew up playing outdoors, and when I got to the age where I'd play in the occasional indoor tournament, the biggest change for me was the sound of the ball strike (which impacts your timing) and not having to take the sun and wind into account.

Comment 03 Oct 2016
We all made it through Braxton's Miller's injury, Noah Spence's suspension, and the loss to Virginia Tech toghether... It's like we're family.
Comment 18 Sep 2016
My nitpicking would consist of... Tempo. Penalties. After two years, we still haven't seen a Devin Smith type player to take the top off of a defense, and it's really hard to forget how many games he either blew open or completely changed the momentum in our favor when we had him in our offense.